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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

We last left our anime heroes driving unknowingly towards Nevada. >.> But at the moment, they're lost down a long road somewhere in Utah.

Araka's car

Hiei: *looking at map* Are you sure we're going the right way?

Araka: That sign said Montana, didn't it? I'm sure!

Yami: You know. I was just thinking. If we wanted to go to Montana, we could of just taken a plane.

Kish: Hey! He's right. We should've!

Araka: But, what fun would that be? It would have been quicker.

Kurama: Precisely

Araka: =.=

Kenshin: I wonder how Shizuka and the others are doing?

Shizuka's car

Shizuka: I KNEW we should've took that turn at Alvakirky! (sp? O.o;;)

Kyo: Yeah. But we HAD to take the road that said Nevada.

Inu: What?

Kaiba: Do you mean…?

Kyo: Or maybe I was reading it wrong…

Kai: You were. We're heading towards Montana, not Nevada.

Yama: I have an odd sensation that Kyo's right and we're going to die. O.o;;; (You don't know how right she is…)

Cell phone: Heck! What does she want from me? ANSWER ME, DARN IT!

Shizuka: Hello?

Araka: Do you see that fork?

Shizuka: O.O;;;; FORK? WHERE?

Araka: -.- No, a fork in the road.

Shizuka: There's a fork in the road? How could someone just leave it there?

Araka: =_= Nevermind…

Shizuka: ^.^

*they both stop at the fork in the road(Shizuka: I don't see any fork. o.o) They don't notice they went opposite directions*

Araka's car

Hiei: Uh….Araka…

Araka: Yes? ^.^

All: Dead…end…

Araka: Hm?

*she looks to see no more road*


*they fly off the side of the road into the dense forest below them*

Car: *gets stuck on a branch*

Araka: We're saved!

Kish: *sigh* Phew.

Araka: For a second I thought we were going to die.

Branch: *crack* *break*

Hiei: *hanging out of the window* I. Hate. You.

Car: *falls*

All: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somewhere else

Shizuka's car

Kyo: Hey, where'd Araka go? I can't see her car anymore.

Shizuka: Ah, don't worry. She's either way ahead of us or way behind us. ^^

Kyo: Uh, okay.

Yama: I'm worried.

Kaiba: Guys, I'm seeing desert. O.o;;;

Inu: WHAT?

Kai: Lemme see!

All: *look out the window*

*you see desert and skeletons*

Shizuka: Ooh! Pweety! ^.^

The Rest: O_O;;;;;;;;

Vultures: *circling around the car*

Kyo: Uh. Let's hurry and get out of here before someone dies.

Shizuka: *gasp* DIE?! YOU WILL NOT DIE! *revs up the car and the zoom off*

All: *holding on for dear life*

In the forest

Araka: Well, at least we're alive. ^_^;

Kurama: At least.

Kenshin: What do we do now?

Kish: We find some shelter?

Yami: We make a fire first. Hiei, you do that.

Hiei: *grumbles* All right…sheesh…

Araka: All right! We split up and search!

Kish: For what?


Kish: Oh…well…you didn't have to yell…;_;

Araka: Yami and I will go look for some shelter, Kurama and Hiei will go look for some food, and Kenshin and Kish will go look for some water and what remains of the car. All clear?

All: Okay!

Hiei: Got it!

Araka: Got what? The way out of here? A magical potion to make us appear back on the road?

Hiei: No…the fire…

Araka: Oh…=.=

Will Araka and the group survive out in the wilderness? Will Shizuka and her group survive in the unknown land? Will Hiei keep the fire going?

*lightning flashes and it begins to pour*

Fire: *goes out*

Hiei: Aw man…

Guess not. Oh well. Find out next time on, ANIME ROAD TRIP! *gets hit with a coconut* Ow…X_x;;;