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Act 1: Scene 3
[All is quite between the three girls. Tohru had finished your explanations and questions about them working for her. Hanna and Uotani sat in silence, both with their eyes closed.]
Hanna: Tohru-kun, are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?
Uotani: Owning a business id a huge responsibility. Especially a strip club of all things.
Tohru: Yes, I know but since I've already graduated now's my chance to live a fulfilled life just like mother always wanted me to.
Uotani: [trying to stay calm] Yes but owning a strip joint isn't what I think she had in mind.
Hanna: But think about it. Where there is red pink is sure to follow
Uotani: [faces Hanna] You just made that up didn't you?
Hanna: [looks up] and if I did?
Uotani: [sighs] No what? Forget it. You two are just too damn complicated for me.
Tohru: I guess I could work as a stripper too and…
Uotani: [cuts in] HELL NO!!! I'd rather tear my own arm off then to let you do that!!
Hanna: She's right Tohru. You're too pure and innocent to be doing anything of that sort.
Tohru: [looks down] I'm sorry but this is one of the biggest things my mother left me besides the memories I have of her. I just want to repay her back for that she's done for me. And Akito-san…
Uotani: Akito-san?
Hanna: You mean the one who killed Kyoko-san, the one who tried to take away Kyo, Yuki, and the others away from you?
Uotani: [pissed] WHAT?!?!?!?! The sickly slut that called you a bitch, scratched you in the face, and pulled your hair??!?!?!?!!?
Tohru: [nods] yes
Uotani: What the hell does she have to do with anything??
Hanna: Maybe if you were paying attention you'd know she's the owner of The Furuba.
Uotani: Well I know that much.
Tohru: Look, if you guys don't want to help me I understand.
Uotani: Know what? I think you are nuts if you're going to say something like that. Of course we're gonna help you out. I'll just be your body guard while Hanna over here will be a stripper.
Tohru: [faces Hanna] Oh Hanna-chan, I don't want you to soil yourself like that. I'm not worth it.
Hanna: and you think I'll let you do it? No way.
Tohru: [teary eyes] I'm so glad to have you two as such good friends!
Yuki: [walks in with Haru behind him] Oh? And what exactly about us Honda-san?
Tohru: Sohma-kun? And Haru-san?
Yuki: I over heard the conversation you guys had about my cousin. I would like to say for my own safety that I am not working for her.
Uotani: [walks up and puts her arms around Yuki's and Haru's shoulders/necks] Well I know you two will make great strippers for my lil Tohru-kun here.
Haru: wish I was but I've been hired by Akito for a long time. Sorry Tohru.
Tohru: [smiles sweetly] It's okay Haru-san. It's not your problem.
Uotani: Just know this, if yall even think about betraying our trust for your cousin, Hanna and I will have your heads.
Yuki: You should have no reason to doubt my loyalty.
Haru: same here.
Hanna: Good now only thing we need now is a waitress.
Kyo: [walks in] I can handle that for you.
Tohru: Oh Kyo-kun, thank you; but just who do you have in mind?
Kyo: [shivers and looks away] I can ask Kagura for you. I know she won't mind if it's for you.
Tohru: You do that for me?
Kyo: ….Yeah, it's no big deal.
Yuki: What's the change of heart?
Kyo: How about none of your damn business you ass wipe!
Uotani: Hey, no arguing in front of the princess you got that?
Hanna: See, Tohru? We're all here for you. [smiles and hugs her]
Tohru: [smiles] Oh everyone, thank you so much. I wouldn't know what to do without such great friends.
Uotani: You'd be hopeless, that's what. [lets go of Yuki and Haru and hugs Tohru too] But we still love you none the less.
Tohru: [tearful] Oh you guys, I love you too!
[After the arrangements. Tohru and Kyo called Kagura. As Kyo predicted she agreed to work for her with no pay. Seeing Kyo was enough to please her.]
[at Kagura's place]
Kagura: [hangs up the phone cheerful]
Rin: [comes up from behind] Who was that on the phone?
Kagura: It was Kyo-kun. Why does it matter to you?
Rin: You know exactly why. That damn Tohru is the heir of The Red Butterfly! If she opens that back up and if you work for her Akito will have your head!
Kagura: [turns around] You think I don't know that?!? I owe that girl and what and where I work at is none of yours, Akito, or anyone else's business!
Rin: [glares] Fine, but don't cry when you get hurt in the cross fire. [turns around] I'm sick of you, I'm leaving. [walks off]
Kagura: Why not? You always do! [falls down to her knees, and whisper to herself] What am I getting myself into? I want to help Tohru, yes, but should I really put my own life at risk?
[Curtains close. End scene]
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