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Embers of Summer's Glory
Chapter 42: Over Earrings and Musings
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“Oi, is this what you wanted, Tohru?”
“Hai! Arigato, Uo-chan! Oh…the necklace, too, please!”
“Tohru-kun, you're moving too much. Your hairdo is coming apart.”
“Oh, I'm sorry, Hana-chan! I'll stay completely still now!”
“Here, take your earrings and necklace.”
“Tohru-kun, tilt your head back.”
“Oh, of course. (Mmf) Ouch! That's rather tight.”
“Sorry…your hair is shorter, and so it's harder to keep it all together.”
“Ooooh, the smooth, sleek style, huh, Hanajima? Lookin' good!”
“I'm striving for elegance instead of cute. She's no longer a schoolgirl anymore, correct?”
“Pft, ain't that the truth! Still…we'd be doing a whole lot better if SOMEONE (she stressed this rather loudly) had a decent BRAIN and not given us less than twenty-four hours notice! Some date this is!”
Tohru couldn't help but blush brightly at this declaration. She seriously debated telling her oldest friends of the plans she had suddenly made for this evening, however, she really needed their help. She was already too flustered with the fact that Kyo had managed to finally spill out what he wanted to ask her for the past few days. And what a question…
`He was as red as his eyes. I mean…he meant it all in good standing, I'm sure. He was going to an important event, and he didn't want to go alone. That's simple enough, right? It's not really…well, it's not that…this isn't about that sort of date. Really… Just two good friends going out to a private party…together…alone… He did say Yuki-kun will be there…' Exhaling softly, she knew any further protests on her part about this being that sort of date would land on deaf ears. The girls saw it as one way, and that was pretty much how they were going to accept it, period.
So here she was, little ol' Tohru, stuck in the care of her best of friends, getting her hair done by one and getting everything else done by the other. Shopping for dresses consisted of borrowing items from both friends and having an express version of manicures and pedicures. She even had to ask for getting off early at work, an absolute sin in her book, but her supervisor was caring enough and understood when she explained. Apparently this event was rather major amongst the Sohma household that extended employees knew of it, at least, the more top-level employees did. And then there was the public…
“Yeah, I sure stumped that guy from bragging and all when I told him our Tohru was actually going inside the building to attend the gala!” went on Uo as she viewed her emails on Tohru's laptop. “Listen, Tohru, take plenty of pictures so that I can show some of them to the creep at work. Heh, he thinks he's all that just because he gets to greet the hoity-toity into the facility where that get-together is taking place. Wait `til I show him.”
“Uo-chan…” chided Tohru gently, “we can't be showing off. I mean…I was just invited by a member of the family. I'm not that important to personally get a formal invitation…”
The tall girl merely shrugged her shoulders at the reasoning. “Pft, you are too important! Besides, it don't matter if it's by personal invitation or not. You're goin', that's all that counts. Now, why in the world do you have so many emails from the Prince?”
“Does she now?” quizzically asked Hana from behind Tohru while placing a final bobby pin to the elegant hairdo.
“Uo-chan!” cried out in alarm Tohru, suddenly shifting her head to see Uo at her laptop. She immediately felt the tight pull on her hair. “OUCH!”
“I'm not done, hold still,” admonished Hana as she resumed to fix the folly yet again.
“I'm so sorry…” murmured Tohru dejectedly.
“It's okay, this is reparable,” assured the quiet girl.
“Yeah, and don't panic. I'm not reading the emails from the Pr—I mean, from Sohma. Man, I really need to think of a new nickname for the guy since we're not in school anymore.” Mentally going over a few nicknames for the princely Sohma, Uo scanned through the rest of the inbox to be sure all her emails were accounted for. “So…are you going to explain the love notes? Maybe I should set up my own email address and not borrow yours anymore. For privacy sakes…heheh…”
“UO-CHAN!!!” yelped Tohru in sheer embarrassment, her cheeks flushed cherry red yet again. Unable to turn her head to look at Uo, she settled for crying out, “Those are just letters! When he can't walk home with me, or if it's too late to talk over the phone, he emails me how his day went and asks about my day. It can be about anything. That's all!”
“Sure…” replied Uo dryly with a gleam in her eye. Deciding to leave her teasing for another day or else they'll never get Tohru ready, she then asked, “Doesn't he do instant messaging…chatrooms? Heck of a lot easier than emails, I think.”
“No, he said something about Shigure-san killing all inspiration for him to set up a chatroom for us.” Tohru wasn't about to say what else was said during that call over the speakerphone. She could still hear the scuffles ringing in her ears when Shigure mentioned something about having her model in outfits he picks out and take pictures of her in them to post up on the site. Yuki protested rather vocally along with Kyo who had overheard the conversation. She could only imagine how much pain the poor Inu had suffered after the call was accidentally disconnected. “Um, he mentioned that he preferred speaking with me directly than going through a computer to just talk. Heh, he says that's what phones are for which is good because sometimes he'll even have it on speaker on his end, so I can talk with Shigure-san at the same time. He's really very considerate.”
Uo arched her brow at the soft tone in her friend's voice, noting how happy Tohru became whenever she spoke of the gentle Sohma. And gentle Yuki is, compared to his more volatile relative that couldn't hold his temper if his life depended on it. Well, maybe he would if Tohru were there… In any case, as hard as she tried, she still couldn't tell which way the innocent girl is leaning towards.
`It's either one or the other. Which one is pulling on her heartstrings the most? It's got to be… But she's just so…ugh…GREEN! I need to start nudging the girl one way or the other…hard. Or else these two will never get the real truth from her!' Sighing audibly, Uo closed the laptop shut and turned her wayward attention to the friend that was finally ready to start her date.
“So…um…what do you think?” asked Tohru awkwardly, fingering a curled hair strand on the side of her face.
“I'm certain Sohma Kyo will find you more than adequately attractive,” assured Hana as she put her hair accessories away, a faint smile on her serene face indicating how proud she was of her hard work.
“You look fabulous, Tohru! Hana's black satin dress looks great on you! Halter top is definitely the way to go to add more `oomph' in the chest department!” Paying scant attention to Tohru's flushed face, Uo dug through her closet and pulled out the best black sling-backs that could be bought with her minimum-wage earnings in the past.
“Oh, that's okay, Uo-chan! I can use my old black shoes with this dress! That's your favorite pair; I wouldn't want to ruin them by chance,” objected Tohru ardently.
“You can and you will. Besides, those old shoes are the ones you wear to work! At least with these you can show some style along with the dress. more thing.” Handing the shoes to Tohru, Uo rummaged through the closet one more time to pull out another garment. She then flapped it open and wrapped it around Tohru's slim shoulders. “There, the final touch. This pink shawl adds just the right amount of cuteness and will keep you warm, too, when the AC kicks in inside the hall.”
She just couldn't help it. How could she possibly ever thank her friends for being so caring? Tearfully, Tohru reached around and hugged both girls fiercely. “Thank you…thank you so, so much…”
“Hey, no waterworks, okay? You'll ruin your mascara,” chirped Uo good-naturedly. Gazing softly down at her, she quietly replied, “Just remember…whatever happens tonight, you can count on us to support you all the way.”
“Absolutely,” agreed Hana. She, too, was happy to see Tohru content and excited about her outing tonight. Of course, knowing how ignorant Tohru may be of what Uo really meant with her last remark, she understood fully. Despite the best of intentions, one or the other of the Sohma boys will be hurt tonight. And there will be little that can be done to fix that.
`From the look of how things are starting out, it could only be the other Sohma. But the night is young. Anything can happen—that family is so full of surprises.' Looking to Tohru's upturned face to Uo as they lightly chatted, Hana couldn't help but refocus her concerns yet again on the erratic behavior behind the Sohma's wavelengths, especially those of their clan head and Kyo. `They are simply…abnormal. I wonder at how their clan head is fairing now. I don't trust the pattern of their wave structure for either Sohma, even more so recently for Sohma Kyo. Yet, I've come to no conclusion as to why their patterns are so unpredictable. Sohma Yuki's as of late has become rather sedate. How very…strange…'
“HEY! Stop fussing over Tohru, blondie! The party ain't gonna last all night!. Hurry up!” was said loudly from the living room.
“SHUT UP, FOOL!” hollered Uo through the thin door and walls. Turning a bright smile to the other girls, she gave them a last hug before breaking away. “Hey, Hanajima, let's take a picture now so that Tohru can remember her first date!”
“Uo-chan, this isn't…well, I mean this is…” spoke out a flustered Tohru while being ushered in front of camera.
“All right, the timer is set.” Taking her place next to Tohru, Hana smiled fondly along with the other girls as the flash of the camera indicated that it had taken the shot. “There. Let us go out first Arisa so we may take a picture of Sohma Kyo's reaction.”
“Great idea! Take your time, Tohru; I'll keep `ants-in-his-pants' occupied while you finish up, okay?” Closing the door behind her and Hana, Uo turned a malicious grin to the unsuspecting guy in the living room. `Time to set the boy straight…stick straight…'
“Dammit, it's taking them too long,” grumbled Kyo lowly while squirming in his place at the table. He was high-strung, no shock there due mainly to tonight's events. Yet he was uncomfortable to an extreme and all because of a silent young boy in his early teens.
`All he does is stares…stares…blinks…then stares some more. It's driving me crazy!' Tapping his fingers on the low table, he busily kept himself far away from the boy, at least in his mind.
Unlike other times he had been there, he took his time looking all over the home the girls shared. He was happy to see that many of Tohru's graduation gifts plus subsequent housewarming presents were being put to good use—the curtains that Kagura made hung crisp and clean over the kitchen window, the fine but sturdy dishes from Ritsu's mother displayed proudly in the armoire Hatori had shocked her with.
`Heh, she really was floored to see it waiting for her when she finally moved in herself. We had to fan her back to life…' Smiling softly at the memory he failed to realize that his companion finally leaned in to see him more closely.
“You know…” spoke Megumi quietly, yet managing to startle the young man across from him. “You're nothing like him. Nothing at all.”
“What?” Shaking himself from his wandering thoughts, Kyo gawked at the talking statue. “What the hell is that supposed to mean? You're not getting philosophical or something like that on me, are ya?”
“Complete opposites. And this has nothing to do with philosophy,” continued Megumi without further explanation.
`That doesn't make no sense, like some idiot I know that does the same thing. Pft, should've known Hanajima's brother would be weird like her.' Sighing heavily, Kyo spoke candidly since he was in no mood to figure riddles out. “Are ya into those `wave thingies' too like your sis?”
Megumi shook his head no as he kept his solemn gaze on Kyo, further unnerving the Sohma. “I'm not that perceptive like her. Saki has…true skill. But I am learning.”
“Hmph, well, just don't go overboard with it. It's just weird in my book.” Turning his attention back to the blissful nothingness, Kyo was `calmly' waiting until Megumi shocked him with the next question.
“How come you're different from the other Sohma, Kyo-san?” asked Megumi curiously. “He is nothing like you…”
“Kid, that's `Kyo'…none of that `san', okay? And which other Sohma have you met anyway?” Kyo thought hard as to which of his relatives he was referring to. `Hell, our family is a little large, kid. Gotta be more specific…'
“Sohma Yuki,” murmured the boy quietly, staring deep into the strange red-orange colored depths of his eyes.
His jaw stiffened at the name. Blatantly rolling his eyes in exasperation, Kyo smoothed his freshly pressed suit and tie. “Obviously we're nothing alike. And that suits me just fine. Why are you askin' anyway?”
Not certain how to answer that without upsetting him further, Megumi shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “I was only curious. He's…quiet. You're…not quiet…in the least.”
“Oi, are you tellin' me that I'm loud?” exclaimed Kyo just over the decibel threshold.
“That would constitute to not being quiet…” reasoned the young teen.
“I'm NOT loud, just…errrr…just not quiet like the baka Nezumi, all right?” huffed angrily Kyo. Abruptly standing up, he paced around the room and fingered trinkets on the shelves with little interest, doing his best to ignore the boy's comments that sounded suspiciously like an insult.
Megumi could only stare in confusion at the pacing Sohma in the room. “Nezumi? Were we not talking about Sohma Yuki?”
“Same difference,” grumbled Kyo irately, then suddenly changed his demeanor when he saw a picture on the shelf. Smiling lightly, he took a closer look at it, seeing that it was the picture of their last school dance. It was a group picture that Haru must have taken because he wasn't in the shot. It was the night of the last dance at school, and they were at the swing set in this shot…Tohru widely smiling while high up in the swing. If only he could cut out some people in this picture, he'd have it framed in his own room.
“You don't like Sohma Yuki,” Megumi calmly stated rather than asked.
Scowl back in place, Kyo turned to face the boy to make his point clear. “I don't like talking about him, listening to others talk about him, and rather personally, I don't like even the smell of him around me. Are we clear?”
“Do you hate him?” the young teen asked in turn.
`What the hell kind of question is that to ask a stranger?' Not liking being put on the spot by some kid, Kyo gave his best hard glare to the boy. Even more astounding, though, was the fact that he couldn't say what should have been easy to say to begin with.
It was a simple question, and it was one he automatically had an answer for. So…why couldn't he say it out loud…to passionately cry out how much he loathed, HATED, the Nezumi as he had done before in years past, even if he hadn't done so in a long while? All is still the same…they're still the same…he is the Neko and Yuki is the Nezumi.
Always the same…never different. It will never be any different…
`Dammit, then why can't I just say it? It's the truth. It'll always be the truth…' Clenching his jaw tightly, he readied himself to give the age-old answer until the boy spoke out.
“You want to hate him, don't you?” The conflict…the turmoil…all from a simple question that only needed a `yes' or `no' answer. Megumi was pleased with himself that he has made some progress with reading people's thoughts. Then again, he reminded himself that this Sohma was rather easy to draw a reaction from and interpreting it isn't too much of a challenge. Pressing a tad further in hopes of getting another reaction from him, he remarked, “He's not making it easy for you to hate him, is he?”
Kyo seethed in anger as he was certain now that the boy was pressing his buttons on purpose. “LOOK YA LITTLE—”
“—BOY! That's right, Orangey twit, he's just a kid! So quit your hollerin' already.” Annoyed with Kyo's obvious behavior with Megumi, Uo stood opposite him, glowering all the while. “If you're gonna be like this all night, I sure as hell ain't gonna let Tohru go out with you! She's better off leaving your sorry ass behind!”
“Arisa, Tohru-kun will be out shortly. We don't have much time with him,” Hana reminded the enraged girl.
“Pft…well, suppose you're right…” mumbled Uo irately. With contempt she looked to the Sohma male and pointed directly at him. “As much as I think she doesn't deserve going out with a pig-headed JERK like you—”
“Shut up, BAKA YANKEE!” butted in Kyo.
Uo went on without letup. “—you need to follow the cardinal rules for taking a girl out on a date. First—”
“I know the cardinal rules, Uotani, I don't need remindin' from you!” cried out again Kyo, inwardly growing apprehensive. `What the hell is a cardinal rule anyway? A rule's a rule…what does a cardinal have anything to do with it?!'
“Spend lots of money on her. She deserves to be splurged on after all the hard work she put up with while livin' with you guys!” Looking to Hana for confirmation and receiving it, Uo proceeded to the next rule. “Second—”
Kyo was close to letting loose on Uo, girl or not. “I spend plenty on her when I can and IF I can! She hardly lets anyone buy her anything when going out! And what the hell is this about `puttin' up with hard work while livin' with us'? We didn't FORCE her or anything…”
“Be sure to feed her! Don't be goin' to some cheap ramen stand around the corner! You better let her take home leftovers, too!” Hana immediately whispered to Uo, the taller girl nodding in confirmation of what was said. “Yeah, and be sure to pick up plenty of snacks and chocolate candy on your way back. She needs (`what was it you said, Hanajima?') sustenance. Don't forget.
“I know what the damn cardinal rules involve, OKAY?! Besides, they'll be serving plenty of food there!” Pulling on his hair in exasperation, which was well coifed before arriving there, Kyo's temper was now at an all time high since being hassled by Uo. `Think Tohru, think Tohru… Think a bleeding blonde on the floor with me as the winner… NO! Tohru, Tohru, Tohru…'
“And be sure to give her plenty of compliments. I mean, even if she should fall in mud and dance at the same time, you WILL give her compliments left and right. Got all that down?” Uo glared straight into Kyo's eyes, seeing that they both were of tall stature, he being a tad taller. “Weeelll? I ain't got all day here!”
His teeth literally grated inside his mouth, and it was all he could muster to not choke the girl to death. Kyo opted to just vent the best way he knew how, but before he could vocally let Uo have it, a slight clearing of the throat was heard from behind Hana.
“Ano…Kyo-kun, I'm sorry for being so late. We can leave now,” mumbled Tohru quietly as she bashfully shied away from the sudden attention she was getting from everyone in the room.
Struck dumb. That perfectly described him at the moment. One minute he was fervently arguing with Uo with little care to what `little pitchers' were listening, the next minute he was stunned silent to see the vision of beauty he always knew befitted Tohru's existence.
Unlike her date for the night, Tohru was a jumble of nerves. She knew that it was only a matter of mere minutes before Uo and Kyo would be at each other's throats, so she hurried along with last minute touch-ups in her room. When she stepped out and saw them all in an animated conversation, she wasn't too sure if she should just sneak back inside her room or play the referee. Her desire to bring peace once more was too great however, and naturally she tactfully brought them back to a more civil atmosphere. Now that they were staring at her, especially Kyo with his shocked expression, she was anxious to know what she did to bring this about.
“Ano…Kyo-kun, is…uh, something the matter?” The thought shook her immensely at realizing that maybe she wasn't dressed appropriately and so he was maybe just trying to be polite and not say anything and maybe he was trying another way to tell her and so— “Please forgive me, Kyo-kun!! I'll change out of this really quick! I was so silly and didn't think straight on how I should really be dressed for tonight and now I'll embarrass you in front of everyone tonight and it'll be all my fault if they shun you and—”
“Whoa there, Tohru, take a breather! You're fine. Stop ogling her and tell her so, ya damn fool!” bit out Uo while `lightly' smacking the guy in the back of the head. It did the trick.
“DAMMIT BI—” Kyo clearly reigned in the rest of his tirade, not wanting to ruin this evening any further by giving Uo further attention. No, he preferred focusing his attentions on the one girl that mattered most to him. Taking a deep breath, he looked down to Tohru with a small smile. “You look…perfect. Did those…um, those dangling things…aren't they a gift from before?”
“Uh…um, hai. They were a gift from Kisa's okaa-san for graduation,” explained Tohru barely, her hard blush too much of a distraction for her to elaborate further. Fingering her small teardrop earrings of pink and white Austrian crystalline, and later twirling her fingers around the matching necklace (she had to concede to not wear Kyo's necklace ALL the time—Uo's idea on fashion sense), she suddenly realized the time. The very late time… “Kyo-kun, I'm so sorry! We're very late…we need to leave right now if we're going to make it. The buses go by there, don't they?”
“Got it covered. Called for a cab—it should be out there by now…” Uo crossed over to the window overlooking the street and sure enough, a cab patiently awaited its passengers per her instructions. “Okay, remember Orangey…DON'T screw this up. (Kyo yelled, `Dammit, get off my case, will ya?!') Tohru, have a blast. That's an order.”
Tohru smiled brightly and wordlessly embraced the girls along with Megumi before she made her way to the door. “I'll remember to bring some souvenirs for you. At least, I hope they have that sort of thing there.”
“They do. Come on before some tall AIRHEAD gets any more bright ideas…” `Not that I'd ever tell her that it was a good idea to call for a cab.' Before Uo had a chance to retort, Kyo ducked out the door with Tohru in tow, the petite girl having to call out her last goodbyes as she was dragged away.
As they approached the cab, serenity settled upon the air around them. Yet as calm and warm as the early evening was, he couldn't help but feel the shivers going up and down his arms, undoubtedly due to his contact with Tohru's warm hand. `This is really it. I am on an official date with her. I really am. God, please don't let me screw this up tonight. Not with her…everything's all perfect. She's with me…WITH ME. Not with a group of us, not with the Nezumi…ME. And all because she said yes.'
Looking down at their linked hands, then at her serene face, he smiled gently and let out the breath he had been holding in somewhat. `You're mine to take care of for tonight. And I WILL take good care of you, Tohru. You deserve that…and much more.'
Uo felt so heavy in her heart, seeing her `little' Tohru go off on her first official date. She knew the day would come when one of the Sohma boys would do this, even if she did bristle at the thought that it was Kyo who had ultimately done it. Still, after all is said and done, Tohru will make the decision in the very end. Maybe not tonight or tomorrow, but she will make that choice that will inevitably bring her much joy but also much sorrow. It is the way with all true loves…
Waving off Tohru from the doorway, she smiled sadly and heaved a heavy sigh. `You can't stay on the sidelines for forever, Tohru. It's one or the other…and I meant what I said. I'll be here for you…for every tear of joy or sadness that you shed.'
Hana was quick to tidy up their home, picking up used dishes in the living area and taking them to the small kitchen to be washed. Seeing that Megumi was silently helping her, she thought best to lecture him on his earlier behavior while washing the dishes.
“Megumi, you mustn't use your perceptions of truth to derive a reaction from those around you, especially to these Sohma. It is very intimidating to them.” Seeing him nod in recognition of her advice, she then asked, “Why were you curious of Sohma Kyo and his feelings on Sohma Yuki?”
Megumi could only sigh lightly as he towel-dried the washed dishes. Blankly staring at the dish in hand, his gaze traced invisible images on the plate, his mind taking him back to that day that he spoke with the much quieter Sohma. He recalled seeing something so uniquely…him. He couldn't describe it any better than that, and so it made the encounter all the more treasured.
Curiosity piqued, he wished to see if he'd get the same perception from being with Kyo. Needless to say he was a bit disappointed that the encounter came to nothing spectacular. It made him also certain of one thing…which led to his questioning of Kyo.
“I wondered if they were anything alike.” Seeing Hana wordlessly letting him know to continue, he set the plate down and explained further. “Sohma Yuki is very different from Kyo-san…Kyo. Complete opposites. Is this what you believe, too, Saki?”
(Sigh) “I believe our perception of the whole Sohma family will be…off. They as a family, particularly those two with the others, hide many things very well, and only a perception of the truth is left for us to interpret.” Setting the last dish aside, she retrieved a dry rag and started wiping down the counters, momentarily pensive as she thought better of the situation. She was wary—very wary—of being around the Sohmas, some more than others, but she didn't wish to convey this to anyone, least of all to her brother who seemed to have developed a fixation of sorts with one of the Sohmas.
`I shouldn't be surprised. Sohma Yuki ALWAYS has the innate gift to draw your undivided attention the moment his presence is perceived. However, the attention bestowed can be either doting or malicious in intent. That much can be understood.' Looking over to see her younger brother busily setting the dried dishes back in the cupboards, a pensive expression also gracing his face, she recollected that her younger brother once mentioned something peculiar about the Sohma male… It was no doubt enough for her younger brother to persist in his understanding of the Sohma family.
“Megumi, do you wish to see Sohma Yuki again?” she asked quietly, solemn as always, yet a trace of worry underlies her tone.
“M-hm. That would be agreeable with me. He's not as…loud…as his relative, physically or figuratively.” Smiling at the thought of another chance meeting with the elusive Sohma (at least to him it was that way), he turned to see his elder sister look at a distant point on the wall, her expression that of faint worry. He was stunned. She never showed worry…privately or in public. “Ano…is it okay, Saki? Am I wrong to say what I said?”
She shook herself from her drifting thoughts and smiled softly once more. “It's all right. Sohma Yuki is a kind person. He gives little to no reason for anyone not to trust him.”
“Saki, then why does Kyo despises him? It makes very little sense to do that when he doesn't truly want to.” He was rather sure on this assumption, seeing that from his earlier talk with Kyo just about had the elder teen declare war whenever Yuki's name was mentioned. `Hm, I think Kyo called him a `nezumi', which really doesn't make any sense…'
“Sohma Kyo carries a heavy load…his wave structure indicates that much. It is…difficult to interpret beyond that.” Giving her younger brother an affectionate pat on the head, she set her rag to dry as she walked back to the living area. Seeing Uo still at the doorway listlessly staring after the couple, she thought it best to leave her be and so steered Megumi to the table once more.
Megumi took the moment to ask Hana one last thing before the topic changed. He rarely had the opportunity to speak of this at all with her. “Saki…”
“Hm?” She looked to her brother and saw the question across his eyes. She knew well what he wanted to ask but hesitated to call him on it.
“Can we see Yuki-san again? I just…I need to confirm what I saw. Is that…okay?” He bit down on his lip, knowing already that his sister wasn't keen on him hanging around the Sohmas anymore than she has to. And she does try to keep her contact with them at a minimum. Yet, whether she liked it or not, as long as Tohru associates herself with her surrogate family, she will be submitted to their presence.
Sighing heavily, she smiled faintly. “Perhaps. I rarely see him as much anymore, but I'm sure we can have it arranged somehow. Just remember something for me…”
“Yes, Saki?” asked the young teen.
“Our perceptions can be quite misleading when dealing with the Sohma. Use caution should we meet him or anyone else. We don't want to upset them, right? Will you do this for me?” she gently asked.
“Okay. Of course I will.” Happy to know that he may have another opportunity to catch the uniqueness of this one Sohma, serenely smiled to his older sister in thanks.
`I will not allow whatever dark veil that is over the Sohmas to come in contact with my brother. It may come to nothing when he does meet Sohma Yuki or any other Sohma, but I won't risk it. Tohru is already in so deep that she fails to see the darkness around the family's aura.' She couldn't help but feel apprehensive as she recollected her feelings of their aura…
`It's so old…so cold…so very alone… Tohru…don't you realize the depth of despair in their auras? The futility and desperation…it drags all into it. I can't allow this…I must see to it that you're safe. And when the time comes, I'll be there to hold you back from falling into the deep ravine that this family is heading towards… I just hope it doesn't come that. I truly do…'
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