G Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ G Gundam:Rise of the Mashin Gundam ❯ Misao's Openings ( Prologue )

[ A - All Readers ]
We arrive in Neo Japan where we find Misao and her father sparring in the fields.As she rises with her Mashin he blocks her with his beam sabre from his Burning Gundam.They made a good team,now she is about to leave home for the Survival Eleven with her partner Hortario.Now the story begins...........

As Misao and Hortario ride around in there support vehicle in italy she comes upon a bar.She enters.She asks the bartender if he has seen who the gundam fighter was.He replyed and showed her the picture of him.he asked her if she was a gundam fighter.And she said yes I am....I am Misao Kasshu!!!.He backed away...your your Domon Kasshu's DAUGHTER!She said yes as she arose from her seat.He looked at her and said well I knew him.Actually we fought in the 14th and 15th Gundam fight.Each of us making it to the gundam fight final battles and battle royales.Me and him were good friends.But enough of that......Noooo,cried Misao please tell me about your final battles...Ok the man replyed.

It was years ago...Me in my Roman Gundam and him in his Burning Gundam...

-----------------------------Flashback------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------
We were fighting a match before the Evil Twins came about............This was the 14th Gundam fight and we were mid section of the fight in the Battle Royale......I was trying to gain honor to my nation you see said the man.....but failed.-Misao busts in-You look just like my fathers teacher,Master Asia.Ha ha yes I know.He was my older brother.I am LaHoo Fohu or you can call me Master LaHoo.Ok back to the story.Your father was a great man.After hearing all the stories and sparrings between him and my brother,I was inspired to fight.It was a heated round in the 14th gundam battle royale that brought him victory.But as he spared me,those wicked twins came up and slashed my gundam into pieces.I was hospitalized.And soon recovered and went on as Neo Italy's fighter.But when your father spared me I was indeed greatful.We fought a good battle but my gundam was over heating and I got my arms taken off.And dropped to the floor.

Trying to use my special technique.....The Roman Burn.....Didn't end up well.But I still made it through.He won after defeating the shuffle allicance.And now to the 15th gundam fight which is more....tense.My last battle in fact.We were fighting in the battle royale.And a fire started.We got distracted by that and did not see a large gundam heading toward us all.When I say large it was large,said the man.When it came on my sensors I jumped back and it whiped out 2 gundams.I worked along side the suffle alliance that day,so did 9 other gundam fighters.After we destroyed it we resumed the battle royales.But it wasnt over.From a opening there were 4 other large gundams.And one I remembered seeing in a factory.I knew the pilot so I went to fight her.I killed her that day.And when my gundam collided with hers the explosion caused a maufunction in my cockpit.It blew up causing my gundam to blow up.When they had found me I was laying on the ground with blood everywhere.I remember the Bolt Gundam being torn across the side.And the Reaper Gundam being thrown into the sea and later blowing up.The Maxter Gundam getting its head taken off,and Gundam Rose getting a beam shot into its torso 5 times and then a slash across the cockpit.Only 4 gundams had remained......The Burning Gundam.Dragon Gundam,Buster Gundam,and Blitz Gundam.
patro team looked for savivors.They found everyone except Kiral.....which piloted the Tantra and Mandala Gundams.When they went into sea they found his gundam upper body and when they retrieved it.......it wasnt a happy site to see.After releasing me they had a proper funeral for him in Japan and then sent him to Neo Napal to be buried.They patroled to make sure no more suprises can come into the battle field.Burning Gundam then went on and defeated the Blitz Gundam and Dragon Gundam Defeated the Buster Gundam and they fought and had an over heated battle.burning Gundam ended up winning again.
----------------------------------------------FlashBack Ends----------------------------------------------

So how is your father?,asked the man.He is fine,replyed Misao.Good Good,said the Man.Well I must be going said Misao.Alright good luck in the fight.Thank you,replyed Misao.-A suddend crash came from a field and Misao and Hortario went to investigate.They saw standing infront of them a gundam.It was still...and did not move.She moved closer to it and touched it.It began to slowly turning and she jumped back.She motioned a stance and called upon her gundam.It arose from the ground and she entered it.The nano suit took over her clothes and she went into a fighting stance.

To Be Continued..............................