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Transformers Vs GI Joe: War of the Worlds


Written by Sidewinder (aim9snake@hotmail.com), 2006, last revised 2007. Original story by Dreamwave Productions. Characters created and owned by Hasbro and Takara.


TEXT: 9,998,060 BC. The Colossus-- stage for the Gladiatorial Games. Polyhex, Cybertron.

Midnight. The Colossus is an amphitheater where the games are staged for the ruling class' entertainment. Force field projectors encircle the stage to prevent the gladiators from injuring the audience without obscuring their view.

Tonight, the gladiators are the audience. Megatron-- not yet bearing an insignia-- stands in front of a hologram projector in the middle of the coliseum. An unmasked Soundwave stands behind them.

TEXT: Megatron-- undefeated champion of 666 consecutive Gladiatorial Games.

MEGATRON: We Cybertronians are the most powerful beings in this galaxy. We are destined to conquer the galaxy and bring all sentient beings under our rule! But the Autobots-- the ruling class-- are too weak to grasp that destiny. Therefore, let us form a new ruling class to replace the Autobots!

Behind him, Soundwave activates the projector to display the Decepticon insignia, which they'll brand upon their chests.

MEGATRON: Let us be Decepticons-- Conquerors!

The gladiators raise their fists, claws, and weapons in salute.

GLADIATORS: Hail the Mighty Megatron, hail! Let us be Decepticons-- Conquerors!

Scourge stands in the crowd, raising his claws and cheering with the other gladiators.

SCOURGE: His charisma is as great as you calculated. His pride is also as great, making him as easy to manipulate as you calculated.

ALPHA Q-PESTILENCE (RADIO): The Master will be pleased. Continue your observations and report any new developments to me.

SCOURGE: Yes, Milord.


TEXT: 8,998,060 BC. Iacon Energon Depot 01. Iacon, Cybertron.

Sunrise. Six Decepticons-- including Megatron and Shockwave-- stand in a building, behind a Cybertronian's burning frame. Their weapons target three Cybertronians-- Orion, who transforms into a tractor; Ariel; and Dion-- standing in front of a vault.

MEGATRON: Decepticons, attack!

Orion's laser pistol targets Megatron's head.

TEXT: Orion Pax-- energy storage systems engineer, Depot 01.

ORION: You shall not pass!

Megatron shoots first to sever Orion's right arm, throwing him against the floor.

ORION: Argh!

MEGATRON: Nothing will stand in the way of my destiny.

ARIEL: Leave him alone!

DION: Ariel, no!

Ariel launches herself into the air, towards Megatron. The Decepticon doesn't bother to turn his head and face her; he simply raises his right arm, fires the fusion cannon, and blasts a hole in Ariel's breastplate.

ARIEL: Ahhhh!

ORION: Monster!

Orion's left arm pushes against the floor to let him sit upright; then he reaches for the pistol. Megatron shoots and hits Orion's face, throwing him against a wall.

ORION: Ahhhh!

Megatron leads the Decepticons past the dying Autobots; his cannon blasts open the vault door.

MEGATRON: Seize the energon! Destroy anything that's in our way!

Dion runs to Orion's side.

Shockwave spins, his left forearm-mounted laser cannon rising to target Dion, who examines Orion's shattered face. Shockwave doesn't shoot-- Dion isn't a threat-- but his cannon still targets Dion as he backs into the vault.

DION: Brother! Brother, respond! Respond!

He transforms into a heavy equipment transporter, extends his robot arms to put Orion and Ariel on his back, and drives out of the building.

Dion drives to a repair center-- a Cybertronian "hospital"-- full of damaged robots. "Nurse" robots are hovering to and from repair chambers-- designed to repair the most severe damages-- to monitor the conditions of those inside. Trion-- the only robot bearing an Autobot insignia-- and a several nurses walk among the robots whose are damages are relatively less severe, performing repairs. Dion drives around the damaged robots lying on the floor, towards Trion.

DION: Help!

TEXT: Alpha Trion-- mechanic. Former member of the Autobot Council of Elders.

TRION: I'm sorry, but all available repair chambers are in use. If those robots need repairs, I advise you to take them to the next functional repair center-- it's 75 kilometers away.

DION: Their sparks will extinguish in the time it takes to travel that distance! I beg you, please, at least perform a diagnostic.

Trion examines Orion.

TRION: Hmmm... His spark burns with extraordinary luminance. Very well, I'll sustain his spark, but this will require a complete overhaul of his frame. In the meantime, please provide assistance with the repairs.

DION: Yes, Sir.

Trion opens the armored door to his laboratory. Four nurses place Orion and Ariel on two "hospital beds" and move them into the lab. Dion transforms to watch the door close; then he turns to face a nurse who put her hand on his shoulder.

Dion helps transport tools and repair parts from the storage rooms, to the nurses repairing the damaged robots, until sunset. Then the lab door opens. Dion turns to see Trion exit.

TRION: The overhauls have been completed. Now they are the first of our new defenders. Ariel...

Elita, now bearing the Autobot insignia, exits the lab.

ELITA: Call me "Elita One."

She turns to face Optimus-- his face scarred by battlefield damage repairs, his pauldrons bearing the Autobot insignia-- who marches through the doorway.

DION: Orion?

OPTIMUS: My designation is now "Optimus"-- and I swear by the Matrix, I won't rest until Megatron's reign of terror has ended and the Decepticons are brought to justice.


TEXT: 5,998,060 BC. The Second Battle of Iacon.

The city is now a battlefield; artillery shells and bombs cratered the streets, bombed smaller buildings to rubble, and defaced larger buildings. The only light sources are the soldiers' optics, the laser sights on their weapons, and flashes from gunfire and explosions.

A Decepticon soldier approaches a barricade in front of a road. Sentinel's head and shoulders rise from behind the barricade; his laser rifle blasts a hole in the Decepticon's chest.


Sentinel jumps onto the barricade.

TEXT: Sentinel Prime-- Autobot Commander-in-Chief (rank: 10).

SENTINEL: Autobots, roll out!

He jumps off the barricade, transforms into an armored fighting vehicle, and races down the road. Autobot soldiers-- including Optimus, wearing a mask to cover his scars-- follow him. Missiles and laser beams suddenly rain on them.


He collapses onto the road, in stasis lock.

SENTINEL: Take cover!

The Autobots take cover in craters, in alleys, and behind rubble piles as Razorwing drones-- Laserbeak's frame will be based on theirs-- dive to attack them. Two Autobots are blasted to pieces.

Optimus shoots at a Razorwing's chest, but the laser beams fail to penetrate its armor. The drone dives, firing two missiles at Optimus. Optimus' laser rifle fires three times to intercept the missiles and hit the Razorwing's neck joint, beheading it; the headless drone flies over his head, crashes behind him, and explodes.

OPTIMUS: I need heavier weapons.


Booster rockets launch the Tyrannosaurus into the air. He bites a drone's neck to behead it.

The headless drone crashes beside Optimus, who turns to the landing Grimlock.

OPTIMUS: Trace the drones' transmissions to their controller, and destroy him!

Grimlock's head turns to an alley between the ruins of two buildings.

GRIMLOCK: Controller run! Controller no hide from Grimlock!

He transforms to vehicle mode and races down the alley.

A mobile command center drives behind the frontline. Inside the armored hovercraft, Soundwave sits behind a drone control console. The drones' locations are highlighted on a map of the battlefield; eight monitors, six of which receive images from the drones, flank the map.

Grimlock appears in front of the hovercraft. The turret-mounted plasma cannon on his back blasts a hole in the hovercraft cockpit, killing the pilot to stop the hovercraft.

The hovercraft's momentum throws Soundwave's head against the map, cracking the monitor.


Shockwave, in fighter mode, fires four missiles to destroy four Autobots. His telepathic link with Soundwave lets him feel the other Decepticon's fear.


He turns away from the frontline and accelerates.

In the hovercraft, Soundwave draws a laser pistol and aims it at the rear door. Grimlock rockets through the hovercraft roof to pin Soundwave against the floor.


GRIMLOCK: Decepticon coward, no courage to fight true warrior! Grimlock punish coward!

Grimlock's jaws lock around Soundwave's face. Soundwave shoots, scorching the Tyrannosaurus' armor.


His head rises to tear off Soundwave's face and expose the metal skull.


Shockwave dives towards the hovercraft, fires his cannon, and scorches Grimlock's turret roof.


He turns to Shockwave, ready to attack.

Soundwave's chest compartment opens to reveal four missile launch tubes. He fires five missiles at point-blank range to hit Grimlock's chest, blasting him out of the hovercraft. Shockwave transforms and shoots again, scorching Grimlock's head armor.

GRIMLOCK: Grrrr! Grimlock crush you later!

Booster rockets launch him into the air, away from the brothers.

Shockwave races to Soundwave's side.

SHOCKWAVE: Do not be concerned, Brother. I will repair--

Soundwave raises a hand, silencing him.

SOUNDWAVE: Do not repair my face. I will bear the damage as proof of my courage.

At the frontline, Sentinel's company launches a frontal attack as Optimus' company launches a flanking attack against Decepticon positions.

Booster rockets launch Omega-- a giant robot with a left forearm-mounted plasma cannon-- from a Decepticon position. The giant lands in the middle of Sentinel's company, crushing a four Autobots under his feet.

AUTOBOT 1: Argh!

AUTOBOT 2: Ahhhh!

AUTOBOT 3: We're all going to die!

The Autobots flee. Sentinel turns rearwards to target Omega.

SENTINEL: An Omega class sentinel?!

Omega blasts Sentinel in half.


AUTOBOT 4: Commander!

He leads seven Autobots towards Sentinel, determined to defend his commander. Omega shoots twice, killing all approaching Autobots.

Megatron leads a company-- including Scourge-- towards Sentinel, who raises his rifle to shoot. Megatron grabs the rifle and pulls it out of Sentinel's right hand, breaking the fingers.


Megatron grips the captured rifle, butt strokes Sentinel, and breaks open the chest compartment-- a Matrix casing. His cannon targets Sentinel's head as he throws Sentinel's rifle behind him-- Scourge catches the rifle, examines it, and stows it as his war trophy-- and pulls the Matrix out of its casing.


MEGATRON: Your armor is surprisingly weak for a warrior. I almost wish you Autobots don't die so easily; an easy victory would never satisfy the audiences of the Gladiatorial Games.

SCOURGE: Destroy the Matrix, the Autobot Commander's symbol of authority. Soon the Autobots will join it in the void, and your victory will be complete.

MEGATRON: Victory is incomplete without slaves to kneel before me. Now the Matrix is mine, the Decepticon Commander's symbol of authority-- I'll make the Autobots submit to me.

He smiles, opens his chest compartment, and puts the Matrix inside.

SCOURGE: No, you cannot...!

Megatron backhands his forehead, slamming him against the road.

SCOURGE: Shriek!

MEGATRON: Silence! You have no power over me!

Omega turns to the right; he hears mechanical sounds.

Optimus' vehicle mode uses a rubble pile as a ramp to launch himself into the air, towards Omega's head. Omega turns to shoot the transforming Optimus, but is too slow; Optimus' left hand holds onto the giant's gorget as his rifle, set to "OVERLOAD", fires a burst at point-blank range to behead Omega. The headless giant falls, crushing a dozen Decepticons under his body.



Optimus lands on his feet, throwing the red-hot rifle at Megatron's head to distract the Decepticon. Megatron thinks the thrown rifle is an artillery shell; he ducks.


Optimus draws a pistol, shoots, and scorches Megatron's chest armor.

MEGATRON: Decepticons, retreat!

He and Scourge transform to vehicle mode and flee.

SENTINEL: Optimus, first of a new class of Autobots... recruited from the worker class, and innocent of the Council of Elders' sins... of arrogance towards the workers under their supervision, of greed for resources on planets inhabited by sentient biologicals...

Optimus races to Sentinel's side.

OPTIMUS: Stop transmitting and conserve your energy. I'll perform battlefield damage repairs and--

Sentinel's hand rises to silence him.

SENTINEL: No, soon I shall be one with the Matrix, the Allspark... I shall be free, for Megatron cannot control the sparks within it. But the Matrix must be recovered and passed on to an Autobot Commander, as it was passed on to me, for one day a savior shall rise from Cybertron and, with the powers of the Matrix, light our darkest hour.

A hatch on the back of his neck opens to reveal an interface plug. Sentinel extends the interface cable as he raises the plug towards Optimus.

SENTINEL: Download the command codes. Command the Autobots to recover the Matrix, and with it, bring light to Cybertron.

OPTIMUS: Yes, Commander.

A hatch on the back of his neck opens. Optimus inserts the plug, and sees 10,000 stars uniting to form one whose light fills his vision-- the Allspark.


SENTINEL: Until that day... until all are one...

His hand releases the plug; he's dead.

OPTIMUS: I won't rest until freedom is restored to all sentient beings.


TEXT: 3,998,060 BC. The Decagon-- Autobot Defense Force Headquarters. Iacon.

In the command center, Optimus-- a missile launcher fixed to his collarbones, the tubes mounted over his head-- Prowl, and Ironhide stand around a hologram projector displaying the image of a spaceship with golden radiation shielding-- the Ark. Optimus turns to see Jazz enter the room and transform in front of him.

OPTIMUS: Did you find anything, Jazz?

JAZZ: Negative. Sector 001 is darker than the Skywarp's armor.

IRONHIDE: That's no surprise. 5,000,000 years of war--

PROWL: Correction, 6,000,000 years. Your data is incomplete; the war began when the Decepticons launched a surprise attack on the Capitol, killing every member of the Autobot Council of Elders.

IRONHIDE: Your data is incomplete; Alpha Trion survived--

PROWL: Alpha Trion resigned from the council before the attack; therefore, the Decepticons didn't target him during the attack.

IRONHIDE: Alpha may have resigned from the council to protest the corruption of certain elders, but--

OPTIMUS: Let's focus on the present. As the war rages on and depletes Cybertron's energy and material resources, both sides find themselves depleted of another resource-- time. We must launch an expedition to find new sources of energy and materials, or the void will be the sole victor of this war.

PROWL: Launching such an expedition will require 45 to 60% of our remaining energon supplies. If it fails--

IRONHIDE: We'll die anyways if we don't take the risk. When do we launch?

In an underground spaceport linked to the Decagon through a secret passageway, Autobots are preparing the Ark for launch. Laserbeak hides in the spaceport roof beams, watching Elita, Slag, and Silverbolt enter stasis pods to reduce consumption of the Ark's limited energon supplies during the expedition.


TEXT: Crown of Stars-- Megatron's castle. Polyhex.

In the command center, Megatron, Shockwave, and Soundwave-- a mask covering his exposed skull-- stare at a monitor displaying images transmitted by Laserbeak.

MEGATRON: If new resources are to be found, the Decepticons must find them first.

SOUNDWAVE: The Autobot expeditionary vessel is set to launch, Megatron.

MEGATRON: As are we.

He turns face to Shockwave.

MEGATRON: Shockwave!

SHOCKWAVE: What is your command, Megatron?

MEGATRON: I entrust the continued mission on Cybertron to you, Shockwave.

SHOCKWAVE: Understood, Megatron. I will not rest until the entire planet is under Decepticon control.

In the hangar, Starscream and Skywarp are dueling with swords. Skywarp fires his forearm-mounted machine guns and mini-missiles, trying to create an opening for his saber. The attacks are useless; Starscream parries the incoming shells and missiles with one saber as he attacks with the second saber, driving Skywarp towards a wall.

Skywarp teleports, reappears behind Starscream, and slashes to project kenki (sword's breath)-- psychokinetic energy conducted through the sword. Starscream slashes behind his back to parry the attack, glides backwards, and thrusts so his saber touches Skywarp's gorget.


STARSCREAM: Don't depend upon a single skill, or it will become useless as your enemies develop countermeasures to that skill.

SKYWARP: Yes... Master.

Chromia enters the hangar and bows to Starscream.

TEXT: Starscream, Skywarp, and Chromia-- mercenaries in Decepticon service.

CHROMIA: Commander, Megatron demands we prepare for battle and participate in an upcoming mission.

Skywarp demonstrates his swordsmanship-- spinning the sword in his hands, throwing it over his head and under his shoulders before catching it-- as he speaks.

SKYWARP: Megatron can demand Cybertron to be renamed in his honor, but he doesn't have the strength to enforce any of his demands. The faction that chose the Master of the Terror Soaring Saber as their commander would've been victorious; the war would've ended eons before energy supplies became a critical.

Starscream psychokinetically pulls the sword out of Skywarp's hand, into his own.

STARSCREAM: Yes, eventually we of the Terror Soaring Saber will be powerful enough to takeover a faction. But patience; timing is critical in executing such plans.

He throws the sword over Skywarp's head; Skywarp smiles as he catches it.


TEXT: Ark 010-- Autobot assault ship. Former flagship of the Cybertron Colonial Defense Fleet. Current location-- the Solar System.

The ship flies past the asteroid belt. In the main bridge on the Ark's top level-- an auxiliary bridge is on the Ark's lowest level-- Prowl's monitor projects, "WARNING: BOGIE DETECTED" over an image of a Decepticon dreadnought.

PROWL: Unidentified capital ship detected, 12 o'clock!

Optimus' monitor zooms in on the Decepticon insignia on the dreadnought.

OPTIMUS: Decepticons!

TEXT: Nemesis-- Decepticon dreadnought. Future flagship of the Decepticon Expeditionary Fleet.

In the bridge, Starscream's monitor reads, "WARNING: LASER LOCK".

STARSCREAM: The Ark's weapons are targeting us. I advise we take the first shot.

MEGATRON: No, I must have the data they've gathered. Tractor beam, armed! Target, the Ark! Fire!

The Nemesis' tractor beam projector "lassos" the Ark; then the dreadnought's retractable boarding tube extends, attaching to the main bridge.

PROWL: The Nemesis has attached a boarding tube to the Ark!

OPTIMUS: Battle stations! Prepare to engage boarders!

In the boarding tube, Starscream's saber cuts a circle in the Ark's hull before psychokinetically pushing the cutout into the Ark's bridge; the armor plate slams Prowl against a console, crushing it.

PROWL: Argh!

The monitor reads, "WARNING: *** SYSTEM INOP" before it shutoffs; the Autobots don't know what system is now inoperable.

The Autobots turn to rain missiles, shells, plasma and laser beams on Starscream, but the mercenary parries the attacks as he enters the bridge.

STARSCREAM: Fight harder, Autobots! Let this battle make our energon surge!

He steps aside to let other Decepticons pass. Megatron leads the other Decepticons into the bridge.

MEGATRON: Decepticons, attack!

Optimus somersaults backwards out of his chair to kick Megatron, pinning Megatron to the floor.


He shoots Optimus' chest, throwing Optimus against the ceiling.

OPTIMUS: Megatron!

He lands on his feet. Megatron rises and targets his chest. Optimus dives under the line of fire, lunges, and slams his shoulder against Megatron's abdomen. Megatron's elbow slams down, breaking an antenna on Optimus' head. Optimus' uppercut dents Megatron's faceplate. Megatron knows he'll be caught in the blast radius if he shoots Optimus at point-blank range; they engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Skywarp rockets into the bridge. Prowl shoots at him; Skywarp parries the incoming laser beams, covering Chromia as she enters.

Starscream kicks Prowl's head, throwing him against the ceiling.

SKYWARP: Ask Starscream to teach you the Terror Soaring Saber.

Chromia's forearm-mounted cannons fire, scorching Ironhide's armor.

CHROMIA: I prefer long-range attacks.

Ironhide's rifle (a mortar in direct fire mode) shoots. Chromia's cannon intercepts the incoming shells; she frowns in frustration.

SKYWARP: You cannot always keep your enemies at a distance.

He teleports behind Ironhide and slashes, cracking Ironhide's backplate.


He falls onto the floor, apparently in stasis lock.

Starscream and Skywarp glide towards Grimlock as Chromia targets the Tyrannosaurus. Giant hands-- Skyfire's-- reach through the floor to grab Starscream and Skywarp's legs.



His sabers point downwards to stab Skyfire's finger joints, trying to make Skyfire release them. Skyfire's torso rises from the level beneath the bridge-- the holes in the bridge floor enlarge until they combine into one big hole-- so he can see the boarding tube. He squeezes Starscream and Skywarp, cracking their leg armor to stop them from stabbing his finger joints.


Skyfire throws them into the boarding tube.

CHROMIA: Commander!

Her cannons rain shells on Skyfire.

Grimlock rams Chromia's right side to pin her against a wall; the Tyrannosaurus' jaws lock around her forearm, crushing it.


Her left cannon fires at point-blank range. Grimlock's right optic shutters to protect it; the cannon shells scorch the side of his head.

GRIMLOCK: Roarrrr!

He throws Chromia into an empty stasis pod, which functions as an emergency escape pod. He shoots the pod, piercing the hatch and Chromia's breastplate.


The monitor on the pod hatch reads, "LAUNCH FAILURE" as she enters stasis lock.

Optimus grabs Megatron's right forearm, pushing the fusion cannon towards the ceiling so he cannot shoot back.

A compartment on Megatron's left calf opens to reveal a power dagger. Megatron grips the dagger, raising it to stab Optimus. The Matrix suddenly reacts against Megatron's spark, corrupted by Unicron's influence.


He drops the dagger, shivering in pain as the Matrix's light burns a fist-sized hole in his chest armor. Optimus lifts Megatron off his feet, carrying him towards the hole Starscream cut.

Bumblebee hears mechanical sounds coming from the boarding tube, turns around, and fires his laser pistol at the approaching Soundwave, whose arm rises to block the incoming beams.

Soundwave ignores the beams reflecting off his vambrace as he fires two missiles at Bumblebee's chest, throwing the Autobot into the air.


He crashes into the "windshield"-- a monitor displaying images from the prow-mounted cameras-- and enters stasis lock. Soundwave targets Optimus.

SOUNDWAVE: Release Megatron!

OPTIMUS: You asked for it.

He throws Megatron at Soundwave, slamming both Decepticons backwards into the boarding tube.


Optimus fires missiles into the tube, blasting holes in Megatron's armor.


The missile detonations loosen the boarding tube's attachment points; both ships shake as they separate.


He falls back down the hole, on his back in the level beneath the bridge. The shaking becomes violent, breaking armor plates off the Ark.

OPTIMUS: What's happening?

Ironhide's monitor displays Earth's image.

IRONHIDE: What the...?

Prowl runs to Ironhide's side to see the monitor.

PROWL: The star system's third planet-- we're in its gravity well!

OPTIMUS: Crash positions!

The Autobots brace themselves as the Ark enters Earth's atmosphere, followed by the Nemesis.


SETTING: Crown of Stars.

In the command center, Scourge faces Alpha Q-- a cyborg with four faces beneath a golden skullcap, two muscular arms, and six mechanical tentacles beneath his body.

ALPHA Q-FAMINE: Where is Shockwave?

SCOURGE: He's leading the attack on the Autobot Capitol.

ALPHA Q-FAMINE: Can he be controlled?

SCOURGE: No, Shockwave is too calculating to be swayed by appeals to his pride as a warrior, as Megatron was-- he serves the Decepticons because his logic dictates the Cybertronians, as the most powerful beings born of this galaxy, should bring all sentient beings under their rule. What are the Master's orders?

Alpha Q's head rotates past the Face of War, to the Face of Pestilence.

ALPHA Q-PESTILENCE: We have the schematics for Megatron's shuttle; we can easily build an exact copy. We will clone Megatron.

Unicron's face is projected onto his skullcap.

UNICRON: I will grant the clone the spark of life; in serving the clone, the Decepticons serve me.

Scourge bows to Unicron's face.

SCOURGE: Yes, Master. Your power is infinite, your will be done in this galaxy as it is in the void.