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The Cupcake Code

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Author's Note:  Hey it has been a very long time since I did anything...I hope the rust comes off so I can have new stories up.
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Soskue Sagara was known as a military genius  However, when it came to homework...and civilian interaction...he was very behind.  This was more evident during the required computer classes that Jindai required the juniors to take.  However, everybody knows he'd do it over-and-over again to get it right.  Today was the start to the use of the internet and how to make a web page.  It felt boring watching it on the big projection screen.  They all wanted to do it already.  Their computer teacher...was more boring than watching the paint dry.  Once she was finished with her lecture...the kids got started on their worksheets  They all had to have the same web page up, or risk losing points.  

"Soskue, you're working very fast," Kaname noted.

"Yes, I have had a little experience in doing this," Sagara said evenly.

"Look at him go," Mizuki said, noting he was typing at 150 words per minute.

"I'm done," he said quickly as he saved his work.

"Let's see if you followed instructions," the teacher said tersely.  "Damn it, you did...you got a 100 on this worksheet."

Sagara wasn't going to celebrate.  Instead, he requested that he learn all he can about HTML and XML and other scripting languages.  She was very pleased to see that he was taking seriously.  Later after school, Kaname was talking to Issei about the computer classes.  He was even impressed.  Though he had a few words...

"It seems that he must have watched late night television," Issei guessed.

"I've been to his place, he doesn't have a television...it's spartan," Chidori returned.

"Oh, wow, then he must be a natural."

"He volunteered to have homework for scripting..."

"Knowing him...he'd probably want to make a best selling war game."

"I do not doubt that at one bit," she said.  

However...on their way back, Kaname frowned.  She saw a story of a terrorist attack in another country.  Considering her class was taken hostage...that was something bad.  Now once she got home...she got a call from Kyoko.  It appears that Sagara didn't come home right away.  Though, she's not dating him.  She gets worried about him just as quickly.  About an hour later, he returned home.  He got a call for Chidori who was going to give him a verbal thrashing.

"Oh, I had to drop by the grocery store on my way home," Sagara said simply.

"Sorry," Chidori said blushing, "did you get everything you need?"

"Yes I did," he said.  However, she didn't know that he brought himself a laptop computer, programming language books, and a Hello Kitty coffee mug.

"I am glad you're safe," she said.

"Thank you for your concern," he said, "I will start off my homework."

"Do you need my notes for Classical again?"
"I have taken sufficient notes today," he answered, "I will be alright."

She had ended the call and let him go.  He then started on his homework. He knew that if he wanted to get the jump on Gauron...he'd have to be the first one to strike.  He decided that since physical arm slave fights were not going to work.  He was going to do something spectacular.  He then turned on his television...that Mardukas made him put in, and he saw an American talk show.

"I will have to learn how to make cupcakes," Sagara said.  

He then decided...that was going to be the name of his little plan.  Though...he had to get some authorization to go through with it.  He knew exactly where to hit.  He had to hit on his radio.  He turned to the secret frequency that not even the knows about and encrypted it.  He then had to go straight to Captain Testarossa.  She actually liked the idea.  She also warned him not to let it be traced back to them.

"Understood," he said.

He worked furiously at hacking Gauron's web page  He replaced the bomb making instructions  with the cupcake recipes  He also placed in a very nasty virus.  After he was finished, he cleared all of his tracks, and disposed of the internet protocol address.  Two minutes later...Gauron was not amused.  Everything was shut down to the point where they couldn't get the arm slaves to move.  As to those that were out...they stopped suddenly.

"DAMN YOU, SAGARA!" Gauron cursed to the top of his lungs.

The next day...

"Did you watch the news?" Mizuki asked.

"No, what happened?" Kyoko asked.

"Well, a spy agency took out a terrorist computer system," Mizuki then said.

"I wonder how they did it," Chidori asked.

"They replaced the bomb making instructions, for cupcake making recipes"

"Wow...that's lame," Chidori then scoffed.

"Those links also had viruses on them that was crippling."

"That definitely isn't lame."

Sagara was quiet the whole way through.  He realized that he had to write an anti-virus software program for his virus.  That was going to have to wait until after school.  He had a math test to worry about now.  He had the quiet satisfaction that he was able to cripple Gauron for a good long time.  Secondly...he had an urge to make cupcakes for some reason.  That, thankfully, is a different situation for a different day.

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