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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

We left Araka and her group stranded in the wilderness, and Shizuka in the desert. Shalt we check on them?

Araka and Yami

Araka: See any shelter yet?

Yami: Nope.

Araka: *few seconds later* See any shelter yet?

Yami: No. Be quiet.

Araka: Okay…

*they walk for a while, soaking wet and cold, in silence*

Araka: ….Found any shelter yet?


Araka: *thinks* Shelter? Here boy, *whistles* C'mere!

Yami: What are you doing…?

Shelter: *walks up to her and sniffs Yami*

Araka: *pets tent* That's a good shelter. ^.^ I think I'll name him George.

Yami: *stares in unbelief* You cease to amaze me.

Araka: I know. ^^

Kurama and Hiei

Hiei: So, what we looking for?

Kurama: Food of course.

Hiei: No, =.= What kind?

Kurama: Let's catch a deer.

Hiei: ^^ Yummy.

Kurama: O.o;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Hiei: O.O; That didn't happen.

Kurama: Yeah. Right. *edges away* I'll catch it.

Hiei: *nods and hides behind tree*

Kurama: *sneaks stealthily up to a doe and catches it in a trap*

Hiei: *walks up* Well? You gonna kill it?

Kurama: I thought I would leave you the pleasures.

Hiei: Cool. *jabs his hand into the deer's stomach and blood spurts all over him*

(Araka: If you have a weak stomach. Then, that's too bad. GORYNESS! ^^)

Kurama: Heh. You could of done it cleaner.

Hiei: *stares at hands* O.o;;; Blood…?

Kurama: *swinging dead deer of his shoulder* Well, yeah. No, it's tomatoes. Come on.

Hiei: O.O;;; *faints*

Kurama: Eh? Never knew… *picks up Hiei and swings him up right next to the deer*

Kenshin and Kish

Kenshin: *looking at the water he found* Yeah. Looking for water is easy. How's it going Kish?

Kish: *walking back, carrying a bag* Let's see. *empties it* We have a first aid kit, two sodas, a sleeping bag, and…a picture of you and Aoshi making out? O.O;;;;

Kenshin: *grabs it* How? What? Where? When did this get here!

Kish: I knew it!

Kenshin: You know nothing, see! Nothing!

Kish: …Have you been talking to Kaiba's talking laptop?

Kenshin: What?

Kish: Nothing. Let's get back to camp before we get totally soaked.

Kenshin: Okay. *accidentally trips over Kish's feet and they fall into the river*

Kish: Thanks.

Kenshin: I try my best.

The all arrive back at the campsite

Araka: We've got the shelter!

Kenshin: We've got the water!

Kish: And the stuff that was left behind.

Kurama: I've got the food!

Hiei: *wakes up to see he's staring into the deer's deadeye* AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *jumps off Kurama's shoulder*

Kurama: Heh. Morning.

They all set up camp

Now, that was pretty interesting. Let's check on Shizuka and them.

Shizuka's car

Shizuka: *has slowed down driving and is tired* Man, I'm hot.

All: *sweating and is thirsty*

Yama: Where's a lemonade stand when ya need one?

Kaiba: Guys…I think I'm getting a sunburn out here…

Kyo: Ah! Who cares? *throws a bucket at Kaiba*

Kaiba: Hey! What was that for? Sheesh…

Kai: Would you guys shut up? I'm getting a migraine…

Inu: Yeah. Do you know how hot it is with this much hair?

Kaiba: Hey! Guys! I see water!

Shizuka: *stops the car* Huh? Where?

Kaiba: There! *points to sand*

Kyo: Uh, Kaiba, that isn't water…

Kaiba: Yeah, it is!

Inu: Kaiba, are you all right…?

Yama: I think you're seeing things…

Kaiba: Am not! If you don't want to join the party! I will! *jumps off the car and dives into some sand. Starts swimming around*

All but Kaiba: O.O;;;;

Shizuka: Go snap him out of it Kyo.

Kyo: Me?

Shizuka: Yeah, you.

Kyo: All right, all right. Sheesh! *gets out of the car and bops Kaiba on the head, making him snap out of it*

Kaiba: Uh…where'd the water go?

Kyo: There was none, man. You were seeing a mirage.

Kaiba: Oh…sorry…

*they walk back to the car and Shizuka continues driving*

Hour later

Yama: So…hot…Need…water…

Inu: Don't we all.

Shizuka: Guys! I think I see some water!

Kyo: It's probably a mirage.

Shizuka: Probably. Let's ask that little man if he knows.

*stops car by the little man*

Little Man: What is it that you need?

Shizuka: Where are we? And what is that? *points to water*

LM: The Gulf of Mexico, ma'am.

Kaiba: Yep, it's a mirage. A pretty darn good one at that.

Shizuka: *revs up car and starts driving towards the dock*

LM: Ma'am, what are you doing? Ma'am!

Kyo: Hey! What are you doing?

Shizuka: If it's not real then we might as well enjoy it. It's just a mirage.

Inu: Okay…

*they fly off the dock and land in the water with a big splash*

Kyo: *floats to the top and grabs onto the car along with Kai, Inu, Yama, Shizuka, and Kaiba* As you were saying?

Shizuka: >.> Don't blame me, Mr. "It's probably a mirage."

Kyo: I said probably.

LM: *watches them float away. Turns to you smirking* Kids, they always come out acting koo-koo.

Yama: *in the distance* HEY! HOW CAN THIS THING FLOAT ANYWAY?

Kyo: Oh shut up…

Car: *sinks*

Will Araka and the group get to Montana alive? Where are Shizuka and them headed to? How can the car float? It's magic, isn't it? Thought so. Will Hiei become a doctor?

Hiei: *faints*

NEXT TIME ON, ANIME ROAD TRIP! *cough* Y'know, that's getting kinda old…