Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ Voice Of Reason ❯ Little Leo ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Trisha sighed in relief as her newborn baby was placed gently into her arms, her husband stood at the side of her bed a smile on his face as he stared at the crying bundle with shining eyes. “No matter how many times I witness the birth of a child it never fails to amaze me.” He told her as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Sarah Rockbell her midwife and doctor smiled at the couple and looked to her own husband Yuriy her eyes brimming with happiness.


“Do you want me to get the boys?” She asked and walked to the door when Trisha nodded. Sarah walked into the hall and saw her mother-in-law reassuring Trisha’s two sons and along with Sarah’s own daughter that Trisha was going to be just fine. “Ed? Al? Do you want to see your little sister?” She asked. Pinako handed Al to her daughter-in-law and gently pushed Ed forward, though he refused to admit it he was a bit scared as he had just been listening to his mother’s screaming and grunts of pains for the past half hour or so. Edward looked up at Sarah with a bit of fear shining in his golden eyes, “It’s okay sweetie, your mommy is just fine.” She reassured the toddler though he was too young to understand the meaning of childbirth though he clutched Sarah’s hand as she lead him back into the room where his mother resided throughout her time in labour. Ed peered out from behind her and saw that his mother was indeed well as she was smiling down at a bundle in her arms as little hands reached up towards her face and the sounds of baby talk filled the air, Trisha looked up a smiled at her other children. Sarah gave Al to Hohenheim and picked up Ed then placed him on the bed, the small boy slowly crawled towards his mother as his curiosity grew. Just what was in that bundle? He sat in his mother’s lap and looked down and met the gaze of a cooing baby, the baby matched his gaze with a penetrating stare of her own. She stared at him with bright golden eyes that mirrored both Ed’s, his brother’s and his father. Ed continued to stare in silence, he raised his hand as if he wanted to touch the baby but stopped short and looked to his mother and father for permission. When his mother nodded in approval he turned his attention back to the baby he put his hand in front of her face and lightly poked her cheek earning a giggle from the baby, he moved his hand to the top her her head and gently patted her hand. The baby cooed sweetly before grabbing her wrist playfully and holding his hand in her tiny ones, she smiled widely at her older brother. Their parents looked on with fond smiles, Al began to fuss wanting to be put down so her could get a closer look at hi new sister.


“What’s her name?” Ed asked quietly never taking his eyes off the baby currently playing with his hand.


“Cleobella.” His mother replied with smile, Hohenheim put Alphonse next to his mother and she wrapped one arm around her youngest son she rested Cleobella on her chest and used her other arm to pull Edward closer. Trisha smiled as she held her three children in her arms, Al looked at his little sister then back his mother.


“L-leo..?” He stuttered out, being pretty young he had yet to learn how to talk perfectly. Trisha chuckled and kissed the top of his head.


“Yeah, Leo.” Ed said approving the nickname, he beamed up cutely at his mother. Sarah smiled before deciding to begin cleaning up along with her husband.