G Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ G Gundam:Rise of the Mashin Gundam ❯ Misao's First Battle ( Chapter 1 )

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Misao shouted out to the other gundam.And the gundam turned around to look at her.The rings above Earth sounded and made a ring around it.The First Gundam Fight had begun.A screen on Misao's cockpit sensor appeared.Hello,I am Verti Micel pilot of the Serphi Gundam.I guess you wish to fight me.Yes,replyed Misao.Fine then.Gundam Fight all set....Ready..............................................GO!!!!,shouted both fighters as there mechs dashed toward eachother.Misao unleashed Vulcan shots at the Serphi Gundam and the Serphi responded with a slash at Misao's head.Misao's chariet arose from the Ground and she leapt onto it.She charged the Michel towards the oponent.The Serphi quickly unleashed fangs toward Misao.She blocked 2 of them but the other 10 destroyed the chariet.Misao jumped back and swept the Serphi of its feet and dropped it to the ground.The Serphi Gundam unleashed the fangs again shooting at Misao's blind spot.It quickly arose from the ground and took out its sword.Misao responded by taking out her lexus broad sword from her shield.They clashed together,Misao quickly took off one of Serphi Gundams arms.The Serphi Gundam stumbled backwards as Verti was in pain.And Misao's right hand began to glow gold.She said"This hand of mind unleashes great power and my crest tells me to win victory...Rune God Burn!!!!!!!!!She swept foward clashing her hand under the Serphi's cockpit.The hand shot a beam and then Misao removed her hand from the under body.The Serphi fell to a knee.I announce my defeat,you can now remove my head Miss Misao,said Verti.Theres no need...keep fighting until you get to the final battles.Wha..what?You spare me?,asked Verti.Yes,replyed Misao.She opened her cockpit.Then so did Verti(Which wasn't working well after Misao tore under it)She blushed and said oopsI forgot Im Misao.....Dont bother saying your name.I know who you are,excluded Verti.This match was indeed good.Yes it was came a hampering voice.It was Hortario.Where have you been?,asked Misao.I..I..I wa...was talking to that man who resembled Master Asia.Ohhhhhh,Said Misao.What for?Oh nothing said Hortario.Ok well now we go to Neo America and find the Liberty Gundam and the pilot Ryan McCon.Which part of Neo America?asked Misao.According to my facts he lives in Lake Charles,Louisiana.Good...Well we'll rest up and leave early in the morning.Excuse me,excluded Verti.Huh?,said Misao.Thank you again for sparing me.I shall be leaving now for my Maintance Building.For your gradetude for sparing me ILL have some of my Haros repare your gundam aswell,said Verti.He snapped and 2 trucks arrived.Misao boarded her gundam and layed it on a truck and thanked Verti as he layed his Gundam down.The trucks each connected and waited for them to climb into the front of the first truck.Ok well we'll be going now.And I will also prepare a meal for us all,said Hortario.......If thats ok with you,Mr.Verti.Oh yes that will be an honor.And you can call me just verti...Im only 20 you know.Ha ha ha ha....they all laughed as the trucks pulled away.When they arrived Verti unboarded his gundam and so did Misao and they connected them to the holders and the Haros got to work.After they were done eating,Misao said that they would be going now.And Verti said his farewells and went to the Maintance room.Misao boarded her gundam and called for her carrier to come.The carrier floated in and she boarded it.She climbed out of her cockpit and told Verti goodbye and thanked him.I wish you good luck,as the carrier pulled away.She sat back and said that was a good battle...as she dazed off into sleep.