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Memories of Spring
Melodies of the Heart
Gentle breezes filled with the soft perfume of wild roses and orchids in full bloom circled around him, tossing his hair in different directions. His eyes were closed as he let his senses take in everything around him. Spring was certainly in the air.
As he opened his eyes, he found himself in a field of wildflowers stretching as far as the eye could see. He breathed it all in, feeling so relaxed and content at this moment—he could feel the smile that graced his face. He suddenly heard the faint sound of laughter from somewhere nearby.
“Come on, count to ten, and then see if you can catch me!”
Who's that?
(Giggles) “You look so silly just standing there. You'll never catch me that way!”
Why can't I see you?
“Now I know you've hit your head somehow…that's why they call the game `hide and seek'. Come on, at least try!”
He tried desperately trying to find the owner of that voice…the voice that resembled the sound of sleigh bells in winter. It was so warm and familiar…
(More giggles) “You look so ridiculous!”
“Then why don't you give me a hint?” he replied exasperated.
“Then it wouldn't be funny, now would it?”
“That does it. I'm not budging until you show yourself,” he stubbornly commented as he leaned against a large sakura tree and set his arms squarely across his chest.
“My, my, such a quitter. Not to mention that your pouting can be so childish! How kawaii!!!”
“I'm still not moving,” he resolutely stated as he continued to stay put.
Then he felt the hair on the back of his neck rise as he heard the softest of whispers next to his ear, “Boo, guess who…”
With that, he snapped his eyes wide open and sat up in bed, breathing heavily as if he just ran a marathon.
`Who was that?!'
`I'm late!'
Thus was Yuki's rushing thought as he ran across the hallways to exit the school.
`What was I thinking?! Being able to juggle my last month at this school plus still helping out with the student council…and as their President! What the hell was I on?!' were Yuki's trailing thoughts while rushing to get to his foot locker and switch shoes.
Exhaling loudly, he remembered clearly that no mere drug was involved when he agreed to the strange arrangement. Nope, none at all…he was of sound mind, sort of. He was actually at his wits end due to the constant groveling and tears from the girls (and guys) on the new council. They begged for him to stay on since, according to them, no one could compare to Yuki's standard of presidency. Promises of naming their unborn children after him really put the icing on the cake, so Yuki put a stop to it right then and there by consenting to their pleas.
Unfortunately, the new members saw fit to leave the officers positions within the council intact. According to their deluded minds, they wanted Yuki to count on the same support that he's had in the past with Kakeru and the others. Yeah, their `support'…eating paint was far more agreeable to Yuki, but he'd rather help and accept whatever they gave him versus having anymore outlandish acts of loyalty thrown at his feet…literally.
So, as a graduating senior and student council president, things were really starting to pick up at school. With his long overdue and constantly postponed college entrance exams a couple of days away, it was murder to get his duties completed on time for the class field trip, the only major event left prior to their Class Dance and Graduation Ceremony.
Of course, to begin each of his days, he has to submit to `Watchdog Shigure's' every beck and call. He'd had to endure much of the inu's banter and constant watching these past few months since his very thorough checkup from Hatori last winter (and subsequent checkups since then).
Not one day has gone by that he hadn't left the house before eating his full meal in the morning, even if it meant being late for school or other activities. This would also include the dreaded pill popping ritual—it was a simple multi-vitamin complex, but to Yuki it seemed like the pill just kept getting bigger. Hatori also prescribed a stronger medication for his rather unusual breathing problem that was related to his past asthma attacks. When he returned in the evening, no matter how tired Yuki was, it was another full meal once again under the watchful eye of the dog. Apparently, Shigure didn't want to risk another scolding from Hatori on the matter…
Interestingly, Shigure had adjusted well to his new routine of smoking outdoors. Yuki really didn't want him to do that…it was Shigure's house after all. It made Yuki feel bad that Shigure had to smoke outside on account of Yuki's weak condition. Shigure merely shrugged off his cousin's insistence that he can smoke indoors. He assured Yuki that he always knew of the possibility that this would happen sooner or later with Yuki's health being what it is, and that he was fully prepared to submit to the restriction if necessary.
Yuki did find himself feeling physically better, although mentally he's been through the ringer. Not as bad as before, though, since under Hatori's `insistence', he passed much of the load of his responsibilities at school to the other council members. He had to admit that his slacker of a vice-president, Kakeru, was being considerate and taking charge when Yuki couldn't be around. No doubt, seeing Yuki take his medication twice while at school brought the V.P. around to his senses…he did care about him after all.
Despite being in much better physical shape, he still couldn't run for long spurts without being short of breath. So just as he made it outside of school, he slowed down his pace and walked calmly, trying to regain his bearings. Once again beaten by his own body (Kyo would really have wanted to see this), Yuki ran his hand through his hair frustrated and let out a heavy sigh.
`Patience…patience. Once school's over, I am definitely going to take it easy and get myself back in shape—that's pretty much what Hatori advised anyway,' thought Yuki as he continued at a much slower pace.
Upon reaching a certain bench underneath a tree, he sat down and pulled out his gear and player. Yep, out of the many gifts his brother kept giving him, these were the two he used most often. He was grateful for one of them—it was a complete set of roller blade gear, including all of the safety equipment (you know, elbow/knee pads, helmet). Using them definitely got him to places a lot faster than by walking. Nope, he can't drive—Akito had said no—and bicycling, well, became a little too `complicated' (long story so don't ask), so this was the next best thing.
He didn't mind roller-blading since it was both a good workout and a great way to unwind. He could also take his time coasting through at a slow pace if he wanted to, and still save time compared to walking. Since this slower pace didn't put as much stress on him, it worked out well for him, especially today.
Strapping himself every which way with both boots and safety gear, he finally put his helmet on. After making sure he was set, he grabbed the other gift he used often, a digital MP3 player (expense was obviously not spared since it appeared to be the latest model—think iPod). It came with a sample set of songs, some that were in English, and others from different cultures—apparently his brother loved variety in all the different languages. Yuki also added some of his own that set his mind at peace—mainly a lot of concertos involving the piano plus a variety of symphonic pieces both old and new that would make any serious musician proud.
Today though, as he started his trip down the street, he switched to a song that always made him feel better that (sshh, don't tell his brother) was in English. It always made him think about her, and what could possibly be better than that. Giving it more thought, that may be why his brother included it…
All my life
Is changing every day
In every possible way
In all my dreams
It's never quite as it seems
Never quite as it seems
I know I've felt like this before
But now I'm feeling it even more
Because it came from you
Then I open up and see
The person falling here is me
A different way to be
Feeling better was important on a day such as today…why? He was visiting said brother, Ayame.
`Better focus more on the song.'
I want more
Impossible to ignore
Impossible to ignore
They'll come true
Impossible not to do
Impossible not to do
Now I tell you openly
You have my heart so don't hurt me
You're what I couldn't find
Totally amazing mind
So understanding and so kind
You're everything to me
All my life
Is changing every day
In every possible way
And oh my dreams
It's never quite as it seems
Cause you're a dream to me
Dream to me
`Okay, that helped,' thought Yuki, letting out a contented sigh. `Hmmm, on second thought, better hit the repeat button.'
Yep, the ever confident and rather loud brother that many said was his mirror image. He grudgingly agreed that it was in appearance only since with everything else they were miles apart on. Although much of their relationship has been repaired over the past few years—and a lot is still left up in the air—and it was still a roller coaster ride for Yuki's nerves. You just never knew what to expect from the Snake of the Zodiac. He was unrelenting like the ocean waves pounding against the beachside (much like the headaches that pound one's skull when he talks too much). However, much to Yuki's chagrin, Yuki couldn't help but find him intriguing at the same time.
Lately, Yuki has had to visit his brother more often since Ayame was fitting him for his tuxedo (for the dance) and for a new suit (Graduation). Ayame was insistent on having everything be perfect down to the last detail. `Nothing is too perfect for my little brother'—so exclaimed Ayame when asked about it.
Thus Yuki maneuvered his way through the least crowded streets with little trouble and found himself in front of Ayame's store in no time at all. He still couldn't understand how his brother's store was as popular as ever—primarily for the male gender but females frequent the place as well. Yet, for today, it was technically closed as the sign outside clearly indicated this to the general public. Another enigma for Yuki was why Ayame would go through so much trouble as to close his shop on the days Yuki visited.
Shrugging at the thought, Yuki went right in as always and was greeted by Ayame's assistant, Mine. It seemed that today's theme for Mine's style was executive assistant, as Mine's charcoal colored, pinstriped two-piece suit indicated. To top it off, she wore slim, dark-rimmed glasses (versus her usual larger version) and pinned her hair up in a bun, with a pair of black pumps. She actually looked normal to Yuki…
“Konnichi-wa, Otouto-kun! Tenshou went out to make a last minute delivery and will return soon. Why don't you join your cousins in the other room?” Mine was busy bustling around with several dresses and headed to the other room that she just mentioned.
`After all that running around… Wait, did she say my cousins are here…who would be visiting Nii-san of their own free will?' Curiosity getting the better of him, Yuki took off his gear and stuffed it into his backpack and followed Mine to the other room where he heard voices and music coming from.
“This is too kawaii! What do you think, Ri-chan?” came Kagura's squeal upon revealing herself to him. It seemed she was modeling every conceivable dress in the store for him, and he was enjoying every moment. After all, he did have good taste in women's clothing (experience does speak for itself).
`Looks like their relationship is still going strong,' thought Yuki with a soft smile that would imply that he still couldn't understand this unusual pairing.
Yep, that's what he thought, too, when he first heard of their relationship. It wasn't anything formal, but it was pretty obvious and neither denied it when asked. How in the world that relationship came about without bloodshed is anybody's guess. You'd think the boar in Kagura would annihilate Ritsu's monkey Zodiac form what with all the constant apologies and outbursts, but that didn't come to pass.
It was actually a good match if one thought about it long enough. Kagura finally learned the meaning of self-control; she could seriously damage Ritsu if she went overboard with her `animated' displays of love. Ritsu learned that if he didn't want to stay comatose for weeks on end, he had to ease down the apology ritual plus forgo any clothing related to the female gender (Kagura refused to have him looking cuter than her—plus he trimmed his hair to shoulder length and had it tied in a low ponytail). It also seemed that somehow he wanted to prove to himself and to her that he can succeed in being a supportive kind of individual.
In a way, everyone benefited from the effects of this relationship. If Akito knew about it (and there's very little that escapes the clan head), nothing was ever said about it, or more accurately, no care was cast to the pairing. They were too far down the Zodiac list in Akito's eyes that the `god' rarely gave them a second thought.
So here they were, in Ayame's shop, enjoying each other's company. But they weren't the only ones here…
“Ano, Onee-chan, do you think you can help me with this last button?” asked Kisa as she emerged from the second dressing area, fumbling with a button on the back.
Yuki could empathize with her—the dress he had to wear (the one from sophomore year, onigiri sales…yeah…) was difficult to put on and take off. Why they make dresses complicated, he would never know…
“Sure, come over here,” exclaimed Kagura. Just then, she noticed Yuki standing at the doorway observing the group.
“YUN-CHAN!!! I didn't know you were here!” cried Kagura as she launched herself to give him a life-sucking hug.
(GASP) `I must be huggable or something,' thought Yuki, as he vividly recalled the times Momiji had hung off of him and squeezed him tightly. Apparently he wasn't the only one who had noticed the similarity.
(Giggles) “Onee-chan, I think you and Momiji-niichan must come from the same ancestor,” replied Kisa merrily while getting Kagura to let go of Yuki.
“Yuki-san, you look in good spirits. You must be thrilled to be visiting your brother,” commented Ritsu from the couch.
`Uh-huh…keep thinking that, Ritsu. At least he knew better than to comment about how I resemble my brother,' Yuki thought crossly. Putting on his best smile for him, he replied, “I'm here to have my outfits fitted on me…again.”
“That's right! Aya-chan told us you'd be coming by to have your outfits for the Class Dance and Graduation readjusted. He's been so excited that he forgot to make a delivery earlier today. I take it he's not back yet, ne Mine-san?” asked Kagura as she took more dresses from Mine.
“Nope, not yet! But he'll be here soon enough, rest assured! Now, tell me, how do you like the outfits you have on?” asked Mine with bright starry eyes. She really got her kicks out of dressing up Ayame's family.
“Why are you here?” Yuki curiously asked. He could imagine tons of other stores that the girls could go to but to his brother's shop of all places…
“We had wanted to wear the best dresses we could get. It's not often you and the others graduate from high school,” responded Kagura from on top of a stool while Mine continued taking measurements here and there.
“Oh yes, and Onee-chan mentioned that Ritsu-ojiichan always found the best outfits here in Ayame-ojiichan's shop. So, here we are,” replied Kisa cheerfully while also having her measurements and such taken.
“This has been going on for a while, Yuki-san. Do you want to have a seat while you're waiting for your brother?” asked Ritsu while motioning for Yuki to sit next to him on the couch.
“No, that's all right, I'll go over to the room upstairs to rest up,” replied Yuki while ascending a flight of stairs that took him to the next level of the shop. He really wanted a little quiet time to himself after a long day and knew that wouldn't happen if Ayame were around. So he decided to take advantage of his brother's absence and sneak in some time to relax.
“Otouto-kun, please help yourself to whatever refreshments there are in the back,” called out Mine from her perch with the girls.
“Hai,” replied Yuki as he laid his backpack against a wall and leaned back in a recliner as he wearily eyed the room.
Actually, it was more like a loft that had floor-to-ceiling windows that lined a wall overlooking the street and shops below. On the other side was an open wall with a banister that offered a view to the dressing areas below. It had a chaise by the windows and a couch by the banister and the recliner faced the stairwell between the couch and it.
Yes, Yuki was currently more interested in it than anything and was eyeing it very carefully.
How, when, and why were questions that came to Yuki one day when he first saw this object, this instrument in his brother's shop. To Yuki, that was the great mystery—greater than even the origin of the Sohma curse.
How did Ayame find out Yuki played the piano?
When did Ayame find out?
And why did he purchase it if he never brought the subject up with Yuki? It always sat there discreetly in a room not used very often, although the room itself was always kept clean.
Yuki knew his brother didn't play and was pretty sure his assistant didn't either—she was always so busy. At first, Yuki thought maybe his brother had his customers play it if they wanted to while he tended to their order. However, when Yuki casually asked Ayame how often his customers used the room, his brother replied that no one goes up there save himself or Mine whenever they wanted to be `inspired'. It was a great place to refresh your thoughts according to Ayame.
Well, Yuki couldn't argue with him on that. He was already starting to drift off into a light nap when Kagura's squeals startled him. He brought his hand up and ran it through his hair, letting out a heavy sigh. `Maybe I better find another way to relax,' thought Yuki wistfully.
Just then it occurred to him what he could do…what he may do…what he wanted to do ever since laying his eyes on this neglected instrument. He really shouldn't though…
He'd never played in public before…his playing was pretty much done for Akito only. He doubted Akito would say anything about it if the possessive leader found out, but still, Yuki had never had to deal with criticism before. Being corrected is one thing, but being picked apart is something else. He didn't believe his playing to be all that great in his mind, and he admittedly wasn't confident enough to take any critique from anyone no matter how well meant it was. Yuki definitely had loads of respect to the professional pianists of the world.
Feeling his shyness getting the best of him once more, Yuki stood up suddenly and decided it was best to face it before he lost his nerve. He has to face critics sometime in his life. `No time like the present'—as the saying goes. And besides, the others were listening to the radio rather loudly downstairs…
Walking softly across the floor to the piano, he seated himself carefully on the bench. He had noticed before that it was a miniature version of the grand piano. It was really beautiful with its dark mahogany shining against the sunlight from the windows. It was ornately decorated, but it was not overdone, reminding him of the one at Akito's place, but smaller. He could tell it was a bit more modern than the other one—the one at Akito's was made for the family way back when and was considered an antique (highly valuable), yet played like the day it was built.
`These don't come cheap. I wonder how much this set back Nii-san?' thought Yuki as he lifted the lid that covered the keys. He noted that no dust collected here either. He then hit a note (the `A' key) to test its pitch and found it to be just right.
`How often does Nii-san have it maintained…?' was Yuki's thought as he ran his fingers across the keys. He hit a few more keys and all the notes came through with a deep, resounding resonance. Yuki was certain that this piano was of the highest quality.
Smiling a little, he decided to do a quick version of “Chopsticks”, completely forgetting his timidity as he let the music flow through his fingers. By testing most of the keys this way it truly indicated how well maintained the instrument was kept. When Yuki slid to a rendition of the “Minute Waltz”, he noted how each of the notes flowed into each other with no trouble at all.
“WOW, Yun-chan, that was great!” yelled Kagura (who, by the way, had switched to a different dress) as she ran from the stairwell to the piano by Yuki's side.
“Hai, it truly was! I didn't know you knew how to play the piano, Onii-chan,” expressed Kisa happily (different dress, too) while walking towards them as well.
Startled from his reverie with this intrusion, he blushed a nice shade of pink. “Gomen, I must be distracting you from your shopping. I didn't think you'd be able to hear since you were listening to the radio downstairs.”
“Are you kidding us? We could hear you clearly from downstairs. I'm pretty sure it can even be heard from outside,” remarked Kagura as she looked the piano over, amazed at its beauty.
“We're very sorry, so sorry, Yuki-san, for interrupting you! GOMEN NASAI! It's truly unforgivable, and I will take full responsibility…” cried Ritsu as he was slipping into full apology mode (he has his occasional outbursts, too).
(BAM!) “Now, where were we…oh, yeah, when did you learn how to play?” replied Kagura as she walked over the unconscious Ritsu. Apparently, love hurts, but clearly she didn't smack him too hard since he started to wearily get up from the floor. With Kyo, she would lay him out cold…
Getting his attention back to the question asked, Yuki responded, “Oh, I learned a long time ago from another family member. A really great teacher, too.” He smiled inwardly remembering those lessons from long ago that Kureno so patiently put him through.
“Really? You should have played sooner for us! Your playing is beautiful. How do you know which keys to hit without looking at your hands or even at a piece of paper? What other instruments do you play? Do you know any other songs, er, melodies?” Kagura's questions were flowing one right after the other that Yuki had a hard time keeping up.
Smiling a little bashfully, Yuki replied, “My playing is not all that great—the one who taught me plays much better. And I've never really played with sheet music, at least, not for a long while. I was taught at first with it but pretty soon was forced to play by ear. I was told in order for the melody to come to `life', I had to play from the heart, and it wasn't the same if you played by the sheet music.”
“So you play what you're feeling at the moment?” asked Kagura as she leaned onto the piano.
“Well, yes in a way. I guess I play a melody that best fits my mood or even what others feel around me. It really just depends…” Yuki then noticed that Mine was smiling broadly, standing by the railing, with her hands behind her back. Yuki arched elegantly an eyebrow, wondering what her thoughts were at the moment. `She's hiding something…'
Seeing that Yuki was looking in Mine's direction, Kagura came up with an idea. Smiling widely, she suggests, “Yun-chan, play something now that makes you think about Mine-san.”
“Eh?!” came Yuki's shocked reply as he looked at Kagura.
“Sure, this'll be fun, right?” Kagura asked. “Don't you agree, Mine-san?”
“Oh yes, please don't mind us, Otouto-kun. Please continue with your playing,” came Mine's plea.
Yuki was becoming subconsciously nervous with so many eyes on him. He really didn't believe he could do this anymore until Kisa spoke up.
“Onii-chan, I'd like to hear more, but if you don't want to, that's okay too,” said Kisa softly as she stood on the other side of Yuki by the piano. She didn't want to pressure him into anything if he didn't want to.
`So much like Tohru…' came Yuki's thought. Feeling his nerve coming back to him, he smiled back and resumed his position at the piano. `Hmmm, what melody best fits Mine-san? Oh, that'll work.'
Smiling at the melody he chose, he started concentrating on his playing. Feeling the world dissolve around him, he focused on the melody that in his mind reminded him of Mine. It was a very upbeat tune that suited her personality well. The tune certainly described her as she was rushing about with the girls' fittings today. He hoped they would recognize “The Entertainer” melody and agree with him as well.
They did. They all smiled in Mine's direction but also stared in shock. Yuki was right…Mine was hiding something. She motioned for them to be quiet as she continued with what she was doing.
They returned their attention to Yuki as he finished playing the piece. “That's great Yun-chan. That really describes Mine-san,” said Kagura with a knowing smile, while blocking Yuki's view of Mine.
“Why don't you play something that reminds you of your brother and you together,” came Ritsu's request from his position on the couch.
`It would be him to request something like that,' thought Yuki dismally. Letting out a sigh, he thought about it and it came to him. Grinning a little sinisterly, he started to play a very calm tune that soon turned to an all out roller coaster ride of notes, going from one extreme of peace and tranquility to downright mayhem. “Hungarian Rhapsody” definitely described the two siblings to a `T'.
Kagura had returned to her position beside Yuki, out of Mine's viewpoint. All stared at Yuki, mesmerized at how he managed to pull off a difficult piece with no mistakes and with such passion. Yuki was rather happy to know he finished the piece off to the last note…it was rather tiring but refreshing.
“That was wonderful, Yun-chan! Your brother would be so happy to know you think of him that way. Say, why not play something that reminds you of your piano teacher?” came Kagura's next request as she once again stepped between him and Mine.
“Okay…” Yuki was definitely feeling very comfortable at this point and started to really enjoy his playing. He was grateful they didn't critique him at all for his lack of skill at playing the piano (he truly thought himself to be a poor pianist).
Smiling softly as he thought of Kureno, he picked a melody that best fit the gentle Bird of the Jyuunishi. “Fuhr Elise” never sounded so eloquent to him as it did at that moment.
When he finished his rendition of the melody, Kisa clapped happily. “Onii-chan, do you know of a tune that would portray us…as a family?” Kisa shyly asked, not wanting to impose on her cousin by asking for something individually.
It was silent in the room as they all (minus Mine) thought about that. To describe the family…no doubt, they believed Yuki would pick the most depressing tune.
Yuki was pensive for a moment and without replying, started playing out the melody. In his heart of hearts, he knew this melody fitted his family perfectly. It was a piece that conveyed sadness yet so much hope that it far outweighed the sadness… so bittersweet. Yes, this tune perfectly described the Sohma Clan, especially the Jyuunishi.
To all Jyuunishi who listened in the room, it was like being enveloped in their personal memories as part of the Sohma family. Yet, it wasn't frightening or saddening, as they had expected—it was a recollection of thoughts and feelings that in the end left them with a sense of hope. They never thought they'd see their lives that way, yet, Yuki obviously did…and they later found themselves agreeing that the melody truly did bring to light the unwavering hope they all held despite whatever adversity came their way.
Upon finishing the piece, Yuki softly smiled at Kisa. “I do think this piece should be renamed to `Ballade for Sohma' instead of `Ballade for Adeline', ne Kisa?”
Kisa with unshed tears nodded yes gratefully and embraced him in her show of thanks. Kagura joined them as well and hugged him from behind.
“Yun-chan, that was so perfect…” came Kagura's stifled reply as she rubbed her watery eyes.
“I couldn't agree more, my fair Kagura-chan!” came the loud reply from across the room.
Thus the heartwarming moment was shattered…
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