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Notes: *meh* = actions
`meh' = thoughts
“meh” = speaking
Chapter 1:
The exchange student
*students murmuring*
“Class, can I have your attention please!”, Shigure-sensei tried shouting over all the noise.
*noise dies down and everyone looks in front expectantly*
“Hah! Thank you! Finally…”, exclaimed Shigure-sensei. “Anyway, as I was trying to say, we have a new exchange student joining us today. Could you please come in dear?”
Haru's POV
`What new student? Since when do we get new students? …o yeah, that Fallen-dude was new…'
Alucard's POV
`Cool…a new student…fresh blood…' *chuckles*
*doors open and a girl walks in*
“…her name is,”, Shigure-sensei said, looked at the new comer and squeeled: “DEMENTIA?! OMG! It's you!”
Shigure-sensei launches himself at Dementia, she on the other hand just steps to the side and watches as Shigure-sensei smacks his face into the door.
“KYAA! Fuck!” screamed Haru, “Not her!”
At the same time a booming voice is heard from the back of the classroom. “BOOYA! It's her! Fuck! My Dementia!!” shrieked Alucard.
Dementia's POV
`Hmm, Haru and Alucard? Here? Guess it's not gonna be so bad afterall. Hehe, let the games…begin.'
Normal POV
“Well Dementia,” Shigure-sensei spoke, after peeling himself from the door. “If you could please take a seat, we are about to start.” “Yes sensei…” replied Dementia and she walks towards Haru, sitting in the seat behind him, leans forward and whispers: “Miss me? Let the pranking begin…”
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