Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Why me? ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Summary: “The rat tricked the cat…again with this nonsense,” said a girl, ho was in the shadows. “They never mention about the dove who had asked the dragon where the banquet was being held. The dragon was jealous, so he said the banquet would be on the other side of the world. I flew as fast as I could to the other side. It took me days to get there. But I saw that there wasn't any banquet. They just completely forgot about me!” The girl walked out of the shadows. She looked around 16. “I will get that dragon. I will get revenge. The dove will be in the Zodiac, as I, Aiko Sohma, put the dove in the Chinese zodiac.”
Why me?
Chapter 1
“I told you, I'm not stupid!” yelled Kyo.
“Well you sound like you are to me,” said Yuki.
“Guys, we are here,” said Tohru.
It was early November. The colorful leaves were starting to fall off of the amber trees. As the three reached the door, they heard a crash. They all looked confused. Then, a girl, around 16, ran out the door. She shouted,” You better watch out Hatori, because one day, I will beat you!” She walked straight into Kyo.
The girl looked up. She saw Kyo looking down at her. She screamed and jumped back. She looked at herself, and saw she didn't transform.
The girl got up. “Who are you?” asked the girl.
“Who the hell are you?” asked Kyo, sounding a bit angry.
“Sorry about that. I'm Aiko Sohma,” said the girl.
“You're a Sohma?” asked Tohru.
“Yes I am. And who might you be?” asked Aiko.
“Oh. My name's Tohru Honda. It's a pleasure to meet you,” said Torhu.
“Oh. So you're Tohru? You are the one that I heard so much about. And who might you two be?” asked Aiko, looking at Yuki and Kyo.
“You don't need to know that,” muttered Kyo.
“This is Kyo and Yuki,” said Tohru.
“Kyo and Yuki…You possess the spirit of the rat and cat, right?” asked Aiko.
“Yes,” said Yuki.
A chill went up her spine. “Ok then,” said Aiko, her teeth clenching together to hide her anger. “I must go now.”
Aiko walks away. Then, a small boom was heard. A dove flew up and onto a branch. A man looked around, wondering what happened. Then, he continued to walk.
“I wonder what that sound was?” asked Tohru.
“Oh. Aiko just transformed,” said a voice from the doorway.
“Oh hello Hatori,” said Tohru. “What do you mean by transform?”
Hatori sighed. “I haven't told you the story yet, have I?”
All three of them looked confused.
“Come inside,” said Hatori.
“You already know about how the cat tricked the rat. Well there was another animal that was tricked. It was the dove. When the rat tricked the cat, the dragon tricked the dove. The dragon was jealous of the dove's beauty and loyal to others. So, the dragon tricked the dove, telling her that the banquet would be on the other side of the world. Dove thanked the dragon and the dove flew off. She flew for days, not knowing that the banquet was going on. She flew as fast as she could. When she suddenly found out that there wasn't any banquet on the other side of the world, she was really angry. She swore she would get revenge on the dragon, despite how small she was,” said Hatori. “So that's why Aiko visited today. She wanted to get revenge, but failed.”
The three understood now. Then a yell came from the front of the house. “You pervert!”
Shigure came running into the house, slamming the door shut behind him. He looked really tired.
“What did you do this time, Shigure?” asked Hatori.
“Nothing,” said Shigure.
“Yeah, and nothing is something,” said Aiko, who suddenly appeared out of thin air.
“How did you get in here?” asked Shigure.
“Let's just say, I `flew' in here,” said Aiko. “Now that we are done with our chat, I still haven't settled a score with you yet, Hatori!”
Hatori looked uninterested.
Aiko got mad. “Don't look uninterested. I still have a score to settle. I was on the other side of the world, so no one knew where I was. So, that's why everyone keeps talking about the cat and rat. They were near the banquet so they got to have a legend. But I was left out. When I beat you, I will become a true member and have my rightful place in this family. Not someone who was left out,” yelled Aiko.
Everyone already heard that speech before. Kyo wanted to be in the Zodiac as much as she did.
“You don't have to yell about it,” said Hatori.
“Don't yell?! I should be yelling after what you did to-,” yelled Aiko, but suddenly, a huge puff of smoke appeared, and a dove flew out of it.
“Wow. She's so beautiful!” replied Tohru.
“Well, thank you Tohru,” said the dove, which was Aiko. “Now…where was I? Oh that's right.”
Aiko flew straight at Hatori, but was caught by a hand.
“Let me go, Yuki,” said Aiko, struggling to break free.
“If you don't hurt Hatori,” said Yuki.
“Fine. But let me go, I'm going to transform in a few seconds,” said Aiko.
Yuki let her go.
Aiko grabbed her clothes in her small beak and flew as fast as she could to an empty room. They could hear a small boom then they saw Aiko walk back out with her clothes on.
“I'm going to go,” said Aiko. She walked out of the house.
“I thought for sure she would try and attack me again,” said Hatori. “I wonder what must have changed her mind.”
Aiko walked in to the park. “Why didn't I attack Hatori?” said Aiko.
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