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Neo Japan’s Mashin Gundam vs. Neo France’s Gundam Violet Gundam

Now we find our two partners arriving in Neo France. Misao is about to find out that you should never ruin a knights pride. As for George DeSand II will honor his father and mother in his first gundam fight match. Gundam Fight All Set…………..Ready………Go!

It was a cold day in Neo France, where Misao and Hortario arrived today in search of Neo France’s gundam fighter. She drove her corelander to a nearby hotel and was greeted by a man about a few years older the she. He had grey hair and a white and red suit. He was sported with a black and gray scarf around his neck. He bowed and told Misao he was Ramone….the DeSand family butler. He said he will be escorting her to the palace and that her partner was already there waiting.

When they arrived they had four people standing on some steps. She recognized Hortario standing to the side and King George and Queen Maria Louise DeSand standing hand to hand. To there left stood a broad man about a few years younger, he was wearing white pants and a red and yellow suit shirt. He was wearing a scarf as well but it was red and orange. He had reddish hair and was sported with a chevalier sword to his right. She walked up and greeted them all and the showed her inside.

It has been a while Misao, said George. How is your dear father?, he asked. Oh he’s fine, still the same as he was. He is always training and teaching others about martial arts. Does he still have his Burning Gundam?, asked George. Yes sir, he just installed his sword which he stored on his left binder. Good, good…so do you still have your Gundam Rose?, asked Misao. Yes, of coarse he showed her to a balcony door and saw two gundams’ kneeled side by side with lights shown on them. There is my Gundam Rose and next to it is George II’s Violet Gundam. It was a resemblement of the Gundam Rose. It had a purple shield over its left arm, two chevalier swords, a beam saber, vulcans, and the Violet Bits. It had a different kind of torso that looked like the one from the Eifel Gundam’s. The head was the same but with the color purple and a violet flower coming from a part of the head. Misao turned to George and his son and said I wish to challenge your son to battle. George turned to his son and George II nodded in agreement and they both said “ we accept!”. Kind George told Misao the battle will be held tomorrow at approximately at 3:00 PM in the Flower Ring. We will enjoy to see you to fight. You and your partner may stay in the guess house. Goodnight Miss Misao, said George and his son as they walked away together. Misao and Hortario went to get Misao’s corelander and brought it back to the palace. She removed her bags and went into the guess house. One bed?, asked Misao. Oh well, at least we have something to sleep on, acquired Hortario as he sat his belongings down. Misao and Hortario took out there laptops and started researching. He was born in F.C.64 at the beginning of the 14th Gundam Fight. So he’s 16? A little younger but ok. His father is still the carrier of the Jack of Diamonds and so is his son. So he’s apart of the shuffle alliance as well? Ok is that it?, asked Misao. No and I have some blueprints of his gundam and the Gundam Roses. They almost looked identical just that King George’s gundam looked more elegant and proper. But they are both proud knights who fight for there country, said Misao. I’m going to call it a night said Hortario, as he closed his laptop and laid down. Misao kept thinking about the match that would occur the next day. She finally found some peace of mind and dozed off into sleep.

The next morning Misao awoke in a frightening way. Hortario came in from the bathroom with his toothbrush and asked her what had happened? She told him that it was just a nightmare and that she was alright. After they were done getting ready and freshened up they headed to the dinning area in the palace for breakfast. There they sat and talked and ate with the DeSand family. At approximately 3:00 PM, just as King George had said the two gundams’ stood into the arena. Misao was nervous about fighting the Prince of Neo France. King George announced the beginning and the two gundams dashed forward and clashed with there beam weapons. Misao knocked the beam weapon out of his hand. He dashed back and unleashed a swirl of Violet Bits at Misao. “Mashin Burning Spin!” Her gundam started spinning and King George stood up in awe. That is the same tactic Domon used in the Finals of the 13th Gundam Fight against me. The Violet Bits were destroyed and George II was in complete shock. This cant be, my Violet Bits…destroyed?
I’ll proudly let you see another trick that I have learned. “This body of mine glows with an awesome power, I stand her now to win victory!!!! Mashin Koura Slash!” Her gundam jumped into the air and started slashing. When she fell back down to the arena it shook. Causing the Violet Gundam to fall to its knees. The arms and one of the legs exploded on the Violet Gundam and he fell over. Misao unboarded her cockpit to her applauses from the crowd. King George and Queen Marie Louise came clapping. George II joined them and gave Misao a flower. You did an excellent ultimate weapon. I look forward to seeing you in the finals, said George II. And thank you for not taking my gundams head away. The Gundam Violet is my pride and joy. George II kissed her hand and walked away with his family. Wow that was a quick match. Now were off to Neo Russia. Isn’t the pilot of that gundam Sergei Gulski?, asked Misao. Yea he is, and his Captive Gundam is a sight to see. They both laughed and headed for the guess house to get there bags.

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