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Automailist and Automobiles - A Grand Idea
A Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic
Inspired and Based on Feel Me, Shame Me, Heal Me by Ryoko Blue
Another Special Gift Oneshot by Bastion
Roy yawned and focused on the road. Odd, he thought, he wasn't this tired on the way there. Then again, he hadn't sent a whole week of strenuous activity to exhaust him before he left. For a moment Roy was glad Winry was looking out the passenger window, he was pretty sure she'd wipe that lecherous smirk off his face in the most painful fashion.
Thankfully, the week with his parents flew by and he had her to thank for it exceeding all of his expectations. Granted his expectations were low, this was the first time they had ever been hurdled. Just the look on Father's face alone when Winry lashed out in Roy's defense made the decision to bring her along all the more worthwhile. To stand up to his stiff and foreboding old man was admirable indeed.
God that's what he loved about her. Roy took his eyes off the road for a moment and dared a glance at the girl, her blond wisps of hair dancing in the rushing wind. Love was it? In a way it kind of scared him. Roy Mustang, alley cat of the Military, finding love. Even in his head it sounded ridiculous. He still wasn't sure exactly, but whatever it was it was certainly intense and it grew stronger each time they made lo…had sex.
In her yellow dress and hat she almost appeared like a literal ray of sunshine. Roy could hardly believe that something that admittedly started out so dastardly and sinful could have transformed into something so pure and fulfilling. Sometimes he regretted seducing her as she waited in Central for the pipsqueak alchemist and his brother, but on the other hand he would have never found this. Whatever the hell *this* was.
Anyway, the past was the past as far as he was concerned. If he lingered on it too long it would consume him from the inside out leaving him a hollow hateful shell. He knew this all too well. Live life and live it to the fullest was what he always said.
“Hey, Roy?” The sudden question pulled the General from his musings.
“Yes, my dear Winry.” He made sure to put extra silk into his voice. He fought hard to hide his smile as he caught her blushing profusely from the corner of his eye.
“Uh,” she struggled to regain her composure, “is this a Bentley? I bet you it has a 3 litre engine too.”
Roy recognized the gleam in her eyes and grinned a little. “I was wondering when you were going to get around to asking me about that. I must really distract you to keep your mind off machines.”
Winry furrowed her brow, not looking terribly amused at his gentle barb. “Whatever, Roy.”
The despondency in Winry's voice made him regret the remark. And maybe feel a tinsy bit guilty too. Argh, he needed to do something to rectify this. His honor and libido demanded it. “You wanna take her for a spin?”
Winry immediately brightened. “You mean it?” Then she regarded him, suspicious. “You're not yanking my chain are you Roy Mustang? Because if you are I swear to God I'm going to brain you with a wrench.”
It took a lot of effort to keep his eyes on the road and not smirk directly at her. “I am not kidding.”
“I've never driven an automobile before.” Winry's awe had a tinge of nervousness in it. “Are you sure it's okay? I mean what if I run it off the road or break the gear shift or-“
“Don't worry.” Roy soothed. “This is the perfect place to try. Nothing but open flat road and there's no one within kilometers of here. I think you'd hardly be a danger to anybody out there. I have total confidence in you, Winry.”
“You mean that?” Winry sounded so hopeful and innocent. God was it wrong for this to turn him on so much?
Turning to her, he rewarded her with his most dashing smile. “Of course. Just let me pull over and you can have the wheel.”
Finding a good place to stop, Roy couldn't help but chuckle as Winry tried her best to hide her excitement and eagerness from him. Once they switched places, Winry almost reverently placed her hands on the steering wheel.
She sat still for several minutes before Roy decided to, once again, take the initiative. “You're going to want to push in the clutch before popping it into gear, Winry.”
Shaken from her reverie, Winry sent the dark-haired man a withering glare. “I know how this works, Roy. I'm an automailist and mechanic for God's sake! I probably know how this thing works better than you!”
Roy raised his hands, retreated away, and grinned. “I have no doubt. You just seemed like you were in a whole other world that's all.”
The blush that burned on Winry's cheeks almost rivaled anything he'd been able to accomplish. Almost. He refused to believe he had to compete with a machine for Winry's affections.
The sudden movement of the vehicle shook Roy from his thoughts and noticed the automobile pull back onto the dusty road. “You're doing great, Winry. Just relax and let the auto lead you. Remember, live life to the fullest!”
Encouraged, the blonde girl tested the play in the steering wheel, seeing how sensitive the vehicle was to her movements. Then she began to toy with shifting into the different gears. Roy was impressed; he hadn't heard the telltale grinding that came with most novices as they learned to use an auto. However his awe of her skill began to shift to worry as Winry revved up the engine. And it grew as she shifted into higher gears.
A strange smile was twitched upon Winry's lips. He'd never seen her smile like that before. It was a little creepy.
“Winry? Are you okay?”
Without warning, Winry burst into laughter and slammed her foot on the gas pedal. The unexpected acceleration threw Roy back into his seat at an awkward angle. He was about to speak up when Winry twisted the auto to the right, skirting the edge of the road. The vehicle tilted slightly and Roy gritted his teeth.
“I'm better than okay Roy!” The blond cackled, jerking the wheel left. “This is so, so liberating!”
Feeling distinctly like a human rubber ball as he bounced about the cabin, Roy took a moment to access the situation. Winry had gone crazy, pure and simple. Maybe he should have started her on a scooter or something that didn't have a passenger seat and didn't go faster than a tortoise.
Wait, were her eyes closed? “Winry! Watch the road!”
Finally, that seemed to snap the crazed girl out of her trance. “Huh? Roy? Roy!”
A little irritated she had forgotten about him, Roy snapped back. “Yes, it's me, can you please stop the car?!”
Winry kept driving, but her eyes seemed to glaze over as she purred. “Roy.”
Roy nearly was flung out the window when Winry slammed the brakes, bringing the vehicle to screeching and sliding to a halt in the dirt.
Frowning, Roy determined that Winry was never ever going to drive again. He was going to personally make sure of tha-
All further thought was chased away once the frenzied blond tackled him from the driver's seat. He was immediately assaulted with roaming hands and kisses.
“Oh Roy.” Winry moaned in between kisses. “That was awesome.” She licked his neck. “You were right, this was a grand idea!”
“Yes.” Roy said his heart was still racing from earlier and now it was accelerating once again. “Glad you liked it.”
He'd never seen her be this aggressive. Usually he was the one in control. Driving fast must unleash something within the girl that aroused her beyond all comprehension. He wasn't sure if he should be disturbed, jealous or excited. So he disregarded the first, ignored the second, and embraced the third. Well, if one wanted to call it embracing, Winry was practically gyrating on his thigh.
Though, Roy loved to find new ways to excite the girl, he wasn't sure if it were worth the insanity or danger. If he did, he'd have to do so sparingly. Fleeting memories of the car ride played through his mind and he shivered. Then again, purposely unleashing `Wildcat' Winry wasn't such a grand idea after all.
Hey, where did his pants go? Ah.
God, he loved this woman!
-Good luck, Roy. -
The End
Okay, I got enough encouragement, so here's the companion piece to my Water vs. Flame oneshot. So now you know why Roy doesn't let her get behind the wheel. She might be a good mechanic but it doesn't mean she should operate them.
Anyway, more Roy and Winry goodness. Not to say I like the pairing, but it's so unusual and Ryoko Blue does such a nice job of playing their differences off each other, it just seems like a natural fit.
For the sake of reference, this oneshot occurs right in the middle of RyokoBlue's Feel Me, Shame Me, Heal Me around chapter 16. I tried to write this in such a way you didn't need to read it, but it does help some. The story can be found here:
And if you enjoy that one, I recommend the sequel, When Cherry Blossoms Bloom which can be found here:
Thanks for reading! And keep pestering Ryoko Blue to finish Cherry Blossoms. ;)
EDIT 1: D'oh! In my haste to post this up I completely forgot to thank Orionshadow for editing this one. Thanks for the help Orion!
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