Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Why me? ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2
There came a knock from the door.
“Oh, I'll get it,” said Tohru, getting up.
She walked to the front door and opened it.
There stood a girl with blonde hair, stopping about mid back and had blue eyes. She was wearing a girl's school uniform.
“Oh hi Aiko.”
“So, who's at the door?” asked Shigure from behind Tohru.
“Shigure!” yelled Aiko, through gritted teeth.
“What is it?” asked Shigure, smiling.
Aiko just was about to punch Shigure when she remembered why she was here. “Hey Tohru, can you, Yuki, and Kyo come with me to the festival?” asked Aiko. “I would like that.”
“Sure,” said Tohru. “First, I have to wake them up.”
“Oh. Can I do that?” asked Aiko.
“If it is ok if you do?” asked Torhu.
“Sure,” said Aiko.
“Ok then,” said Tohru.
Aiko practically ran up the stairs. She had an evil glint in her eyes. She snuck into Kyo's room first. She was practically a slithering snake when she went into the room. She snuck up to Kyo's bed and then sat down next to it. (I can't stop laughing) Aiko put her face really close to Kyo, and just looked at his face. She waited.
Kyo opened his eyes a bit. He was really sleepy. He was suddenly full awake when a girl was really close to his face. He jumped up and was blushing.
Aiko smiled up at him.
“Oh, it's you,” said Kyo, calming down a bit. “WHY THE HELL DID YOU WAKE ME UP THIS EARLY!!! IT'S STILL 7:30 AM. IT'S NOT EVEN A SCHOOL DAY!”
“I wanted to invite you, Yuki, and Tohru to a festival. Want to come?” asked Aiko.
“Um sure,” said Kyo.
“Ok then,” said Aiko.
She hugged him and then let go and went out of the room.
Kyo blinked.
Aiko walked in the hallway headed for Yuki's room, but Yuki bumped into her.
Aiko was surrounded in smoke then a dove appeared from out of the smoke.
Aiko flies around and grabs clothes with her beak and flies into the closest doorway.
Aiko flew to the window and flew out of it.
She transformed just as she did that. Aiko fell in the tree outside and stopped to get dressed.
She climbed back up to the top of the tree and sat down. She was about to get out, but was stuck. Her shirt sleeve was caught. She tried to get it out, but it wouldn't budge.
When she finally got it out, she fell and landed right on top of the roof. She was expecting a hard surface but it was soft.
“I didn't know that roofs can be soft,” muttered Aiko.
“They aren't,” growled an angry voice.
Aiko looked at a face. It was Kyo's, and he looked angry.
“Ah!” Yelled Aiko, jumping off of Kyo. “I'm so sorry!”
Aiko was about to get up, but tripped and fell back down on the roof. “Ow,” muttered Aiko.
“You ok?” asked Kyo, sitting up.
“Yeah, I'm fine,” said Aiko, as she held onto her ankle. `Man, my ankle must have twisted when I tripped. But, it must be fine by now.' “I think I will be going now. Chao!” said Aiko.
She got up, and flinched in pain. She went to the ladder and climbed down. She was careful about her ankle. She got down. She walked away. Just as she walked away, a boy bumped into her and she transformed. The boy looked around, wondering who transformed? `Oh well,' he thought.
The boy ran into Shigure's house and yelled, “ Gumen Morjun!”
“Oh. Hello Momijii,” said Tohru.
“Hi Torhu,” said Momijii.
“What's the damn rabbit doing here?” asked a voice from the door.
“Oh, Gumen Morjun Kyo,” said Momijii, happily.
“Yeah. Whatever. Anyways, where's Aiko?” asked Kyo.
“Well isn't this a surprise? Kyo is wondering where the lovely house guest is? He must be worried,” said Shigure.
Kyo had a tade pink on his cheeks.
“It's not like that, you stupid dog. Now shut up!” yelled Kyo, walking outside and slamming the door behind him.
The festival was tomorrow.
Tomorrow came by pretty quickly.
Aiko told them that she invited Kagura, Hatsuharu, and Momjii. Kyo flinched when he heard that Kagura and Hatsuharu were coming. She also told them to wear kimonos, since it was a Japan festival.
Aiko told them that she lived in Colorado, and has never been to a Japan festival. She just knew that you need to wear kimonos.
The next day, Aiko knocked on their door around noon.
Tohru opened the door. Aiko walked in, wearing a blood red kimono.
“Thanks Tohru,” said Aiko.
Kyo and Yuki were sitting at the table, saying nothing. They were both wearing kimonos. Kyo had on reddish brownish kimono, Yuki had on a pastel blue kimono, and Tohru had on a pastel pink kimono.
Aiko eyes sparkled. “You all look so cute!” squealed Aiko.
They all blushed a bit.
“Let's get going,” said Aiko.
Aiko walked out of the door, followed by Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru.
Soon they were at the festival.
Aiko smiled.
She ran around, trying to dodge the people.
Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru followed.
Kyo and Yuki tried dodging the girls.
Tohru was lagging behind because she kept saying excuse me when she had to pass someone to get to them.
Aiko looked back.
`Man, they ARE slow,' thought Aiko.
“Hi Aiko!” yelled a chirpier voice.
Aiko looked around then up to see a boy with blonde hair about to pounce on her.
Aiko moved to the side.
The boy fell to the ground. He sat up, and started to cry. “Wah! Aiko doesn't like me!” cried the boy.
“Momijii, you already know about my curse, so don't hug me,” said Aiko.
Momijii stood up. “Ok then,” said Momijii.
“Hello Yuki,” said a voice from behind him. Yuki almost jumped in surprise. But, it was just Hatsuharu.
“Hello Haru,” said Yuki.
“Wait…where's,” begain Aiko, but what soon answered.
Kagura popped out of nowhere and jumped on Kyo, hugging him to death. Kyo gasped for air. Everyone was laughing.
Soon, everyone was on the grassy hill, watching the fireworks. Everyone was smiling until Aiko saw something in the sky. It was a black falcon.
Aiko got up and ran. Everyone was confused.
The first to run after her was Kyo.
Aiko was watching the falcon, going through the crowd.
Kyo was watching where Aiko was going, following her. But he got caught up in a large group. He tried to get free but couldn't.
Aiko kept running. She had to run up a long staircase that led up to a temple. Aiko stopped at the top, when an arm held out and the black falcon landed on it.
“What are you doing here…little brother?” asked Aiko.