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The Cherry Blossoms Will Bloom Again
Chapter One~ Another Family Secret
It was late. Tohru was walking home alone from work. She was very happy that she didn't have school first thing in the morning. Her class was getting the first half of the day off. Surprisingly, her class got the highest scores on the last test, so the principal decided that they could get half a day of school tomorrow.
Tohru sighed. `I hope that everyone got something to eat. Maybe Kyo ate at Shishou-san's…but what about Shigure and Yuki?'
She walked up to the front door of the house to hear a sudden outburst of laughter coming from inside. Confused, she opened the door. The young woman looked down to see a pile of shoes in the entryway.
`Who's here?' she wondered. Taking off her own shoes, Tohru headed to the living room.
She found a small group of the Sohma's, laughing and chatting about something that seemed mutual. Kisa spotted her and jumped off the floor.
“Onee-chan!” she squealed. She hugged Tohru and then bounced up and down.
“Calm down Kisa,” Hatsuharu said. “Tohru doesn't even know what's going on.”
Tohru looked around to see who was there. Kisa, Hiro, Hatsuharu, and Kagura were all present in Shigure's living room.
“Momiji's here too,” Kagura commented after seeing Tohru's face. “Gure-nii's in his office.”
“Come sit Onee-chan,” Kisa said. “We'll tell you!” After sitting down next to Kisa, Tohru watched Shigure walk into the room.
“Actually Kagura,” he started playfully. “I'm right here. And may I tell her, Kisa-chan?” The little girl nodded.
Shigure smiled and began his explanation from the doorway. “Tohru-kun. We have a special visitor today. She's very important to the members of the zodiac. And we haven't been around her in over two years. So this is very special. She's out with Momiji right now, getting some air. She said that she wants to explain everything to you herself.”
Tohru nodded. `I wonder what kind of girl she is If she's so important, is she like…Akito?'
“Don't worry Tohru-kun,” Kagura said, seeing Tohru's face.
“Yeah Onee-chan!” Kisa said happily. “Onee-sempai is REALLY nice.”
“Why do you call her that, Kisa?” Hiro asked. “It never makes any sense.”
“Habit Hiro-chan,” she answered with a smile, causing him to shut up and blush.
Tohru was amazed. She never had seen Kisa this happy and playful. And she had never heard her talk so loud. This girl must mean a lot to Kisa. The older girl felt a little bit of jealousy.
“I'm home!”
“Kyo-kun's home,” Shigure announced unnecessarily; as the orange-haired teen came around to the doorway, Kagura glomped him out of playful habit.
“Hey! Get off of me!” he yelled at her.
“Kyo,” Shigure said sternly, majorly getting his attention. “She's here.”
Kyo gave him a glare. “I can see that,” he said, clearly annoyed.
“Not me,” Kagura said. “Tenshi-chan's here.”
Kyo's eyes became very wide. “No way…” he whispered.
“She's with Momiji out back right now,” Hatsuharu said, reading the conversation. “She'll be back soon.”
Shigure smiled and chuckled for just a second. “Alright; I'm back to my novel,” he said, turning heal and leaving.
An awkward silence fell on the members of the room. Tohru looked around the room, panicked about what to do.
“S-S-So-o w-where's Yuki-kun?” she asked.
“Emergency student council meeting,” Hatsuharu answered. “When he spoke, everyone in the room snapped out of their trance.
“So what's Tenshi-chan-san like?” Tohru asked.
Everyone tried not to laugh at Tohru's politeness.
`So she heard the conversation between me, Kagura, and Shii-san,' Kyo thought.
“You don't have to call her that,” he told Tohru as he looked at her with soft eyes. “And Tenshi's really nice. You'll like her.”
Tohru was so surprised. Kyo looked so at peace and so excited all at once. He never looked this happy. She gazed around at everyone else and saw that they have the same expression as he did.
“We're back!” they heard Momiji call out.
“Here they come,” Haru said plainly. Kisa had a big smile on her face, as did Kagura.
“I wonder if Kyo or Yuki came home,” they heard Momiji say. “Coming through the backdoor, we don't know anything!” He laughed, and a female's giggle joined in.
“So true Momi-kun,” the feminine voice said calmly. “I can't wait to meet this girl you and Kisa told me about.”
“Oh, you'll LOVE Tohru-kun!” Momiji said happily as they turned into the living room.
Tohru was surprised by how pretty the girl next to Momiji-kun was. The girl, whose nickname is Tenshi-chan, was dressed in a pale blue blouse with short sleeves and a pair of dark blue jeans. Tenshi-chan had light brown hair that had almost invisible blonde highlights, and came just passed her shoulders. Her eyes were a soft golden brown, and seemed to sparkle in the light.
The girl was so happy, and it showed on her face. “Kyo-kun!” she squealed the moment she saw him.
“Hey `Yumi,” he said with a smile. She embraced him in a hug, and that's when Tohru realized the first thing that was special about Tenshi-chan:
She could hug a male member of the Zodiac, without them transforming.
Kyo noticed Tohru's confused expression. He separated from his cousin and looked at her.
“Looks like we have to explain this all to you,” he said.
“I'll do it,” Tenshi-chan said happily. She walked over and offered her hand to Tohru. The polite girl took it and the other brought her to her feet.
“I'm Ayumi Sohma,” the golden-eyed girl said. “I'm a cousin to everyone.” She smiled warmly. “And you must be Tohru-kun.”
Tohru nodded, looking confused and a little shaken. “Yes,” she said with a trembling voice. “I'm T-Tohru Honda.”
Ayumi smiled again. “It's such a pleasure to meet you Tohru-kun,” she said happily. “Momi-kun and Kii-chan were telling me all about you.”
Tohru was a little puzzled. “Kii-chan?” she asked, cocking her head to one side.
“Kisa-chan,” Ayumi clarified. The little girl had now jumped up and wrapped her arms around Ayumi's waist.
“Onee-sempai is really nice Onee-chan,” Kisa told Tohru. “We should all do something together! It'll be fun.”
Tohru was still a little stunned from everything so far, but she smiled at Kisa and nodded.
“That would be fun Kisa-san,” she said. “You, Ayumi-san, and I all doing something together.”
Kisa smiled real big and jumped to hug Tohru. The older girl instantly embraced her and they stood in silence for a minute.
Ayumi broke the silence. “I have a feeling you and I are going to be great friends, Tohru-kun.”
Tohru smiled. “Me too.”
And so the night began.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*
Tohru made dinner, with Kisa and Ayumi's help. Kagura was coming in and out of the kitchen with her cell phone. She would call someone to tell them that Ayumi was back, and then she'd have to hand the phone off to Ayumi to prove it.
“Hello,” Ayumi greeted, taking the phone for the fourth time. “Hi Auntie Satsuki…Yes yes I'm back…YOU WHAT!?!?”
There was a pause in the kitchen as Satsuki started talking quickly and Ayumi left the room in a rush.
His eyes widened when he heard her yell like that. The young boy knew what was about to happen.
The girl picked him up by the front of his shirt, as she tossed Kagura's cell phone to Hatsuharu. Tohru and the other girls stood in the doorway to the kitchen as tears surfaced in Ayumi's eyes.
“I can't believe you didn't tell me you had a sister Hiro-kun,” she cried. “Why would you not tell me that?”
Hiro struggled to get loose, holding onto Ayumi's wrist with both hands so he could breathe. His eyes could only focus on the ceiling.
“I was going to tell you Ayumi-nee,” he gasped out. “I was going to tell you during dinner.” He turned his eyes towards her. “I'm sorry.”
Ayumi quickly put him down and instantly hugged him, her mood taking a very sudden change.
“I'm sorry Hii-kun,” she said, sniffing away her tears. “It's just; I never thought you'd be a big brother. I thought it would be one of the first things you would tell me.”
Hiro softened up. “I was just so excited to see you, that I forgot,” he admitted.
Ayumi gave him a squeeze before pulling away from him. “Tomorrow you're going to introduce me to Hinata-chan, right Hiro-kun?”
He smiled a real, genuine smile and nodded. “Yeah onee-chan,” he answered.
“Okay,” Ayumi said with a smile. She looked over at Hatsuharu, who had been giving Hiro's mom a play-by-play of the events unfolding in the Shigure's living room. “Give me that Haa-kun,” Tenshi demanded gently.
“Here she is,” he said before handing the phone back.
“I'm back,” Ayumi said as she headed back to the kitchen,
“I-I-Is that n-normal?” Tohru shakily asked Kisa and Kagura.
“Sometimes,” Kagura answered. “Ayumi doesn't like not knowing stuff. Especially if it involves babies. Or the members of the zodiac.” She and Kisa giggled and lead Tohru back to the kitchen.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*
After dinner, everyone gathered in the living room around the table. They talked about random things, like Momiji wearing a girls uniform to school (which made Ayumi squeal about missing it) and how Hatsuharu had got lost on his way to challenge Kyo (which made Ayumi laugh).
At about a quarter passed 8, they heard the front door open and close.
“I'm home!”
“Yuki's here,” Hatsuharu stated bluntly. He was sitting on Ayumi's left, with Kagura on her right. Across from Ayumi was Tohru, with Momiji to her right and Kisa on her left. Kyo sat next to Haru and Hiro was next to Kisa. Shigure had retreated back to his study after dinner.
“Honda-san, who's all-” Yuki started to ask as he rounded the corner.
He walked into the living room to see the small group that had gathered. He gazed over everyone…
…And then he saw her.
She met his eyes and was on her feet in a second. “Yuki-kun,” she said.
“A-Ayumi,” was all he could whisper.
The girl walked around everyone and quickly embraced Yuki with a hug. He was still in shock.
“I've missed you Yuki,” she whispered in his ear.
Yuki then dropped his school bag and hugged her back. “I've missed you too,” he mumbled back. He dug his nose into her neck. “More than you could know.”
They embraced, and the whole room stayed silent. When they drew apart, Yuki looked over at Tohru.
“I'm home,” he smiled.
“Welcome home,” she smiled back.
An awkward silence fell upon the room. No one moved or spoke. Yuki started freaking out and only one thing popped into his head to say.
“So what's for dinner?” he asked sheepishly.
Tohru was now up on her feet. “We made curry and rice,” she said. “Are you hungry, Yuki-kun?”
“Yes I am,” he answered. “We didn't take any breaks tonight.”
She started for the kitchen. “I'll make you a plate.”
“Thank you,” he replied.
Right then, the phone rang. I was almost instantly silenced.
“Gure-nii must have got it,” Momiji indicated.
Tohru returned with Yuki's plate as Shigure came in the other door.
“That was Kisa's mother,” he said. “She said she wants Kisa to head home.” He turned to look at Hiro. “Hiro, you mom told me to send you home around 8:30, so you should get going as well.”
Hiro nodded and stood up with Kisa. They made their bows and said goodbye. Ayumi looked at Hiro.
“Remember Hii-kun,” she said. “Tomorrow. I'll call your house in the morning to let you know where to meet me.” He nodded again before leaving the room.
When the front door closed, Shigure looked at Ayumi.
“Have you explained things yet?” he asked.
“Not yet,” she replied. Yuki now sat where Hiro had been, with his warm dinner in front of him.
“You haven't told Honda-san yet?” Yuki asked.
“Haven't gotten that far,” Hatsuharu answered for everyone. “We've been busy, but she's been confused this whole time.
Tohru blushed about being transparent as she took her seat. Kyo and Yuki tried not to smile. She was so easily embarrassed.
“Well Tohru-kun,” Ayumi said. “Would you like me to clear up your confusion?”
Tohru looked down at her hands. She twiddled her thumbs and took shaky breaths.
“C-Can you t-tell-ll me one th-thing before you s-start explaining Ayumi-s-san?” she asked quietly.
“What Tohru-kun?” the Sohma girl asked back.
“How come y-you can hug Kyo-kun and Yuki-kun without them transforming?”
Everyone smiled at her question. Ayumi reached across the table and Tohru put up one of her hand for the other girl to take. Tohru looked up and met her eyes.
“It's because I'm an angel.”
The younger girl was startled. “A…A what?” she questioned with wide eyes.
“I'm an angel.”
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