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Suzaku No Tenshiden
The legend of Suzaku's angel

How the Angel met the Wolf
"Damnit!" Rocki heard someone shout. Her head was pounding and her ankle hurt so much. She felt like she had broke it or something, she was being carried, by who she didn't know or really care at the time. But whoever he was he was cursing with every other word he said.
"First she lands right on fucking top of me then she breaks her damn ankle in the process an now I gotta carry her to a doctor..."He sounded angry, very angry. Although she didn't really care, all she could focus on was the pain in her ankle. She'd broken it once before while playing soccer so it was of course the weaker of the two.

Genrou grumbled and grumbled under his breath. This was just a bad day. First he almost gets his stuff stolen from by some snot nosed kid, then he got into a fight at the bar (not that he didn't like to but when you have a hangover and some guy punches you in the head it doesn't exactly make it better)then it rains on him, now some girl in strange clothes literally crashes on top of him and breaks her ankle.

Which means that he has to carry her to the closest village and get her medical treatment. He hated women but he wasn't going to leave a helpless girl in the middle of no where with a broken ankle. That just wasn't right in his opinion. They were almost in the next village, he could already see it from the path he was walking on. Hopefully the girl would wake up soon and tell him who she was and just how the hell she fell from the sky like that.

All he was doing was walking along minding his own business when she just dropped on top of him and knocked him over. Then her stupid bag fell right on his head making his headache even worse! Well at least he was taking her to a doctor. Maybe the old guy would have something for his hangover while he fixed the girl up. She groaned and clutched at his black coat clenching her eyes against the bright sun. Maybe she was finally waking up. "Hey are ya awake?" the girl slowly opened her blue eyes and looked up at him.

"Where am I?" She asked Genrou, her voice sounded kinda scratchy to him. Like she'd been screaming recently. "Bout time ya woke up! Been carryin' ya around for an hour now. When ya landed on top of me an knocked me over ya broke you're fuckin' ankle. An me bein' the nice guy that I am I'm takin' ya to the doctor in this village."
"How nice of you...Arigatou. I don't want to sound like a broken record but where am I?" She asked trying to ignore the pain in her ankle. It was really starting to hurt now, because she was awake more.
"What the fuck is a broken record?" Genrou asked her. "Never mind, just where am I?"
"In Konan dummy, ya know the country right next to Sairou." Rocki just kept quiet and didn't argue with him. It was probably best not to draw attention to herself, since she was lost and had no idea where she was. She could tell just by the smell of the air, it smelled so different from the way the streets of Tokyo did. It actually smelled...cleaner, fresher. She looked at her surroundings, it was a forest. Definitely not the type you find in Tokyo. They were walking on a path and Rocki could see a city not to far from where they were.

She then looked up at the guy carrying her. he was weird looking, not in a bad way or anything, but honestly what guy had fangs? His eyes were like molten amber and his hair was the color fire as the sun shined down on it. It was very wild looking, like he never actually brushed it...or maybe he did and that was just how he brushed it. He was wearing a back coat with blue outlining and a gold decorated holster it looked like. It was all very weird to her. Hopefully she'd be able to get her bearings when they got into town. At least when she sat down while the doctor tended to her she could think logically about the whole subject.

Genrou glanced down at the strange girl he carried in his arms. She had gotten very quiet within the past few minutes, which was surprising cause most girls blabbed on and on forever, like his sisters or Reirei. This girl was very weird indeed, from her clothes to her voice. She had light brown hair that came down to her waist it was held back by a black thing in her hair behind her bangs. She had deep blue eyes that reminded him of some of the sapphires he'd stolen awhile back when he was younger. She had obviously been in the sun before because she had a light tan on her face and freckles dotted the bridge of her small nose.

She was wearing a very short blue skirt with a white long sleeved one and a yellow shirt over top of that, and a red tie was attached to the collar of the white shirt. She had on white socks and brown shoes. He'd never seen an outfit like it before. Maybe it was some weird new fashion in some other country.

'Or could she be...no, she couldn't be...I think...' Genrou thought for a moment on where she could have possibly come from but shrugged it off in attempt to keep his mind clear and free of worry. For the moment anyway.

They arrived in the little village a half an hour later. Rocki's foot was killing her by then, but she just bit her lip and kept quiet. It wasn't going to kill her to suffer a little bit. the doctors house was a small run down little place. It was made out of wood and the roof was made out of a weird material Rocki had never seen used for that before. Now she definitely knew she wasn't in Tokyo anymore. The doctor and his wife were an older couple in their mid to late fifties. From the haggard look of the doctors face it looked like he had been through a lot in his lifetime.

"And how did you break it again?" The doctor asked her for the second time while he placed the splints on her ankle and wrapped them carefully around the swollen appendage. "I fell out of the sky...or that's what he says." She said pointing to Genrou. He was leaning up against the door with his arms behind his head and one foot propped up on the wall behind him. "It's true, she did. She dropped on top of me knockin' me on the ground then her stupid bag landed on my head." He eyed her as he said that.

"Well either way, you need to stay off of your ankle for a few weeks. It's not broken very badly so if you take care of yourself then you should be back on your feet in no time." He said wiping his hands on an old rag.
"Arigatou..." Rocki said looking at the cast on her leg that itched like crazy. It was definitely different from her other cast she'd had in her home. She had gotten a bright pink one just to defy school rules and had everyone sign it. This one was just two pieces of wood on either side of her ankle wrapped tightly with white coarse bandages.

"I will be right back I need to get something." The doctor said to them and then left the room leaving Rocki and Genrou alone. She glanced nervously up at him every few seconds. "What the hell are ya doin'?" Genrou asked her.
"Gomen." She said and looked down at her hands in her lap. "I just wanted to say arigatou for helping me..uh..."
"Arigatou Genrou-san for helping me. It was nice of you." She smiled at him. 'I feel so idiotic. I have strange clothes on, my accent is weird and I don't even know where I am. They must all think I'm crazy. But where am I? All I remember was the book and the red light. Where could I be? From what I saw of the village it looked like something out of a history book. like ancient China almost.'

"Helloooooo! Is anyone there?" Genrou knocked on her head a little bit and she surfaced from her thoughts. "Oh..sorry I was thinking. What did you say?"
"I asked ya what you're name was. Seems only fair to me since ya know my name."
"My name? Oh...duh, my name is Rock-"
"Oh dear, I dropped another plate. " The doctors wife said from the other room. Genrou started laughing.
"Your name is Rocks? What the hell kinda name is that?" He started laughing harder.
"Where did you get Rocks from!? I don't think I said anything remotely sounding like Rocks! My name is Rock-"
*Crash* The doctors wife had dropped another plate. Genrou was laughing so hard by this time that he was clutching his stomach, his face turning red.
"What is wrong with your parents? They must have been crazy or somethin'. I-I bet ya even got a couple of rocks rollin aroun' in that head of yours!" He laughed harder at his own joke and Rocki glared at him.
There was another loud crash and a thud a few seconds later. The doctor rushed into his kitchen thinking his wife had hurt herself but she stood over the stove stirring something in a pan. "Why do you keep dropping plates?" He asked her.
"That wasn't me the last time, I swear." She turned from him and started chopping up vegetables.

The doctor went into the main room of his home where Rocki and Genrou were. Rocki sat in a chair with her arms crossed over her chest her head turned away from the front door. She was silently fuming, her good leg bouncing while she tried to calm down. Genrou on the other hand was on the ground, dazed from the bowl that Rocki had thrown at his head. There were bits and pieces of it on his jacket and next to him on the ground. The doctor almost started laughing but restrained himself and cleared his throat.

Genrou sat up a few seconds later and shouted at Rocki, "What the fuck was that for ya damn brat!?!"
"My name is not Rocks and you're a jerk for calling me that. I hate it when people call me that." She said angrily.
"That's still no reason to throw a bowl at my head!"
"Ahem!" The doctor shouted over Genrou. The pair looked over at him anger shining in both of their eyes, but the doctor stood firmly where he was. "Please I pray you, don't argue in my home. I don't like it."
The doctor handed Genrou a little bag. "This should help her sleep and keep the pain away-"

"Whaddaya givin' it to me for? I was just gonna leave her here with you. I can't take care of a gimp." Rocki's head snapped up and she glared at Genrou. She almost said something mean but then she stopped herself. He had helped her once after all and she couldn't blame him for not wanting to take care of her. He probably had a life of his own and didn't have any room. And besides she didn't feel like throwing another bowl at his thick skull.

"I would help take care of her but as you can see from the condition of our house, my wife and I have no money. We are not paid with money but by favors from our neighbors. We can't handle taking care of another person, you should just find out where her home is and take her back to her family. I am sure that they are worried about you."

"But that's just the thing. I don't have a village. I'm not from here, I live in a city named Tokyo in Japan. I don't even know how I got here the last thing I remember was a bright red light and that's it." The doctor shook his head and sighed. 'She must have hit her head when she fell from the tree.'
"In any case we can't keep her here we don't have the room. Take her to the inn down the street and tell them I sent you. The innkeeper owes me a favor for helping his daughter." He then pulled Genrou aside and whispered something to him. Genrou didn't look too happy at all, in fact he looked down right pissed about having to take her. Rocki nervously looked around trying to ignore the doctor and Genrou, she wasn't doing a very good job of it because she kept listening into their conversation. She couldn't really hear anything the doctor was telling Genrou but she did hear her name a couple of times. They were done talking a few minutes later and when they turned around Rocki looked away from them.

The doctor handed her the bag of medicine she was to take for her pain and then said goodbye to her. Genrou picked her up again and she felt so stupid for some odd reason. She wished she had a pair of crutches that she could use so he wouldn't have to carry her. The sun was brightly shining when they stepped back outside. Rocki squinted her eyes and tried not to think about anything that had happened, but as always she did and started wondering again how she had gotten there.

It was so odd, how could she have gone from modern day Japan to Ancient China...or what seemed to be Ancient China. It was going to be hard to explain all of this to her aunt when she got back, she thought her mind wandering a bit. She looked around at the tiny market place. It was a cozy little town, that looked very old. There were tons of little food shops that were selling rice, grain, fruit and vegetables. Clothes shops, jewelry makers, potter shops and bars. There were all kinds of people walking in and out of alleys and roadways. Despite it's size it was a busy little place.

They finally arrived at the inn and Genrou sat her down at a table in the front.
"Don't move." He commanded gruffly then walked away toward the bar or whatever it was. She folded her arms and put her head down on the table.
"Like I can go anywhere..." she said sarcastically. She looked around the building. There was a little girl standing there with her mother. She stared at Rocki and then tugged on her mother's sleeve and said. "Mama, mama that girl is dressed funny..." Rocki rolled her eyes and turned away from the girl and surveyed the room. There were a few tables with chairs here and there. This place must've been a restaurant too. But behind the counter was a beautiful painting that caught her eye. She stared at it in wonder, mesmerized by the sight of it.

It was a painting of a beautiful red Phoenix. It had long gorgeous tail feathers that trailed behind it and these blue eyes that looked as if they were staring right at her. It's wings were dark red and were spread out as if it were getting ready to fly. It was a very pretty painting and Rocki somehow felt as if it were really alive and staring at her. She jumped when Genrou put a hand on her shoulder dragging her out of her trance.

"C'mon he's got a room for us." He said tonelessly. Now she couldn't really tell if he was angry or what. He just picked her up again and followed the inn keeper up the stairs to the room they were to use. "Here you are, one of our best rooms. I hope your sister's stay is comfortable."
'Sister?' Rocki looked up at Genrou confused, but then shook her head and figured it out by herself. He probably didn't want anyone to think anything bad or something like that.

The man left and Genrou walked across the room and plopped Rocki onto the bed rather roughly. "Hey! that hurt!" She said rubbing her back where she had landed. Genrou didn't say a word all he did was wave as he turned his back and leave closing the door behind him.
"But...wait...wha-Where are you going?!" There was no answer and Rocki was left alone just as before. She scratched her head and wondered what the heck had just happened. Was he leaving her here all alone or was he just going to go do something or did he get his own room?

She looked around the small room. There was the bed which was way different from hers at home. It was built into the wall and had drapes that were tied up. They were all white and the tile floor was a reddish color. There was a table with a small mirror and that was about it. She yawned and then turned to the window that was across from her bed on the other side of the small room. It was the middle of the day and she was tired. Her ankle still hurt even if it was all bandaged up. She would figure out what had happened to her after she had rested up. Maybe then she'd be able to think better and more reasonably. And as soon as she figured this whole mess out she could find a way home and get back. Rocki put her head down on the pillow and covered herself up with the thin sheet and fell asleep, becoming oblivious to everything around her.
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