G Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ G Gundam:Rise of the Mashin Gundam ❯ Neo Japanís Mashin Gundam vs. Neo Americaís Liberty Gundam ( Chapter 2 )

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Neo Japan’s Mashin Gundam vs. Neo America’s Liberty GundamWe find Misao and Hortario heading for Neo America. They are there to seek the gundam fighter Ryan McCon and challenge him to a fight. What will happen to these young partners?It was a misty day in Louisiana as Misao looked for the highway leading to Lake Charles City. When they had finally arrived in Lake Charles, they began to search for the gundam fighter. Misao heard a crash from an ally and a young boy came running out with a bag. He ran past her and she realized that he was the Prince of Neo Spain…And also the pilot of the Meridian Gundam. Chasing behind him was an older man who wore fine clothing. She stopped him and asked what was going on. He told her that the Prince is going into battle with Neo Cuba as they were speaking. Neo Cuba?, replied Misao. Yes they came here just to fight the Prince. I must go give aid to the Prince. Good day, as he bowed and ran off. Hortario had an expression on his face that was very unpleasing…..he looked up and pointed and saw the Meridian Gundam gliding in the air with its wings pointed at Neo Cuba’s Blisk Gundam. The wings shot off at high speed and collided with the Blisk Gundam. Misao noticed a man standing along side a pole. She realized that he was the fighter for Neo America. She headed towards him. Hi are you Ryan McCon?, asked Misao. Yes I am little lady! How may I help you? L..l…little lady? I am 20 years old ok? I AM NOT A LITTLE LADY!!!!!, barked Misao. Well it seems we’re the same age. What did you need? I want to challenge you to a gundam fight!, yelled Misao. Well, well, well…. You’re a gundam fighter. Yes I am Misao Kasshu of Neo Japan. He stumbled backwards…. Your Domon Kasshu’s daughter? Yes I am… I am the King of Hearts. Well It looks like we’ll have to battle tomorrow, seeing that these two are fighting, he chuckled. Hortario had ran to a near sided bench and sat and watched the battle. Misao and Ryan soon followed.The Blisk Gundam to out its double spheres and twirled them in the air. Misao heard the pilot booming inside her cockpit. For the Prince he made no remarks and remained silent. The mist remained as the Meridian Gundam dashed forward taking its staff out from its back. It leapt into the air and slammed the staff into the Blisk Gundam’s head. The pilot bellowed in pain, an quickly threw spikes at the Meridian Gundam. The Prince shot up with his gundam at high speed and then came down shoulder first and rammed into the torso of the Blisk Gundam. She fell to her knee’s and the Meridian took its sword out and gently touched the neck of the Blisk Gundam. You have been defeated, but I will spare your gundam’s head. He climbed out of his gundam into the mist, and went to meet his aide. He noticed Misao, Ryan, and Hortario sitting at a near by bench and went to see them. He bid them hello and announced that he was Prince Emanuel Esclovan Thesean. And he said he could tell that Ryan and Misao we’re gundam fighters and that Hortario was a partner to Misao. How old are you, asked Ryan. I am at the age of 14 years. I am the youngest gundam fighter to ever fight. Making Mr. Sai Saici take off the lead of 16 years old. So you must be looking to fight later on?, asked the Prince. Yes Ryan and I will fight tomorrow. Seeing that you and that other fighter had fought already. The other fighter came running towards them. Hi I’m Annalisa Bourque from Neo Cuba. Ryan had told her that he would love to fight her one day after his match with Misao, while Misao had told the Prince she would love to fight him afterwards. They agreed on date settings and Annalisa went of to her gundam. The Prince bid them farewell and went off with his aide. Ryan had told Misao he would see her tomorrow and left the bench into an ally. Misao took Hortario and went off to a restaurant to eat at.The following day was hot and muggy not like from the day before. Both gundams’ stood in front of each other ready to fight. Misao with her beg red and gold balky gundam and Ryan with his green, white, yellow, and black buff gundam. His gundam head resembled like a knight and the rest was looking like armor. He had as weapons a long sword, two pistils, Vulcan guns, a lance and a shield on his left arm. Misao stood with her Lexus Broad Sword in her right hand and shield in other. Are you ready to fight, ask Ryan. Of coarse, remarked Misao. Well then….GUNDAM FIGHT ALL SET……….READY………..GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!The two mech’s dashed forward and collided with lance and sword. Misao stored away her sword and wiped out her beam saber. She dashed forward at high speed and ripped his lance. He flew back and in his leg socked he took out 9 blades and threw them at Misao. They raced toward her at top speed and she blocked them away. From a hidden compartment in his gundam he took out a beam lance and dashed toward her. He and her collided with beam weapons and she quickly slashed off his left arm. He fell to his knees and glided backwards. He flew into the air and his gundam began to glow red. He started to swirl around in mini darts flew out. They flew straight for Misao and clashed at her torso. She fell to the ground and Ryan took out his pistols and shot a mirage at Misao. She quickly got to her feet and her gundam began to glow gold. Ryan was still swirling in the air when Misao barked in "This hand of mind unleashes great power and my crest tells me to win victory...Rune God Burn!!!!!!!!! She leapt into the air and slammed into the swirling Liberty Gundam. He screamed in pain as her arm slammed into the right section of the cockpit, causing his cockpit to blow. His gundam slammed to the ground quickly and he bellowed. Misao made her way to the ground and climbed out of her gundam. She quickly helped Ryan out from his gundam. He had minor injuries, his arm had broken and he was bleeding constantly. His gundam lay backwards on the ground. Hortario quickly called 911 and waited for them to come. The cause of the impact was that Ryan was spinning in the air at rapid speed and Misao’s force of the arm had made a big gusher in the cockpit. When the ambulance had come Ryan had asked Misao to take his gundam to his port and his robot pal and gals would fix it. The ambulance raced away. Misao touched the back of her head and sighed. Another victory. Now Hortario and her were off towards Neo China and there Shaolin Gundam