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Neo Japans Mashin Gundam vs. Neo China’s Shaolin Gundam

We find our young partners heading towards Neo China. Little do they know that there is a surprise waiting for them. Gundam fight all set…. Ready…….Go!!!!!

It was a hot day as Misao and Hortario had just arrived in Neo China. Misao had heard on the Television in the bar in Neo America that Sai Lang-Saici would be fighting a match with Neo Holland’s Typhoon Gundam. She was in a state of mind that she should go see his fight before she challenged him to see his strength. As they pulled up to the ring, they saw the Typhoon Gundam standing with its windmill blades in his hand. And on the other side was the Shaolin Gundam standing at ease. She parked her corelander and jumped out and headed towards a front row seat. When she sat down they rung the bells and the gundam’s dashed forward and clashed. Sai Lang-Saici took out his feilong flags and threw them at the Typhoon Gundam. They trapped him and Sai Lang-Saici took out his long shinsaurin sword and slashed off both of the Typhoon gundam’s arms. The Typhoon gundam backed up as if stunned. The windmill blade connected to the chest hole and started spinning rapidly. It blew a large gust of wind and fire towards the Shaolin gundam. He back flipped several times and took out his shinsaurin sword once more and leapt into the air. “Shin Ryuusei Kochouken”, said Sai Lang-Saici . He came down in a green ball and slammed into the Typhoon gundam. The Typhoon Gundam’s head exploded and then so did the body. The pilot laid passed out onto the arena. The crowd started to scream and shout. The Shaolin Gundam’s cockpit hissed open, and the pilot jumped down. He was short just like his father was in the 13th Gundam fight. He was 16 and strong. He noticed Misao sitting in the crowd and slowly began to walk towards her. He walked in front of her and held out his crest. I am Sai Lang-Saici, the Ace of Clubs. She stood up and said I am Misao Kasshu, King of Hearts. But then they noticed another man come up behind them. He looked strong and they realized that he was a gundam fighter. Misao fell backwards and stuttered. You’re, you’re, you’re my dads brother. How could that be, he and his clone Swartz Bruder lost there lives. Yes I know, I am also a cyber-human. Created by DG Cells in F.C.60, I was in frozen. I was let out in F.C.60 as a baby and raised by a foster parent in Germany. I am Swartz Kyoji Bruder-Kasshu, the pilot of the Blitzkrieg Gundam. He jumped in the air and a gundam appeared behind him. It was violet, black, and gray. With gold medals on the chest. It was identical to the Shadow Gundam, but with Vulcan’s and a long katana on its back. It still had the blades on both arms and the eyes were green. It fell to the arena and the cockpit hissed open. He did not wear the mask like in the 13th Gundam fight. Misao quickly contacted her dad and showed him the mysterious person. Swartz called to Misao and told her unfortunate things will happen once more and the shuffle alliance will need to rejoin once again. You have a new member to your team though, he showed her his hand and the Wild Card symbol showed up. I will watch over you little cousin, until then…don’t lose. He blew a smoke bomb and disappeared. Misao stood motionless with Sai Lang-Saici along side her. Hortario had a look on his face that was unpleasant. Misao came to her senses and challenged Sai Lang-Saici. He accepted and promised to duel the next day. She jumped in her Core Lander and sped off. Hortario tried to tell her to wait but she was to hot headed at the moment. Misao sped down the bridge looking for Swartz. But she came to a stop, something large was blocking her way. She screamed for it to move and wings spreaded out. The large object turned around and shot at Misao. It was a gundam! She snapped her fingers and from the woods her reddish gundam arose. She docked the core lander inside and got into her Mobile Trace Suit. She got into a fighting stance and the other gundam stopped. The cockpit opened and the Prince stepped out. Oh it’s you I didn’t realize you would be here and that that was your gundam. Sorry said the Prince, for shooting you. And yes I’m looking for Swartz Kyoji Bruder-Kasshu and challenge him to a gundam fight. Ah so that’s what you were doing. Yes I heard about his where about’. He has your last name Misao, are you to related? I think so, he told me he was also a Cyber Human made in F.C.60. Interesting, so I will be going no to find him. The Meridian Gundam turned around and began to walk slowly. Misao called out to him, mind if I tag alone? I have some questions for him. It’ll be a pleasure. Thanks. They flew into the air and out of site. Hortario was looking up a background check of the mysterious fighter named Swartz Kyoji Bruder-Kasshu. He stopped stunned, he found that Swartz Kyoji Bruder-Kasshu had unknown in most areas. And at the bottom he saw Cyber Human-DG Cell. He got into his mini vehicle and sped off. Misao arrived at an abandoned warehouse with the Prince. They hid there gundam’s and started wondering around the place. Misao noticed something and then heard laughter. She and the Prince kept asking who it was and from a corner they saw something move. A blanked unfolded and there was Swartz hidden. He jumped in the air and landed in front of them. The Prince ran up to him and bowed, hello I am Prince Emanuel Esclovan Thesean. I am here to challenge you to a gundam fight match. I accept, he jumped into the air and the building shook. He disappeared in mid air, they heard a loud laughter and ran out the abandoned place. The prince started to spin and his gundam came spinning behind him. He leapt inside and waited for the Blitzkrieg Gundam to make its first move. He hesitated and the Prince leapt into the air and threw his wings at Swartz. Swartz deployed multiple images and the wings deflected. Swartz flew into the air and got his blades ready. He slashed off both arms of the Meridian Gundam. I do not wish to fight you anymore. He disappeared and Misao helped the Prince out of his cockpit. Well tomorrow I have my bout with Sai Lang-Saici. She helped the prince move his gundam into the warehouse and waited for his aider to come to assist him.

The following day stood Misao in her Mashin Gundam and Sai Lang-Saici in his Shaolin Gundam. His weapons consisted of a shinsaurin sword mounted on its back,12 feilong flags, a staff stored in a compartment in his shoulder, dragon fire units on his shoulders, machine guns on torso, and a benpatto-connecter to the head. His gundam had a shoaling warriors helmet, the same cockpit area as in all Neo China Gundams’, large arms, a benpatto connected to the helmet, the feilong flags stored all inside the stop of corelander, the color scheme was a rich greenish color with black feet and black hands. The head was black and red and the benpatto was solid yellow. Sai Lang-Saici wished Misao good luck and got into a fighting stance. Misao wished the same back and got into stance. Gundam Fight All Set…..Ready……Go!!!!! Sai Lang blew fire at Misao and she deflected it with her shield. She drew out her sword and leapt into the air. She clashed the sword into Sai Lang’s torso and jumped back. He got up in pain and unleashed his Feilong Flags. They circled Misao and she got trapped. He went into the air and said “Youkyun Hoaw Denurin”. His body began to move faster and he started punching Misao rapidly. She got penetrated into the barrier. She kept getting blows into the torso and head and finally her eyes began to glow gold. Her gundam and body began to glow as well and she stood up straighter and said “Beaten into teetering…No longer. I withdraw my trump card Zuin Karku Poso!” She dashed forward and rammed her foot into his under section. Heat….she stopped her self from destroying his gundam and removed her foot. She kneeled down and unboarded her cockpit. She saw the Shaolin Gundam laying on the ground and went to help Sai Lang. She reached into his cockpit and held out her arm. My dreams have been ruined….no they have just begun. She pulled him up and helped him to the top of his gundam. The crowd began to cheer as she shook his hand. Well done Misao…you have truly shown me your best, said Swartz as he disappeared.

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