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Suzaku no Tenshiden
Chapter 3
The girl of legend
By Whitney-chan2005

When Rocki woke up she had pretty much forgotten everything that had happened. She sat up and rubbed her eyes expecting to see her poster of her favorite soccer star but all she saw was that window across from her room. The sun was setting outside and the sky was pink and purple and orange. It was very pretty.

"Oh yeah...I'm in this weird place." She was actually hoping it had all been one elaborate dream she had, had.
'Think Rocki, think...what was the last thing you were doing before you wound up here...I was at the library looking for aunt Sakura... and I was in the documents room. That book fell and I picked..it...'
Could it have been the book? But that was crazy a book story that suddenly became real.

But then what else could have happened? Sadly that was only the real explanation as of right now. Rocki sighed and flopped her head back on the pillow.
Too confusing! Her mind screamed. Then it screamed something else...along with her stomach. "Food!" It cried. "I want food!!!" She looked over on the table across from where her bed was, near the door. There was a tray of food sitting there. It looked like it was cold but she didn't care.
Now the only problem was getting to it with her stupid ankle. She looked down at it and cursed the damn thing for breaking again, then looked over at the food once more.

Now Rocki wasn't dumb but she wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box either, and if you combine that with her being hungry it adds up to her doing something really stupid. Like say getting up and hopping on one foot to the table. She actually almost made it to the table before falling but then she leaned to one side a little to much and toppled over landing on top of the already battered ankle.

She screamed, and boy did she scream. She screamed so loud in fact that the birds on the trees fled from their nests to get away from the horrible sound. Genrou heard her downstairs and thought she was in trouble. He disappeared so fast that no one saw him smack down his glass of sake and run upstairs.

When he opened the door ready to kick the ass of whoever was scaring the already loony girl, he only saw Rocki sitting on the floor clutching her broken ankle crying, her face red as she tried to keep from screaming when the pain spasms hit her.

"What th' hell were you doing?" He shouted at her and slammed the door shut behind him. He wanted to strangle her for scaring the shit out of him.

"I was hungry..."She sobbed. He looked over at the table where the inn keepers wife had left Rocki food.

"You..you idiot! Ya probably fucked up your ankle again too." He knelt down and picked her up and then placed her on the bed.
"Women are so stupid..." He gritted out. "Here now eat an stop cryin',
Jeez." He plopped the tray down in her lap. When she had calmed down enough she wiped away her tears and ate the food slowly. Genrou was sitting in a chair muttering to himself. Something about how dumb girls and women were.

"Genrou-san..are you hungry? I'm sure some of this is for you too."
"Nah I'm fine...bakka onna." He whispered the last part.
"Are you sure? It's really yummy..." She tried to tempt him by holding one of the buns out.
"I said I'm fine. I already ate."
"Ok..." She whispered and took another bite of her soup.
She glanced over at him for a moment. He looked very mad at her. When she was done she would try to get him to talk and maybe apologize for scaring him...and just get to know him. For some reason she felt as if she was going to one way or another.

"So..how old are you Genrou-san?"She asked politely after she was done eating.
"I'm seventeen." He picked up the tray and pretty much tossed it back on the table before plopping back into his chair.
"Oh cool! I'm also 17... I was getting ready to turn 18 in a few months too. I was born on June 25 1975! Whens your birthday?"

"Sometime in spring I dunno really. I don't really care to be honest.""Ah, spring time is the best. Especially when the Cherry blossoms would bloom. My family and I..." she trailed off as the memories flooded her head.
She and her family would always make sure they took a day off to watch the cherry blossoms bloom. they'd have a picnic and everything. Tears dropped out of her open eyes as she sat there and thought about her family again.

"Hey,what the hell is wrong...?" Genrou asked her getting agitated at her. He was confused by her sudden flood of tears.
"Women are too wishy washy." He muttered.

"Gomen ne Genrou-san." She wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and said. "My family was killed in a car accident a few months ago. I guess I still can't think about them with out crying."
"Oh...I'm sorry..." Was all he could say.
"It's not your fault Genrou-san. It's not Like you were there or anything." She said forcing a small smile.
There was an awkward silence between the two until Genrou spoke up.
"I have just one question though...what the hell is a car?"

She chuckled and said, "I guess it's kind of like a carriage only theres no horses."
They heard a large crash outside and a woman scream something. Their door flew open. "Genrou-san, if you want to keep your sister safe I suggest you get her out of here right this instant." The inn keeper shouted.
"Why what's going on?" Rocki asked.
"There are some thugs here to collect some money from me..." Was all he muttered before he ran back down the stairs.
Genrou shook his head and amazingly listened to the old man. He helped Rocki stand up and led her out of the room and down the stairs. A fight had already broken out between the villagers and the thugs.
"Oh real smart Genrou-san take me out right into the middle of this." Rocki said sarcastically.
"Stay here." He said before he ran off to help the people. She slid back against the wall as best she could with a broken ankle trying to keep from being noticed. But then she bumped into something big and bulky. The giant hulk of a man turned to her and she let out an 'eep' sound before trying to get away.

"Hey there cutie. you'll fetch a good price I'm sure of that." He grabbed onto her wrist and squeezed it trying to make her do what he wanted.
"Itai! Let me go you bakka! Genrou-san! Help!! Let me go you're hurting my ankle!" She flailed her hand every which way to make him let go, but he was much stronger than her so he just yanked her behind him. Her ankle couldn't take much more of being dragged around, spasms of pain kept shooting through her leg and foot.
"Okay that's it. LET ME GO!!!" She screeched as loud as she possibly could. A few of the sake jars around her shattered spilling their contents all over the place. The man who was dragging her away stopped for a second and swerved around angrily. He smacked her across her face with the back of his hand and sent her flying backwards onto the floor.
"Don't you yell at me little girl!"

He went to go pick her up by her hair but was stopped by the red light glowing around her body.

"What the hell?" Everyone in the bar stopped fighting and the person Genrou was currently pummeling fell to the floor as he stared in amazement at Rocki's body. The man who had hit her tried to get his hand through the barrier but was stopped by the lightning that zapped his hand when he got close. She just stared wide eyed at her hands in amazement. She didn't even know how she was doing this.

"I give up, you ain't all that pretty anyway. Come on lets leave!" He waved his hand to motion them forward.
"But just remember, we'll be back next week to collect what's ours Shihan." The leader yelled as he walked out behind the last of his gang and the front door slammed leaving the residents of the inn scared but breathing a sigh of relief at the same time.

They all looked back over at Rocki who was still looking at her hands in amazement. Then someone shouted,
"Suzaku no Miko!!!" The doctor who had healed Rocki earlier walked next to her and pointed down at her.

"Look a girl with strange clothes who claims that she is from another world. Suzaku was protecting her with this barrier. She is the Suzaku no miko."

"What...?" Rocki looked confused and scared as people talked hurriedly between themselves and pointed to her. Genrou appeared next to her and helped her stand up. He didn't look very happy at all as the people talked louder and louder.

"You've come to save us from the war with Kutou, haven't you?" The innkeepers wife said bowing. All of the people in the inn bowed down to her and said, "Please save us Suzaku no Miko!"

"Wait, stop that get up, what the hell is wrong with you crazy people? I'm not a miko! I don't even know what the heck you're talking about!" She shouted, they all fell silent.

The doctor spoke up again, "There is a legend of a girl who will come from another world wearing strange clothes and she will become the Miko of our guardian god Suzaku and gather the seven Shichi Seishi and summon him, then there will be peace throughout all of Konan. You Rocki-san are that girl..."
"Me...? But...but I'm just a high school student...I don't want-" The room began to spin and she just wanted to curl up in a ball and fall asleep for the rest of eternity, the last thing she remembered before passing out was hearing Genrou, shout something.

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