Full Metal Panic Fan Fiction ❯ Normal ❯ Chapter 1

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Disclaimer: Fullmetal Panic is the property of Shouji Gatou; I am just borrowing her characters for a brief time.
“Sosuke, you are not allowed to bring that with you.”
The puzzled boy looked down at the object in question, giving a confused look to the girl towering over him. “But, Chidori, the Glock 26 is fairly standard equipment and has even been sold to civilians. Does it not fall under the category of normal?”
Kaname let her halisen tap against her leg. “Baka. You are the one that's not normal. We are going to a movie with the others. Why the hell would you need anything that you have just pulled out?”
The young sergeant glanced around him at the small pile that had escalated in size in the matter of minutes. “For your safety, of course,” he stated matter-of-factly. He didn't understand the problem. It was protocol to be prepared for any and all emergencies.
“My safety? Souske, have you ever considered that maybe you're the reason why I'm so unsafe all the time?”
“No. That would be illogical.”
Kaname sighed heavily and sat on the boy's bed. Sometimes, she really wished he would just see what was before his very nose. “Alright. ONE weapon. You are allowed to bring one, AND,” she added quickly as he reached for what seemed to be an automatic, “it has to be able to be hidden on you. And it can't be a grenade or a smoke bomb and it has to be obtainable by civilians.” She nodded her head sharply, proud of her confining conditions. They would keep damage and injury to a minimum if the military otaku got any strange ideas.
The pile of weaponry had slowly diminished at the Whispered girl's restraints until all that remained were a few hand guns and some deadly looking knives. The brown haired boy looked slightly put out and hummed a moment.
“What is it?” Kaname asked, her face pulled into a small frown.
“I believe that by concealing a knife would be good for close combat, but a gun's range…”
THWAK! The sergeant was introduced to his carpet. “Sosuke! What did I just say? Jeez, looking after you is a full time job. Here,” she bent down and snatched the pistol he had been semi-praising earlier, “this one is probably the least likely to get us in trouble. Now, repeat after me.
“I, Sosuke Sagara,”
“I, Sosuke Sagara,”
“Swear by my life and by Mithril,”
“Chidori, I do not think that Mithril…”
Kaname pulled out her best glare. “Sosuke,” she growled.
The boy sighed. “Swear by my life and by Mithril,”
“That I will not pull this gun that I am about to receive,”
“Chidori, please consider my position. I cannot compromise your safety…”
“Unless, it is ABSOLUTELY, no way around it, oh-my-god-we're-going-to-die, necessary,” she finished.
“But an ounce of prevention…”
“Is a worth diddly squat with you because you end up making things way worse.
Now hurry up. We're going to be late,” she snapped, making a bee-line for the front door.
The abused military man inspected the gun with a critical eye and a heavy heart. He had one, civilian class pistol. This was going to be a long day.