Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Stripper By Day, Gangsta By Night ❯ Act One: Scene Two ( Chapter 2 )

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Author's Note: I apologize that I haven't updated as soon. To tell you the truth, I have it written of to Act 2 I'm just a lazy typer. I don't like typing b/c I suck at it. Any who on with the play!!!!
Act 1: Scene 2
[Everyone is now in the living room sitting at the table. Shigure has his glasses on with a a brown packet laid in front of him, Tohru us serving tea to Yuki and Shigure.]
Shigure. The reason I called you all down here is because a matter of business. Tohru, it seems that your mother had a business before she past on, a type of club if you will.
Tohru. A club?
Shigure. It seemed that your mom owned a strip club called The Red Butterfly.
Tohru. A s-strip club?
Yuki. I still don't see what this has to do with us. This is Honda-san's business, not ours.
Kyo. Yeah, rat boy is right for once.
Shigure. Well you see your mother had left it to you in her will (hands her the packet)
Tohru. (opens it and begins to read out loud) “I Kyoko Honda of sound, body, and mind leave The Red Butterfly to my only child, Tohru Honda.”
Shigure. Unfortunately for you Akito has two of her own, The Furuba and The Zoo with the help of Ha'ri and Ayaa. It seems to me that Akito doesn't seem very fond of The Red Butterfly.
Kyo. Dammit Shigure!! You're stalling!! Tell us what does this have to do with us.
Yuki. (sigh) Hurry up; I'm losing my patience with you.
Shigure. You two will have to protect the princess.
Kyo. What do you mean protect her?
Yuki. There's something you're not telling us Shigure.
Tohru. (sweetly yet sadly at the same time) Does this have to do with Akito-can and my mom?
Shigure. Afraid so....
Yuki. (thinking) afraid so? What the hell is Akito planning?
Shigure. Akito also owns a mafia, a gang of sorts. I only just found out a few days ago that…
Tohru. What?
Shigure. (takes deep breath) Akito put a hit out on your mom. It came to my attention when I over head her conversation when she was talking to one of the maids.
Kyo. So what you're saying is that Tohru might be next because she is the new owner?
Shigure. Exactly!
Tohru. But I can't run a strip club all myself.
Shigure. (smiles) it seems like it is a strip club for bisexual and homosexual men and women. That's where Yuki and Kyo fit in even more.
Tohru. Huh?
Yuki. In other words you want us to work at the strip club, right?
Kyo. Why would you think of such a thing?
Shigure. Well I also thought that Hanajima and Uotani might also help as well. Considering you all have something in common.
Kyo. Oh? And just what is that, may I ask?
Shigure. You all have a strong bond with Tohru and you all love her very much.
[Shigure got up and walks over to Tohru and puts a arm around her shoulder.]
Tohru. I appreciate the offer but I can't put such a heavy burden on my friends.
Yuki. (eyes close) You're wrong.
Kyo. (facing the other way; blushing slightly) No one ever said they wouldn't help you. You shouldn't jump to conclusions like that.
Shigure. See! What did I tell you? Now… (stands up and turn his back to them) get ready, your friends will be here soon.
Tohru. Um, how would you know that?
Shigure. (looks over his shoulder) I called them over. I'll let you explain things to them. (smiles) You shouldn't doubt yourself like that so easily. You're a very loveable person Tohru-kun. Believe it!!
Tohru. (smiles tearfully) Thank you Shigure-san.
[The doorbell rings and Tohru gets it. Kyo and Yuki both leave as Uotani and Hanajima enters. The three sit down and Tohru begins the long story.]
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