Fushigi Yuugi Fan Fiction ❯ Suzaku No Tenshiden ❯ Goodbye, normal life ( Chapter 1 )

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Suzaku No Tenshiden
The Legend of Suzaku's Angel
"Came in from the rainy Thursday on the avenue Thought I heard you
talking' softly. I turned on the lights the TV and the radio.
Still I can't escape the ghost of you."
When I was 17 I thought I was normal. I believed that like all other high school girls I was a normal, hum-drum girl. My name is Suzuki Mariko, but everyone calls me Rocki. I got that nick name from my dad when I was little. I was crazy about the Rocky movies and even wanted to be a boxer, I've grown out of that now, but the name stuck. I don't care though because I like it better than Mariko.
Anyway, I had a normal family and a normal life, my father's name is Suzuki Shinjo, he runs Suzuki Inc. (No we don't make the cars). My mother is a homemaker, her name is Suzuki Suzuka
I have two brothers; the oldest Seiji is in college. He's studying China and all that stuff, my younger brother Mareo, is just what his name says. He's definitely uncommon; in fact I sometimes wonder if my brother was adopted he's so unique.
Now we were a happy family all living together until one day, it seemed like just another day to me. I was coming home from school when my friend Hirami came running out of the school her arms flailing as she shouted my name.
"Gomen nasai, your aunt is on the phone for you." She said catching her breath. I ran back inside and picked up the telephone that was sitting on the front counter.
"Moshi, Moshi?"
"Rocki-chan, Thank heaven, get to the hospital quick!”
"Nani? Why?"
"Just do what I said Mariko! Your fathers hurt and...and...your mother and brothers are dead, just come to the hospital now; your father doesn't have much time left." I could tell she was trying not to cry as she told me all of this. The color drained from my face and I felt like I was going to pass out.
Dead? Dead? What do you mean dead I just saw them a few hours ago? Everyone was fine!
I dropped the phone and didn't even bother grabbing my things again. I just ran out of the front doors and didn't look back.
I ran the entire way to the hospital which wasn't far from my school thankfully.
When I got to the room my father was in I saw my aunt sitting next to his bed holding his hand crying her eyes out. He was hooked up to all kinds of different tubes and monitors that beeped every few moments. His face was bruised with cuts all over the place. The only reason I knew it was him was because of his wedding ring.
It was all too much for me. How could this have happened? I just saw him this morning, he was laughing and joking and being himself. I collapsed to the floor and held my head in my hands and cried. I didn't even look up to see the nurse who picked me up and sat me in a chair, I didn't care.
The next day my father died. He had been bleeding internally and the doctors couldn't stop it no matter what they did. At least I got to say goodbye to him and tell him how much I loved him.
He wasn't conscious or anything but I knew he had heard me.
The next few weeks I was numb, I didn't feel or think I just stared basically. I isolated myself away from my friends and the only person I talked to really was my aunt, and then I only spoke in monosyllables. I don't think I really ate or anything like that, but I didn't care I just wanted my family back.
I would sit and stare at our family picture for hours, remembering all the great times we'd had together. My aunt usually didn't get home until later on. She was the head librarian at the national library and she stayed trying to make sure everything was in order. She came in late one night, and I pretended to be asleep on the couch. She smiled tenderly down at me and brushed the hair out of my face. She stared at me for a few moments, sighed and walked toward the bathroom. I sat up and stared after her, it was then I realized that I wasn't really the only one suffering from all of this. Normally my aunt was a happy cheerful person like I was, but now she was just as gloomy and depressing as any other person.
I felt bad because for the past few weeks, I had been acting selfish, not thinking about her feelings. I wanted to help her, but in my state I would probably only make her worse...
A few weeks later I was eating ice cream at the ice cream shop near my house. I had gotten my favorite kind of ice cream, chocolate mint to help me feel better. Learning how to run my dad's business was pretty hard and I always came home with my ears ringing and my head hurting. My father's secretary had a very screechy voice and she was very bitchy.
I was eating it slowly to savor it when I heard a thump on the window. I looked over and freaked out, dropping my spoon to the ground. A young middle school girl had her hands and face pressed against the window while she drooled and licked her chops. She had beautiful green eyes and chestnut hair tied up in two buns with red ribbons around them. Her school uniform was brown with a blue bow tie and white socks with black shoes.
"Miaka-chan! Don't stare at her while she's eating! It's rude!" Another girl shouted. The girl Miaka gathered her senses and took her face and hands off the window.
"Gomen nasai, but I'm really hungry." She said laughing. A girl with short blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes walked up in front of Miaka. She also wore the same brown uniform as Miaka.
"You're always hungry, I should be used to that by now..." Miaka grabbed the blonde by her arm and dragged her toward the entrance of the ice cream shop and came inside. "Come on Yui-chan I want to sample all the new flavors today!" Miaka said happily. I watched as Miaka ordered one small bowl of ice cream gulped that one down and then order another. She repeated this twice as I stared in amazement. Where was that little thing putting all that ice cream?
"Miaka-chan you'll waste your allowance on all that if you keep getting ice cream." Yui said laughing a little bit.
"Don't worry Yui-can, I've got...plenty-" She looked down into her book bag and then shut it suddenly. "I'm suddenly very full." She had the cutest look on her face that I almost started to laugh but I bit my lip and stared down at my ice cream.
"Man I wanted to get the rest of the flavors today. This isn't fair," She grumbled and sat back in her chair.
I felt bad for her, she obviously had her heart set on doing this one thing today, and it had all been dashed away by her lack of money. I stood up and gathered my things and went to the front counter and paid for all of the ice cream she hadn't tried yet. I told the girl behind the counter to give it to her when I left. She nodded happily and I turned to leave just as I was about to though I heard Miaka's voice shout.
"Hey she's wearing a Jonan uniform Yui-chan! Isn't it cool!? I can't wait till we get in! It's going to be so great."
"Yes it is Miaka-chan." Yui agreed with her as she stirred the small bowl of ice cream she had ordered when Miaka had ordered her first bowl.
"Excuse me miss?" Miaka stood up and tugged on my white sleeve. I turned around and smiled at her trying to look happy. "Yes?"
"I was wondering how hard the entrance exam to get into Jonan was? My friend and I are trying to get in this year."
"It wasn't very hard at all as long as you study very, very hard. Good luck on your exams." I said and left quickly. For some odd reason I had gotten nervous when she actually started talking to me. I felt this strange connection with her, like I had known her all my life. Plus with those green eyes of her it seemed like she could see right past my smiling facade and see the true me. It was a very weird feeling, one that I never really wanted to experience again.
When I arrived home it was dark and dreary as usual. My aunt hadn't gotten back yet; she was probably going to work late tonight. She usually did on Friday's for some odd reason; maybe it was because she could get into the important documents room and read all the books in there. My aunt was a real bookworm; she loved to read anything she got her hands on. That's why our house was filled with so many book shelves. I didn't really mind because I had started to read some of them to take my mind off things.
I was just about to get dinner started and do my homework when the phone rang. It was screechy (I had nicknamed my fathers secretary that)
"Moshi Mo-"
"Mariko-chan you skipped out on work today!!!" She screeched. (see what'd I tell you?)
"Gomen nasai I was really tired today. I've had trouble sleeping."
"I don't care how tired you are, you have obligations you have to fulfill now. You can no longer goof off and laze around when you like. I swear Suzuki-san spoiled you rotten."
I got angry when she spoke rudely about my father. I got angry at anyone who mentioned my father with disrespect or anything in that category. I clenched my fist and controlled my anger like I had been taught.
"Gomen nasai. It won't happen again." My words were very clipped and short; I just wanted to get off the phone right now and go to sleep.
"Well good. Now to make up for the day you lost today you have to come in tomorrow."
"but...tomorrows Saturday. I was actually going to-"
"No “but” Mariko-chan. You come here at ten tomorrow. The board of directors is having a meeting and you need to sit in and watch it to help you understand everything."
I was silent for a moment or two my anger was starting to get out of control. How dare she order me about like she was my mother. When I got angry the birthmark on my back started to feel warm, depending on how mad I got. Right now, it felt like it was on fire. "Your parents spoiled you Mariko-chan. And I'm going to get you out of it if it's the last thing I do-"
"SHUT UP AND GO TO HELL!!" I screamed and slammed down the receiver.
that's it! I've had it! I'm getting told that I'm a spoiled brat by her is the last straw. I'M LEAVING!
I stomped into my room and threw open my closet. I packed everything I would need, because I knew I would be gone for awhile. I wasn't coming back until I started feeling better and more confident about everything. I formulated a plan in my head as I packed. I would get money out of my account and then tell my aunt that I was going to spend the night at a friend's house. That way she wouldn't go looking for me. It was so simple and easy that I almost laughed aloud. I packed my journal and sketch book then closed my bag.
I took one last look around my room and then left, and when I shut the door. I suddenly got the feeling that I would never see it again. It was there for a second and then dissipated as I leaned up against the door. When it was all gone and I felt like I could move, I turned out the lights and left the apartment. It was dark and cold outside as I walked down the streets of Tokyo by myself. There was this tiny part of my heart saying, 'go back...you'll regret it if you don't...'
But I ignored it and pressed on towards my aunt. I admit now that I was young and stupid and yes I was a spoiled brat. I didn't really care about how other people around me would react to me being gone and it was a selfish thing of me to do.
The library wasn't closed yet thank goodness. But they were just getting ready to, I could tell by the way people were leaving.
I strengthened my resolve and went inside heading toward my aunt's office. She wasn't in there, and in fact she was no where else to be found. I headed upstairs, figuring that she was in the important documents room; she was probably reading a book she wasn't supposed to. Sometimes she even brought them home over the weekends. My father was always scared she was going to get caught and get in trouble for doing that. But since she was head librarian no one really noticed I guess.
The door was unlocked and partly open, so I knew that she was definitely in there. I tiptoed in and whispered her name several times. The room was dark and cold, I remember because chills went up my spine while I walked around.
"Aunt Sakura?” I whispered one more time. I heard something fall on the floor behind me and went stiff for a second or two.
"Aunt Sakura?" I turned thinking it was her but there was no one there. Just a red book. I picked it up and flipped through a few pages. It was written in Chinese so I couldn't read it, and just as I was about to close it a red light burst out of it blinding me. I don't remember if I screamed or not, I was pretty sure that I had. I felt like I was disappearing for a moment or two. Then I felt nothing at all.