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Neo Japan's Mashin Gundam Vs. Neo Russia's Captive Gundam

At last we make it to Neo Russia where the mighty Captive Gundam is await for new fighters to come and fight. Lets see what will happen. Gundam Fight All Set.....Ready Go!!!!

It is freezing out here, said Misao as she stepped out of her corelander.The Mashin Gundam stood right behind her. When she started to walk a little ahead gun shots fired towards her. She jumped back behind her corelander and and started shooting back. Then she saw a shadow on the ground. There stood Sergei Gulski. She stood up and started questioning him. He told her to shut up and he pulled her down. What are you doing?, she asked furious. I am not going to get you killed,he said.

Later that day Misao and Hortario went eat out with Sergei. She asked him if he knew why she was there. He said of course. We will fight when I am ready, he added on. Great!, she said. So how is your mother and father?, Hortario asked. They are ok, I guess, said Sergei. When Misao started to speak a blast came from a hotel across the street. They ran out to find a gundam that looked like a clown and a dog. It was the Ryo Gundam. It turned slowly, then just like that another gundam came crashing to the ground and punched the Ryo Gundam in the face. That gundam was Neo Malasia's Ju'Plif Gundam. He started looking towards Misao's way. But then she looked in the sky and saw Neo Greece's Hurcules Gundam heading towards the Ryo Gundam. It fell to the ground causing it to shake. "Rise Mashing Gundam!!!!", yelled Misao. The mashin Gundam stood broad and was in a fighting stance. "Get up now Captive of mine!!", screamed Sergei. The big and bulky Gundam stood beside Misao and also in a fighting stance. The Captive Gundam was equipted with a gtravaton hammer on both shoulders, 4 vulcan guns, a big bazoka on its back, and a chain rapped around his neck. They stood facing towards the other gundams who had fell from the sky and landed there. Sergei spoke up asking them why they had come to Neo Russia. One of the pilots answered by punching Sergei to the ground. Misao hurried and helped him up and they looked at eachother and there crest began to shine. They stood up straight and dashed foward. Misao shouted out"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power, it tells me to grasp victory! Mashin Finger!" Her gundam's hand collided with the Ju'Plif Gundam's head. His head quickly exploded. On the other end Sergei had his bazoka out and was twirling it in the air. "Bazoka Burst!", screamed Sergei as his bazoka started shooting big burst towards the other two gundam's heads. The Ryo Gundam and Hurcules Gundam fell to the ground. There heads were still on but with piercings on them. Sergei put his Bazoka back in its place and faced Misao. We will fight now, showing these gundams' the right way to fight! Gundam Fight All Set, yelled Sergei. Go!, responded Misao. The gundams' grasped fist to fist causing a big shock. Misao quickly let go and soon took out her lexus sword. She slashed cutting off sergei's left arm. He jumped back and started glowing green. "Captive Tornado!", he yelled. He started spinning rapidly causing a tornado. He moved towards Misao and the wind picked her up and tossed her around. She flew to a near by tree and crasshed into it. She realized her right arm had been taken off. She picked heself up and dashed towards the spinning Captive Gundam. The big bulky gundam kept on revolving around and around. Her only hope was her beam sabre. " Kujin Blitering Slash!", she yelled as her beam sabre greaw larger and she started slashing and finally she plunged the large beam sabre into the tornado. The force pulled her from side to side. The tornado started to slow down. She heard a scream from inside and then found the tornado at a stop. The Captive Gundam was on its right knee and soon fell over. The left leg and right arm were gone. Misao jumped out of the cockpit of her gundam and headed toward the Captive Gundam. She found a huge gusher along side the torso and a lot of holes inside the cockpit hatch. She had to plunge the cockpit hatch of The Captive Gundam herself. She found Sergei laying on the floor of his gundam unconsious. She quickly called for Hortario to come. Sergei was bleeding from the head and his right arm. They called for medical assisstance. Misao helped Hortario carry Sergei out and layed him on the ground. The medical team arrived and hurried and put Sergei in medical care. Misao got back inside her cockpit and picked up the big and bulky gundam. She brought it back to the warehouse where she was keeping her gundam for the night and sat it down next to hers. Her and Hortario left in her corelander for the hospital.

The following day Sergei opened his eyes to see flowers and balloons on his side and also his parents. Misao walked in and greeted him. Mrs. Gulski hugged her son and told him it had been a while sence they seen him. Misao told Sergei she would have to leave soon, for her next journey to Neo Sweeden. She told him that the Captive Gundam was in the Widowed Warehouse by the forest and bid him farewell.

Misao left at nightfall and headed towards Neo Sweeden to fight the Isis Gundam. Hortario had given her blueprints of the gundam. It resembled the Noble Gundam from the 13th through 15th gundam fights. It was purple and was equipted with 2 fans, a beam sabre, beam ribbon, 2 vulcan guns, and the Isis Hulu Hoop. The pilot was Maylene Beardsly-Yun Fat. Misao was shocked to find out that Maylene was the daughter of the old Prime Minister of Neo Hong Kong. She told Hortario to find out who was the gundam fighter of Neo Hong Kong now. He quickly showed her blueprints of the Xiuwaxia Gundam which resembled Master Gundam, but more femine like. It had long hair which was black a skirt and the rest was the same as the Master Gundam. The color scheme was black, red, and yellow. She saw a piture of the gundam fighter and it resembled the other pilot for Neo Sweeden. The pilots name was Mayrine Beardsly-Yun Fat. They are twins. Great, said Misao she will be my opponent after Neo Sweeden.