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This is always the hardest part. It's hard to find a good author's intro remark. So I'll stick to the legal stuff. Those who are not interested in it and the warnings might as well go on. This work is purely a fanfic I'm writing it because I've got an overdeveloped imagination that I like to use that and give other people a good time. I'm not getting financial benefits from this you may redistribute the story as much as you want just don't try to forge money out of it or plagiarize it, otherwise you'll have an angry author in your neck. Last thing I don't own any of the characters used in this story.
Warnings: I don't think that I have to mention that there'll many mentions of weapons and some violence, this is a Full Metal Panic fanfic. Possibly there'll also be a couple of mild lime situations.
Genre: Action/Romance/Comedy
If anyone wants to know how Sousuke and Kaname got together in this storyline, then read: "Whispers in the Wardrobe," it is the prequel to this story.

Signs an symbols:
Scene change

It was another hot day in Eastern Afghanistan. The sun shone down from the clear blue heaven mercilessly. The only relief in the unbearable heat was an occasional movement of the air. However, that immediately stirred up the dust that made the ground of this dried out land. Though the land's people was used to the weather, and they were doing their best, to create blossoming gardens in the desert ground wherever that was possible.
Not all people here were peaceful, many were proud warriors, refusing to settle down, they fought with the elements from day to day. Others were plain killers, who only wanted more power. This particular valley was completely useless, but strangely there was still a settlement in it. The houses were close to the other there were only small alleys between them, and the huge fences separating the gardens from the streets. Unlike usually, there was no hustle and tussle in this town. The streets were silent, there were only a few people going after their business. The only change in this place was provided by the periodical visit of a trader, or two.
The silence of the land however, was soon disturbed by the sounds of gunfire. This was soon followed by a huge explosion in the settlement, what was followed by several smaller ones. On the horizon a huge cloud of sand was whirled up into the air, as an old car was making a getaway, with several other vehicles chasing it.
“Too bad, those apples were really tasty,” remarked a blond haired man, looking at the pillars of smoke lingering above the settlement.
“Step on it Sousuke! At this rate, they'll catch us before we get to the others!” yelled a female voice in the rusty jeep, just before she fired from her gun again.
“The car is at its limit! It can't go any faster!” responded the boy, driving the age-old car. “We need to get rid of some weight.”
“How? We can't just throw out the luggage! It was because of that lunatic that we were sent here in the first place!”
“Then search the vehicle! There are probably several attires we don't need,” responded the boy, grabbing the air freshener that was dangling in the front him, and throwing it out of the car. He was relieved to be rid of it; the thing was driving him crazy.
“Oh, that was great Sousuke! We're already flying!” remarked the blonde man. The bit too young soldier was about to respond, when a bullet raced across the car, creating a hole in both the front, and back windshields.
There were no other words said, as the two free occupants of the car started to search the vehicle, looking for anything they can throw out. However, there were only a few things that they could get rid of. Water bottles, empty ammo clips, parts of the furnishing flew out of the car, but the old jeep was still too slow. Then, the blonde haired man pulled away the blanket that covered the trunk, his jaw dropped.
“Holy mother! Christmas is early this year!” he yelled with joy.
“What is it Kurz!” asked the woman, turning to him. When she saw the arsenal, her colleague just found, a huge grin appeared on her face. There were rockets, machine guns, and grenades massed in the trunk, along with lots, and lots of bullets. “Guys! I think we accidentally snatched the ammo transporter!”
A few seconds later, a loud scream of “Rock `n' roll” filled the landscape. It was followed by the sound of gunfire. It's hard to believe that the entire operation started as a simple kidnapping mission, what somehow ended up in a Rambo versus half an army type of battle, with the attackers running for their lives, with the kidnapped leader on their back.
Three newcomers slowly moved into the settlement. Two men, who were pulling a cart, full of apples that, had a half-ton bomb beneath them. And a woman, who was following them, carrying a child in her hands, and a sack on her back. Her appearance made some commotion, in the seemingly only male settlement, but not as much, it usually would make in a western military camp. The group slowly made its way to the main square of the town, where they left the cart behind.
The two men, both grabbed two sacks from the cart, and headed towards the house of the local leader. When they got close to their destination, they put down the sacks some distance from each other. Then, they moved to the house that served as the home of their target. A guard was standing in front of it, and checked them over. The newcomers didn't look too dangerous to him. The faces of both males were pretty dirty, and both had a large full beard. This assured the guard that they didn't belong to the enemy. He looked down at the weapons that the newcomers carried. Both had an AK-47, and a knife, these were standard equipment here, so he didn't ask any questions because of them.
“Leave your weapons outside!” commanded the man.
“Affirmative.” answered one of the two newcomers, in perfect Persian. The guard looked strangely at the young lad in front of him, but didn't really get suspicious. Then, he turned to the woman of the group. She was completely covered under her traditional vial, with only her eyes being visible. Though, for the guard that was enough to know that she must be pretty attractive.
“Why did you bring the woman?” he asked turning to the men.
“Her family got killed by the infidels a month ago.” answered the same man as before.
“I see.” responded the guard. “You two can go in, but she has to wait outside.”
To this, the newcomer nodded and moved to the door, while signalling the woman to stay outside. For once, she was happy because of the vial covering her face, since it hid her angry expression. She sat down, and waited patiently. The house, or to put it better the hut, wasn't a that big deal. If the three didn't knew better, they would have never figured that their target lies inside. The small building was made of clay bricks that were neatly put together. It had a single window that looked into the direction of the door. All this, was covered by the yellowish sand that covered almost everything in the land.
As the two men entered the hut, they immediately found their target. “Keep it cool,” whispered on of the men, to the other, in perfect English. This alone was strange, since hardy anyone spoke other languages, than the ones used in the area. English wasn't one of those of course.
There were several occupants in the dusty old hut, ten to be exact. One of them was wearing a white robe, and a matching white turban, two others were busy operating a video camera. Obviously, they were making a film for some reason.
“This is a message to all infidels...” started the white robed figure, in Persian language. One of the newcomers simply stared, not understanding a word; the other held back from puking, he was successful. Then, the one almost puking signalled for his friend to move forward to one of the vacant seats. “...prepare to die in a sea of holy fire! You will be punished for your decadent ways on the first day of Radaman, you...” at this point, the room erupted in laughs. “Wait... what did I just say? Radaman?” the guy made a few tongue exercises before continuing. “Ramadan. Radaman what is that? Yeah, maybe Denis Radaman will punish you with that crazy hair!” he said. Indicating a certain oversized 80's hairdo. Once again, laughter erupted in the room.
This time, it took several minutes for the people to calm down. “Ok, let's get all serious now!” said the white robed figure, ending the set of laughs. “This is a message to...” the man couldn't hold it back; once again laughter came from his mouth. The room soon followed.
Outside, the guard, was trying to make and advance on the woman, somehow, she completely locked him out. After a few attempts he gave up. “She probably didn't accept the death of her husband yet,” he reasoned.
Inside, the terrorists still laughed. “Stop making that face!” yelled the white robed man. Once again, everyone in the room was in full laughter. Except for one, who made a quite good job of acting to laugh. “I'm not going to be able to do it now!” the leader yelled on. “Ok...ok, I got to get all the laughs out.” He called out, and made another couple of tongue exercises, he almost begun to laugh again. “I said stop making that face over there! What are you doing? You make that face, and it makes me laugh. You know what, turn around. Just turn around, I don't care were you look, just turn around!” the man was about to continue, when he was interrupted by a snicker.
“Hey, look who's snickering over there! Mr-I-can't-do-a-suicide-bombing-because-I'm-sick. He had a note!” chuckles, and amused groans filled the room. “He had a note from his doctor! He brought a note from his doctor! It was a suicide bombing!” the guy explained to the camera, while he pointed at one of the occupants of the room. It took a while, but soon the laughter died down again, and the man begun his speech, once more “Death to...” this was as far as he got, before he broke down in laughs again. The others soon followed.
Outside, the guard decided to have a look at the child. Well, right after pulling the cover aside, he was given the surprise of his life. The “baby”, in fact was a Beretta that was surrounded by several clips of ammo, and some grenades. He knew what to do. “INFIDELS!” he roared, just before the thunder of a gunshot silenced him.
However, that was enough for the terrorist hideout to become like a stirred up anthill, as every single man was making his way either to the main square to assemble, or to their enemies. In the hut, all the terrorists started to rush towards the doors, not noticing, that five of their friends were not moving. Three of them were dead, and the other two, who were the newcomers, killed those three.
The two used their chance, and simply shot them one after the other, using their dampened guns. Only the white robed figure escaped the treatment. Instead, he received a strong hit on the back of his head that slammed him onto the ground. Seconds later, the but of the same gun came into contact with the back of his head again, knocking him out.
In the same second, the door of the hut slammed open to reveal the woman, whom the two newcomers were travelling with. “Mao! I thought, we agreed to leave the blasting till later!” snapped one of the men.
“Sorry Urzu-6, but the guard wanted to see my “baby”.” responded the woman, tearing the vial from her head.
“So, what did you hide under your attire?” asked the other man, or more like boy, as you could see, after he tore the fake beard from his face.
“Well, Sousuke today's specials are M-16s, old fashioned grenades, and Beretta 96Gs, plus the Aks,” she answered, emptying her huge bag, first normal apples fell out, but soon a loads of grenades, and clips of ammo followed. After that, she lifted the bottom of her clothing, to reveal the guns that were strapped to her legs.
“Wow! Cute thingies!” came the remark from the blonde man.
“Kurz!” Mao warned. “If you know what's good for you!”
“Chill Melissa! I was talking about the gunnery.”
“I'll deal with you after we're out of here!” came the response. The little chat was interrupted by several Machine guns going off. All three in the room, threw themselves to the ground to avoid the bullets.
“I think, it's time to return enemy fire.” remarked the boy, in complete ease.
The fire out of the machine guns went on, the three waited patiently. “So, Sousuke, how are you and Kaname doing?” asked Melissa, from the boy next to her.
“Good,” answered the boy. “We've spent a lot of time together, with spare time activities, and she's been teaching me about civilian customs.”
“I see, so, no problems? No fights, and stuff?” asked Melissa.
“We do have our misunderstandings, and quarrels, but not as often.” responded the boy, in a completely calm voice, grabbing an apple from the ground, and starting to clean it.
“I'm happy, you two are a cute couple.”
“Hey Mao! Why don't you look after me a bit more! I'm still single you know,” remarked the other man.
“Kurz! If you ever want to have children, you better take that back!”
“Ah, come on, I was just kidding.”
“Well, it wasn't funny!” yelled back, the female soldier.
“I suggest, to concentrate more on our job right now.” interrupted Sousuke, the other two nodded.
“All right guys! Let's get this party rollin'!” yelled the woman. The boy placed his apple into his mouth to hold it, all three came out of their cover and opened fire.
End of Flashback
After the little stunt, they pulled in the terrorist hideout it wasn't a wonder that the chasing party was determined to kill the three, who were busy making a getaway. Even more, after those tore into their ranks, with the weapons, they found in “their” vehicle. However, much to the terrorists' dismay, Sousuke and company had all of what was left of their heavy armament.
But, the rebels didn't give up, for one their boss was in the hands of the fleeing group that destroyed most of their settlement, on the other side, letting the attackers get away with their lives would be a huge humiliation. Especially, after those entered a dead end canyon.
What they didn't know, was, the people in the car in front of them, did it all on purpose. “Iron Maiden, here Urzu-2, are you ready with the party surprise?”
“Don't worry! We're all dug in, they won't even suspect a thing till it's over.” came the monotone response, trough her communication device. At the same, time Kurz fired away their fourth, and last missile that they had in the car. Not even a second later, the air was filled by the sound of yet another explosion, as one of the twenty, or so, pursuing cars fell.
A few minutes later, the fleeing jeep passed by four mounds. Huge grins appeared on the faces of the three that were sitting inside. They soon powered down their car, and turned it around, so they would face their pursuers. In the same second, the four mounds that they, and the terrorists just passed by came to life, with an example of the humanoid war-machine, known as arm slave, popping out of each of those. To add to this, another four arm slaves appeared in front of them, after turning of their camouflage systems that made them almost completely invisible to human eyes.
The chasing mob came to an abrupt hold. They didn't even say a word. They simply stared. There was no sound. Except for the humming of engines.
"Anyone got pop-corn?" asked Kurz.
In the distance a crow could be heard cowing.
The rest is censored.
Chofu district of Tokyo
“Say Kaname, why don't we go shopping in the afternoon?” asked Kyouko, from her best friend as the two were heading home. She received no response. “Hey, Kaname? Are you even listening?” It was this, that brought the taller girl out of her daydream.
“Oh, sorry, I was somewhere else.”
“You got it hard. He left two days ago, and you're completely out of it. Like he'd never come back,” remarked Kyouko.
She didn't notice, but Kaname shuddered at her words. “You don't even know how possible that is. And to make it even better, I'd even prefer if he took off with another girl to what I'm afraid of,” she thought. “It's just strange. Somehow, school is dull without him around,” she answered aloud.
Kyouko laughed. “Yeah, you don't have to be afraid to be blown up, and lately there were no boys threatened by overprotective, war-maniac boyfriends, because they tried to make a move on you.”
“Come on, he's not that bad anymore. He's really trying to relax and act like a civilian.”
“Yeah, but he still freaks out at the barbers!” answered the shorter girl, laughing.
“Kyouko!” responded Kaname, in a bit more angry voice. “It's not his fault that he was brought up by Afghani rebels, in a war-zone.”
“Come on, that couldn't have been that bad.” remarked the shorter girl. Kaname's next step made a smaller earthquake. Kyouko immediately saw that she made a mistake. Kaname's face turned red, as she remembered some of the things Sousuke tolled her, but luckily for Kyouko, before the Volcano of Mt. Kaname could erupt, a ringing phone interrupted the process. The girl quickly searched her bag, grumbling about bad times to call, she soon found the small device and pushed the pickup button.
“What is it?” she asked angrily.
“Hi Chi... I mean Kaname, is something wrong?” asked Sousuke's voice.
The girl immediately forgot her bad mood. “No, it's nothing dear.” she responded, almost singing.
“Good. I thought I disturbed you.”
“No, really, it was nothing.” assured Kaname. Her voice was completely the one of a little third grade schoolgirl, and not the one, of the leader in Jidai High's student council that she was. Kyouko rolled her eyes.
“I called to inform you that I'll be home by tomorrow. There was a bit of complication in the operation, but it was a success. We managed to get the target person alive,” informed Sousuke.
“And the complication?” asked Kaname, a bit concerned.
“Don't worry, we're all fine. But you can't say the same about the terrorist camp.”
“Leave out the details! I'm happy that you're all right and coming back.”
“It sounds like you missed my company,” remarked the boy.
“As a certain person I know would say. Affirmative!” she responded chuckling.
“I also can't wait to see you again. I assume that you're feeling all right.”
“Don't worry Sousuke I'm all right... Especially, after I know you didn't get hurt.”
“I assure you! I'm eager to keep the promise I made to you!”
“I know that.”
“I'm sorry Chidori, but I'll have to end our talk. We have to pack, and get moving, before the enemy reinforcements find us. There are already ten MIG-15-s trying to pinpoint us. A terrorist air force! Can you believe it?”
“Be careful dearest. And that's Kaname!”
“Sorry, I always forget, but you have to...”
“Sousuke! Don't go military on me.”
“To tell the truth, right now I'm doing my work so...”
Kaname shook her head at this “See you soon... don't get blown up!” she added the second part whispering, so Kyouko won't hear it.
“I'll give you a call before my plane lands.”
“Okay. I'll be waiting. I love you.”
“I know Kaname. I l...love you too.” with this the line disconnected. “I swear, by now you could have learned to say that without a problem.” she mused, However, her dreamy expression told a completely different story.
Yep, she fell, hard! Very hard!” declared Kyouko's mind.