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Here is the fourth chapter in my story. I'm introducing new characters so hopefully you'll all like them. Thank you for reading it more, I'm very grateful. Enjoy.

Chapter 4
The Angels of the four gods

It had been a few days since the villagers proclaimed Rocks the Suzaku no miko. After she had passed out Genrou took her into her room and laid her back down in her bed. Now she kept to herself and hardly talked to him or anyone else. Mostly she was just writing in a red book she had sitting at the table in her room. He tried to look and see what she was writing but he couldn't read her weird language.

Genrou on the other had was up and about all over the place. The first day after whole ordeal he went through the whole village and asked every doctor if they knew of a cure for Hakurou's sickness. Sadly none of them did, but Genrou didn't let this discourage him at all.

"I guess I'll just hafta go to th' next village an' see. There's just gotta be a cure somewhere!" He smacked his fist into his palm as he said this. If he had to go to the next village it meant he would have to leave Rocks by herself. The thought for some reason made him feel a little bit uneasy. He shook his head clearing the thoughts. Why the hell was he worrying about her anyway? She had the villagers to protect her and keep her safe, and soon one of the warriors would come along to help her.

He wasn't watching where he was going and bumped into someone on the street.
"Hey watch where you're goin'!" He shouted. The person was covered from head to toe in a black cloak and was accompanied by a person much shorter than himself.

"Please forgive sir. I was not watching where I was going." A very husky female voice said. The person bowed to him and walked on the other person following her. "Women...it figures." He muttered walking on toward the inn. He'd have to go check on Rocks before he left for the other village, so the bakka wouldn't go looking for him with a broken ankle, and tell the innkeeper he was finally leaving.

The inn was quiet today, there was hardly anyone in the place, which was very unusual because most of the time this place was packed. He started climbing the stairs when he heard Rocki scream.
"Shit!" He ran to the room and kicked down the door. The two people in black were there one was leaning over Rocki who was frozen with fear. "Get the hell away from her!" He shouted and went to grab the one who was leaning over Rocki. The other woman dressed in black shouted "Jadoku-Heibi, Shi-Heibi go!" and Genrou stopped although not because he wanted to. Something was wrapped around him and whatever it was it was squeezing tight. Genrou looked down to see two black snakes hissing at him. "Get these damn things off of me!!!" He shouted struggling against the two snakes.

"That is enough! We are not here to hurt her or you." The woman who he had bumped into earlier uncovered her head and looked around the room.
"Miren take off your cover you're scaring the poor thing." The other, shorter, one took off her cover as well and shook out her hair. "Much better, you don't know how much I hate that thing. I have to keep my hair in the back so no one can see it."

Tasuki stopped struggling against the bonds that held him and stared at the woman.
"Well gee with hair an' ears like that it's no wonder ya hafta." He remarked sarcastically. The woman named Miren had long white hair that came to her middle back. There were black stripes in it, like a tigers. She had pointed tiger ears on the top of her head and gold cat eyes framed by thick eye lashes and tan skin. When she opened her mouth to speak she had very pointy kainines.
The other woman had long dark green hair, most of which covered her face, but from what he could tell she had black eyes that were small. She was pale with a hint of color in her cheeks, she had a very exotic look to her. And he could tell that they were both definitely foreigners.

Miren turned back to Rocki and said. "Sorry didn't mean to scare you. I just forgot to take this acursed cover off. My name is Miren and she is Xue Fang." The both bowed to Rocki.
"Ahem!!! Do ya mind?! I'm still Fuckin' tied up here!" Xue Fang smiled apologetically.
"Sorry, but it was either have my snakes keep you tied up or let Miren rip your hair out of your head. I didn't want to see such nice red hair go to waste." She snapped her fingers and suddenly Genrou was free. The two snakes wrapped themselves around Xue fangs torso and left arm and she patted their heads affectionately. He shook out his stiff limbs and glared at the two.

Rocki shook her head and unfroze her heart rate going crazy as she tried to calm it. She was just about to ask a question when Miren started talking.
"You're both probably wondering why we're here and who we are. Well as you can see we're not exactly human. I am the Byakko no tenshi and Xue Fang is the Genbu no Tenshi. And we are here to greet you Suzaku no Tenshi."

The room went dead silent for a few moments as Rocki soaked this in. "B-but-but wait I thought that I was the Suzaku no Miko. At least that's what the villagers told me." The two women looked at each other and then started laughing. Genrou and Rocki just glanced back and forth from each other to the two women. They both looked thoroughly confused. When the pair calmed down and Xue Fang wiped a tear from her eye she proceeded.

"No my dear you are not the Suzaku no miko. I am sure that if you were you'd know by now. You are the Suzaku no tenshi. Suzaku picked you out of all the girls in your world to be his messenger and to help protect the Miko, like Byakko and Genbu did with Miren and I."

"I'm his messenger...?"

"Yes, but not until after you die. Your main job right now is to help the seishi keep the miko safe. You are able to channel your energy and give some to her to help her and keep her from dying if she ever needs it. You have many other uses but those two are your main ones,"

"Prove it...how do you possibly know that I'm who you all say I am?" Rocki stated defiantly
Miren rolled her eyes toward the sky and reached for Rocki. Genrou took a step forward glaring at Miren but Xue Fang told him to stop before he did something he would regret. Much to Rockis embarrassment Miren lifted her shirt up exposing the bright red character for passion on her lower right back. Genrou's eyes grew quite wide when he saw it.
"Iie! Hentai! Let go!" Rocki said smacking Mirens hands. She pulled her shirt back down and avoided looking at Genrou.

"The character for passion, because the Suzaku no tenshi will have passion for all that she does."

She pushed the arm of her white dress that was under her cloak up and on her left elbow was the white glowing character for spirit.
"Spirit, because the Byakko no Tenshi will be full of spirit all her life."
Fang smiled and held up her left wrist where the black character for Sorrow was.
"Sorrow, because the Genbu no Tenshi's life will be filled with sorrow."
Miren looked at Xue Fang over her shoulder and nodded. Xue Fang also nodded and dragged Genrou out of the room by his arm, despite his protests. She slammed the door behind her and Genrou could still be heard shouting all the way downstairs.

Miren looked down at the very pale Rocki and sighed, she took off her cloak set it on a chair then sat on Rocki's bed.

"So...do they still wear those ridiculous uniforms to school?" She asked smiling. Rocki's head lifted up and a little color returned to her cheeks.
"Uh...what?" She asked quite confused.
Miren laughed. "Uniforms...do they still make girls wear uniforms to public schools?"

"Uh...yeah they do...why?
"Because when I was your age I went to a school out in the country with my friend Suzuno...She was the Byakko no Miko."
"So you're from my world?" Miren nodded.
"I was sucked into the book just as you were."
"So it was the book..." Rocki stated in wonder.
"Yes it was, but you can not tell anyone from this world do you understand?" Rocki acknowledged this and she continued, " I was leaving my friends house one day when I heard a book fall off the bookshelf. Well I knew how her mother was a neat freak so I picked it up and was going to put it on the shelf when it floated out of my hands and I was engulfed in a bright white light. When I woke up I was in a completely different place. A desert city to be exact. I later found my seishi guardian Toroki who protected me just as your seishi guardian ,Tasuki, will when you find him. Anyway about three months later my friend Suzuno came into the book and we were reunited. AS it was in our world only a day had passed since I had left. Time passes differently between our world and this one. So I found myself stuck as the protector and messenger of my best friend. My power I was to learn was to manipulate metal, I could turn a certain amount into whatever I wanted. And the metal that I did manipulate had a special power to it. Although it only lasted for an hour or so."

"What's my power? To lay eggs or something?" Rocki asked sarcastically.
Miren smiled softly at her then pointed to her throat. "Your voice. When you were younger did you ever yell so loud it hurt peoples ears?"
Rocki nodded, "Once or twice when my brothers annoyed me..."
"Your power is to control peoples Chi through your voice. You can make them happy or sad, put them in trances, or even kill them if you wanted. It will take you a long time to develop this though so don't push yourself, understand?"
Rocki nodded once more.
"So...wait let me get this straight I am a protector of a girl who is going to summon a bird-"
"Uh..he doesn't like being called just bird. He's a phoenix...Suzaku. That's how he is to be addressed."

"Okay..summon Suzaku and then after she and I leave this world when I die I become his messenger?"
Miren suddenly stood up and walked away from Rocki. "That's another thing I'm here to address with you..." She didn't turn back to face Rocki.
She kept her back to her and stood with her back as straight as a board rigid and unflinching.
"As I was to find out when my Friend summoned Byakko...I would never be able to leave this world...ever again. Once I had entered I became a permanent part of it and there was nothing anyone could do. When I asked why it was like this, i was told it was because to become Byakko's messenger I would have to die in this world. He wouldn't be able to reach me as well as he could here. I don't know, that was all Byakko explained to me really. Of course I didn't take it so well and yelled at him to his face...that didn't go over well either. Needless to say Rocki-chan it will be the same for you as it was for me. You will never be allowed to go back to our world again you like me are stuck here."
"What the hell! Lemme go ya freak! I can walk myself I don't need help from the likes of you!" Genrou shouted shrugging Fangs hand off of his shoulder. He stomped down the stairs and right out the door checking behind him every few moments for that snake woman.

"You can't run away from it you know." She said appearing in front of him. "And what do ya mean by that? I'm not runnin' away from anythin'."
She smirked as he walked away from her again.
"You can not fool me Suzaku no Seishi Tasuki."
Genrou stopped dead in his tracks and turned his head to look at her.
"Just how th' hell did ya know that?" He looked positively pissed and Fang smiled with satisfaction. "I'm a messenger of Genbu, I see Suzaku a lot, and He told me who you were."
Genrou just smirked and walked toward her. "He did, did he?" Fang nodded. "Yeah well tell him I said I ain't interested in servin' his miko or his angel for that matter."

"You know my older half brother was just like you. He wanted nothing to do with protecting the miko or even summoning Genbu. He didn't care. But he eventually turned and served her with all of his heart. I am sure that you shall be the same way."

"You think so. But I've got my own agenda. As soon as I find th' cure for my boss's sickness I'm goin' back home and being a bandit just like I did before. I'm not gonna abandon my plans for anythin'."

"Sometimes your fate is not what you want it to be. As the saying goes, Man makes plans and the gods laugh. It will be the same."
Genrou turned on her his eyes angry as he glared at her.
"Look, I am not going to do anythin'. I will not protect that spoiled little brat ya call an 'angel' or the damn Miko. I hate women an' I'm starting to get very annoyed with you . So leave me the hell alone." He pushed past her intending not to let her get near him again, but she was much to persistent.

"Listen to me for a second please..." Fang asked standing in front of him. She towered over him it seemed because she was much taller.
"Rocki-chan is all alone here she has no one but you. You are her protector, you are her guardian, you are the one she will depend on until you and she find the miko and other warriors, and from what else I've heard about her she just lost her entire family so you get back there AND HELP HER OUT!" He had shrunk to about an inch tall when she got done yelling at him. Her expression softened suddenlyand she smiled slightly.
"At least until you find the miko and the others. Sorry I didn't mean to yell. I'm just used to getting my way, I am a princess after all."

"Princess?" He asked her very skeptical.
"Hai! I was Princess Xue Fang of Hokkan almost 200 hundred years ago. My older half brother was Genbu no Seishi Uruki, who's real name was Rimudo and he was the prince of Hokkan. My descendants are still wandering around Hokkan somewhere, I don't know where though I lost track a hundred years ago." She said giggling a little bit. Genrou shook his head at her. This had to be one of the weirdest chicks he'd ever met, one minute she acted like she could kill and another she was smiling, giggling and telling everyone all about herself.
"Uh huh...Okay then. I'm going back to the inn and making sure that cat girl isn't scaring the crap outta Rocks." He stated and turned back around.

"Rocki just stared down at her hands as she tried to make sense of all that was going on with her.
"I'm sorry...I know that you have your family and friends in the other world...but you are stuck here. I'd rather you find out this way then when your miko summons Suzaku and when she leaves you don't leave with her and have to go on a trip to see Taiitskun just to find out why."
Rocki was silent still and didn't look at her or respond to anything she said. Miren took this as shock and sighed softly.

"Rocki-chan I have a gift for you also." Rocki finally looked up at her, but Miren could not read her expression so gave up.

Miren snapped her fingers and something appeared in her hands. It was a sword, emitting a bright white light,. The hilt was Byakko carved into it with the tail etched into the metal. There was a diamond at the bottom of the hilt and it glowed.

"What is it?" Rocki asked.

"It is called the sword of the four angels. It's a special sword that only the angels of the four gods can use. This is it's Byakko form. But now it is your turn to have it. Here take it and watch." Miren held it out to Rocki who tentatively took it from her. When she did it flashed red and transformed in her hands.

Now the jewel in the pommel was a ruby. The Hilt had Suzaku carved into it and the cross guard was in the shape of his wings, while the head was etched into the metal above the cross guard. Rocki awed over it It was gorgeous.

"Use it to protect yourself. And here,"She placed a small pouch on the table next to Rockis' journal.
"Eat this. It will heal your ankle overnight."
Rocki smiled slightly.
"Thank you Miren-san...you're very nice."
Miren nodded at her and grabbed her cloak throwing it about her shoulders. "I must be off, I'm sure Byakko-seikun is becoming angry with me. Remember though if you ever need me or Xue Fang just call out for us. We'll hear you."
Rocki bowed her head in acknowledgement, and Miren snapped her fingers once more, disappearing out of the room in a flash of bright light.

Rocki sat in her chair amazed at what had just transpired. From ordinary high school girl, to Suzaku no miko, then to an entirely different thing. She was stuck here...
Oddly Rocki didn't feel the emotions that Miren had said she felt. She felt...relieved almost.
At least in this world she wouldn't be reminded by everything in her home that her family was dead and gone. And maybe...she could start all over again here.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the door opening, Genrou came inside with Fang following him.

"Miren left? Damnit, she's always doing this! I must be off as well then, good luck Rocki-san and Genrou-san!" Fang snapped her fingers and was gone just like Miren before her.
Genrou snorted at the door and shut it.
"Good riddance...you ok?" He asked Rocki. Her eyes snapped open and she smiled cheerfully at him.

"Of course I am. Just a little bit tired and freaked out. Can you put this by my bed for me?" She asked holding out the sword. Then she proceeded to chirp all the information that Miren had told her. When she told him that her guardian seishi was Tasuki a little bit of the color drained from his face and he avoided her eyes, but she didn't notice.

"When she had been quiet for a few moments he sighed and sat down in one of the wooden chairs.

"Oh I wanted to tell ya, I'm leavin' tomorrow, the inn keeper is gonna watch out for ya while you're ankle heals-"
"I can go with you!See Miren -san gave me this thing and she said it would heal my ankle. I have to find my guardian seishi too, and besides I don't know anyone else other than you. Please Genrou-san, I promise to help out in any way that I can..."
She templed her hands in front of her face as she said this. He rolled his amber eyes.
"Fine, but ya damn well better do everythin' I say." She nodded and then turned away from him and gobbled down the stuff to heal her ankle. In the morning it would be all better and she would get to start out on her adventure with Genrou-san.

"How exciting! I can't wait, I get to start my life all over again, and this time I won't loose all the ones that I love!"

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