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Chapter 6: A father's fears
Chidori Shunya finally started to stir, after sleeping hours thanks to Ayame Chidori's special sedative. He blinked a few times, looking stupidly, then, things slowly started to come back. When his senses returned to full efficiency he noted that he's in Kaname's bed, and Ayame is sitting on a chair next to him, talking with Kyouko. “Do you think I hit a bit too hard?” she asked.
“Could be. I mean, you did it to calm him down, but wasn't it a bit too drastic?”
“That was the only thing that can bring dad out of it,” explained Ayame plainly, while placing the icing on Shunya's forehead, where a huge contusion has formed.
“Where's my little Kaname!” he moaned.
“You mean you don't know?” asked Kyouko.
Once again, the middle-aged man was starting to get nervous. “What do you mean? She's here in Tokyo right?”
“Actually, she's in New York. She told me something about you being in big trouble. And I want to know what kind of trouble you're in,” demanded Kyouko.
Kaname's father visibly paled when he heard the girl's words. “S...she went to New York?” he asked trembling.
“Dad what's going on?” asked Ayame, starting to get worried about her father.
“First I have to talk with Kaname!” demanded the man, starting to return to him normal self.
“Well... First, we want to know what's going on!” responded Kyouko in a similar fashion. Shunya slowly pushed himself into a sitting position and gazed into his lap, thinking. Then he let out a long sigh, he looked at the two girls on his right.
“Ayame your sister is a whispered,” he explained.
At first, both girls stared, looking dumbly, but soon both came out of their trans with the same question on their lips. “And what's that supposed to mean?” they both asked or rather demanded.
Shunya took a deep breath. “Not even the scientists know why, but some people are born with information about some unknown technology in their heads. These people are called whispered,” explained the diplomat trying to make it all sound simple.
“So what? Kaname's going to be the next Einstein or something?” asked Kyouko, not really buying it.
“I was part of a group that wanted to find ways to learn about these technologies,” the two girls didn't ask on. They didn't need to be too clever to figure out the rest.
“You mean you kidnap these, “whispered” to experiment on them!” answered Ayame, with disgust on her face. Shunya was desperate by now, and his eyes were pleading, almost like the ones of a dog.
“And when your friends found out that one of your daughters...” started Kyouko. Shunya simply nodded to confirm her suspicion. The brown haired girl was completely devastated by the news. Now she understood the reason of all those attacks she, and her school have been though. She also understood now why Sousuke was so overprotective of Kaname.
Kyouko of course wasn't a stupid girl, and after finding his out she quickly put one and one together. Sousuke's interests, his knowledge of military matters, his acting, and his unexplained disappearances. They were all pointing in the same direction. Everything was clear like the sun to her now. “But that means that Sousuke is some-kind of body guard,” she told herself.
Sadly, Shunya heard it also. “What! My baby girl is dating with a soldier!!!” yelled Shunya starting to fall back into his shocked state.
Kyouko didn't care about that, she quickly pulled out her mobile and dialled Kaname's number, but once again, there was no response. She tensed when the same report of the number being temporally unavailable came out. Then she dialled Sousuke's. Long seconds of complete horror followed till she could finally hear that indeed, the phone on the other side was ringing out. Some time later it picked up.
“Sagara speaking,” stared Sousuke in his usual blunt tone. But there was something else that Kyouko could hear, and she didn't like what she heard. Those were the sounds of machine guns working at full efficiency, and bullets racing across the air.
“It's me, Kyouko. Is Kaname there?” asked the girl trying not to sound nervous.
She could hear distant talk from the other end of the line, then, she finally heard Kaname's voice. “What is it Kyouko?” she asked sounding as if she just ran a marathon.
“Kaname you have to get out of there!” ordered Kyouko, flinching when she heard the sound of a bullet coming into contact with metal.
“Why what is it?” came the question.
“Kaname what's going on?” asked the now trembling girl. In New York a white Mithril wan was racing along the streets. It was followed by several police-cars. Since the police believed that they are dealing with terrorists they decided to use everything they have, except for the really heavy armament.
“Nothing, I'm only at the cinema with Sousuke. You know his taste. So I thought we could watch a war-movie.”
“Don't lie to me! Your father just told me that there are people after you!” yelled Kyouko into the receiver.
Kaname went silent when she heard those words. She really felt like fainting. ”Kyouko. This is really not the best of times to be talking about this. We're kinda busy here.”
“Don't you dear put it down!” yelled Kyouko into the receiver, stopping Kaname before she could push the “put down” button. “Your father and your sister are here, and they told me about some really strange things. Listen to me Kaname! You have to get out of that country!”
“Do you think that would help me?” responded Kaname in a similar tone. “These guys are international! Or do you think those three who were gunned down last week just wanted to give me a free ride home?”
“Look out, left turn!” interrupted a male voice. The wheels of the car screeched on the asphalt as the wan somehow managed oblige. Soon several other sounds of the same type followed as the police cars also took the turn.
“What guys?” asked Kyouko not getting it at first. A few seconds later it all clicked. “You... mean... that.”
“Now you believe that I didn't hop into bed with Sousuke that night?” asked Kaname half yelling. Kyouko was completely silent, not daring to say a word. She could hear the sounds of engines roaring on the other side, as well the desperate screams of the abused tires. However, at least the flow of bullets came to an end, as the cars once again reached a rural area, where there was a higher chance that innocent bystanders get hurt.
It took the petite girl at least a minute till she managed to say a word. She just stood there, mouth agape. “Kaname...” she mumbled in a sad tone.
“There are so many things that I want to tell you! But, not now.”
“Kaname! What's going on over there?” asked Kyouko desperately.
“I'm sorry,” was all that she received in response before the connection broke.
The cars kept up their deadly pace. Neither side was ready to give up. “What's with the battery?” asked Sousuke not liking the fact that the police were so determined on capturing them.
“Still too low! I said already! The damn thing needs at least another hour till we can use the ECS again,” responded Nick.
“That's it! I'm manning the gun!” yelled back the boy.
Nick turned around faster than light, not caring that the car he was driving was doing at least a hundred miles per hour. “Get away from that Gattling gun! NOW!” he roared at the boy.
Meanwhile, Kaname barely dodged fainting. “Look out!” she yelled, completely horrified. Mao turned around just in time to see the car charging into a parking-house.
“Shit!” he yelled, but somehow managing to take the curve. The side of the van skid along the wall, the scream of the bending metal was almost unbearable. The police followed their fleeing target, feeling the end of the pursuit. Nicholas Mao kept up the deadly pace of the chase, climbing higher and higher in the building, the problem was that soon he ran out of levels.
“Now what!?” screamed Kaname desperately, when Nick stepped on the brake bringing the Mithril van to halt, seeing that he ran out of road. The two soldiers quickly looked around to see if there's a way out of the mess, but there was not. The only way down was the one they came from, and the police cars were already pouring up. The two however noticed a solution to the problem, they looked at each other, and nodded.
“Sousuke!” commanded Nick.
“Understood!” responded the boy. Moving to the back of the car and arming the gun that was there. The police officers jumped out of their vehicles and charged the van. It was then that Sousuke opened the back doors.
The law enforcers came to an abrupt stop. They didn't even dare to move. A few of them that didn't see the minigun still kept charging but they were confronted by a machine gun pointed at them by Kaname.
“Hold on!” yelled Nick as he backed so he can get a little momentum.
“We can't go back there, there are too many police cars!” yelled Kaname, she noticed as two officers tried to sneak closer while she wasn't looking. “Back off you two! I don't want to pull the trigger!” she warned.
“Go back? What are you talking about? I have something completely different on my mind!” came the response.
“And what would that be? Do you want to grow wings and fly away???” asked the now really sarcastic girl.
“Something along the lines,” responded the Mao sibling hitting the gas.
“What!?” asked Kaname turning to him, but by then it was too late. The van's engine roared up with newly found ferocity, and the vehicle took off. Kaname looked forward, with pure panic all over her face. Then she saw the wooden ramp they were heading for. “This is not good!” screamed her brain.
Kaname was the girl of extremes in many aspects. She was very helpful, and compassionate, at the same times she was very energetic, and wouldn't let anyone bend her, she was very mature while often she acted like a little girl. One thing she was not, and that was being a cry-baby. But this time, she couldn't help it. As the car climbed up the side of the ramp, she opened her mouth.
The van soon left solid ground, and took off into the air. The sound of the screaming engine was soon overshadowed by the banshee like scream of a young girl. Thanks to the night sky the shrill voice got taken away far into the distance, and could be heard from several miles. The police stared in awe not knowing what to do. They simply gawked with mouth agape as the van sailed across the air.
A few seconds later it landed with a loud bang in the opposite building, what was yet another parking lot. Soon the sound of screeching tires told them that the fleeing party's car was still working.
Half a minute later, the white van left the building, and took off at full speed with the backside wobbling a bit, as the driver stabilized the car after the turn. The police had no chance to follow them. They were still trying to turn around, but in the chaos that was created by thirty cars, it was almost impossible. They bumped into each other again and again. In the end, two cars met with such ferocity that they weren't able to move anymore, thus the way down was effectively blocked.
Kaname sat in the car looking straight forward, the last few minutes were simply too much. She could swear that she saw the movie of her life, starting to roll down in front of her eyes. She was brought out of her dazed state by Sousuke, who shook her shoulder lightly. “What's wrong Kaname?” he asked.
The girl shook from fear, as she slowly turned her head to him. Seconds later, she jumped onto the boy tackling him to the ground. The girl proceeded clinging to him with all her power, not daring to loosen her hold one bit. Sousuke somehow understood and returned the gesture.
Kaname relaxed in the boy's hands and snuggled against him. “Don't ever do something like this ever again,” she warned.
“Understood!” answered the boy. This time his voice was different from the usual, the tone of love and relief sneaked into it. There was no way of denying that. “But I would do it again and again if it means keeping you,” he added
“Sousuke...” mumbled Kaname, placing several kisses on the boy's neck. “Thank you for protecting me.”
Sousuke placed a kiss on Kaname's cheek in return, and pulled her closer. “I'll never let them catch you I promise.”
In that second Sousuke's phone started to ring. Nick picked it up for them. “Kaname will call you back later. She's a little busy.”
“But I'm her sister!” pleaded the girl on the other side.
Nick smiled “Don't worry little girl. Your sister is only a little busy with her boyfriend,” with that said he laid the phone back down.
Ayame took the device away from her ear and eyed it strangely. “What is it?” asked a now frantic Shunya.
“He put it down,” answered the girl.
“Who put it down?” yelled Shunya at his daughter.
“I don't know. He said that Kaname and Sousuke are busy,” answered Ayame.
“What!!!” yelled her father. “What is my little girl doing?” he hollered. He grabbed the phone and pressed the recall button, not caring about the huge bill that was ensured. It rung out a few times again but soon the connection broke and he received the message that the phone on the other side is offline. The mobile phone fell from the diplomat's hand, as he stood still as if petrified. “My little Kaname!” he wailed.
“Ayame!?” said Kyouko turning to the younger girl.
“I know.” that answered flashing Kaname's bat.
New York, the same day late afternoon
“We won't get anywhere if we just flee!” declared Kaname. “Where is the place all of these scumbags house? Why can't we gather some evidence that they are pulling something illegal? Then we'd be out of it.”
“Kaname, are you aware of the dangers of infiltrating one of their bases?” asked Sousuke.
“Do you have any better idea to get rid of the police?” asked Kaname. “Last time we were lucky, but if they come again... Sousuke, I don't want to loose you!”
“Agreed. Nick, you better stay out of this operation, the police aren't looking for you. I wouldn't find it favourable if you'd be also under warrant of caption.”
“You're not getting away with it that easily!” warned the other man. “I have the job to look after you two kids,” then she sniffed at his alcohol-drenched shirt. “But first we need to find some silent corner with running water. I reeeeally need to wash!”
“We appreciate everything you did for us, but...” Kaname's words were interrupted by Nick's warning glare. If there was one thing that could make Kaname shut up, it was a glare of a Mao.
“I have my job, and I will do it, and that's final!” Declared Nick. He smiled at the two teens. “But I know that you two make a better duo, so I'll be waiting in the car ready get you guys out of trouble.”
Both Sousuke and Kaname agreed with this. “It would be advisable to infiltrate an empty residence do you have and suggestion of target?” asked Sousuke.
“I have one!” celled out Kaname.
Nick smirked. “Then let's hear it!”