Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Stripper By Day, Gangsta By Night ❯ Chii's Note!!!!!!! Important!!!!!! ( Chapter 5 )

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Chii- AAHHHH!!!!! >_<
Chii's Note- OMG!! I'm really really sorries!!!! I didn't know I made it like that cuz I'm sure I made it longer. I must have not paid attention from lack of sleep -_- aww yamnit. Oki there's a part missing and I lost the end of the chap and I cant remember how it went exactly. I'm sooo sorries >_< plz no flames, plz no flames!!!!! >_< sorries again every one!!! *bows really low*
Ayame tried to get Hatori to eat chocolate ice cream. And since he was working he didn't want to get any of the files messed up. When he was taken in my Ayame and the ice cream Akito walked in and told Hatori that she wanted to see him later.
Chii- that's pretty much it I think. Once again everyone I am extremely sorri. I screwed up big time -_- oh goodness sorries and I'll try to update soon