G. I. Joe Fan Fiction ❯ A Snake with a Temper ❯ Chapter 8: Again with the Cold, Temper is Alpha ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8: Again with the Cold, Temper is Alpha

Heavy Duty and Scarlett paced in the cell while Breaker was trying to get some French men to not touch his technology. Ripcord sat in silence, at a loss about what to do with Duke captured.
"Nice going, Slick," Heavy Duty blamed Ripcord.

"It's not his fault, he's just emotional," Scarlett defended him. "Here let me look at that." Scarlett reach for Ripcord's head, but he pulled away and refused to make eye contact.

"I'm fine," Ripcord said.

"Just trying to help." Scarlett put both hands up. A door opened and she turned her attention away from the injured soldier. "General!" Scarlett walked to one of the glass walls of the cell. General Hawk rolled up to the container in his wheelchair.

"The French have agreed to let you all go," Hawk informed, "on the condition that none of you return. Ever."

"Never?" Breaker asked.

"Could be worse," Heavy Duty admitted.

"What do you mean never? Like never ever?" Breaker asked in denial.

"There's more," Hawk started. Breaker was clearly upset. "All of you have been recalled by your respected head of state. Team Alpha is to return to the Pit."

"What about Duke?" Ripcord questioned. The General said nothing as French soldiers let them out of the glass cage.
They all walked out of France's Anti-Terror Facility. Scarlett and Breaker looked over the last image they pulled from a dead Cobra agent. They calculated that McCullen, in the picture, was at the polar icecap. The team looked at Hawk for the go ahead.

"I said you've been ordered back to the Pit. But I didn't say when and I didn't say which route to take," Hawk told them.

"Maybe a northern one?" Scarlett suggested. As four talked amongst themselves, Hawk wheeled his way over to Snake Eyes.

"A few hours ago I sent a team out to a remote location in Africa where an operative of ours went missing. They found blood, but not enough to show that the Joe is dead," Hawk informed. "I have reason to believe this person is being taken to the Cobra facility you are about to go to. I need you to find her and get her back." Snake Eyes tensed at the word, 'her. "Can you do this for me?" Snake Eyes nodded in confirmation.
Down under the ice, a submarine was getting closer to the Cobra base. The Alpha Team looked at an image of the schematics, pinpointing a way in.

In the base, Temper was waking up to Tommy wrapping her shoulder in gauze. He looked at her and smiled.

"Temper," he spat out, his smile still danced on his face. "How have you been?"

"Skip the formalities. How did you find me?"

Storm Shadow clicked his tongue and shook his head disapprovingly. "Still lacking manners. If you must know, I saw you at the Pit when you were helping the injured. You really did not think I would see you?"

"I was hoping you wouldn't."

"Well, judging by the way Snake Eyes fought after I brought up your name, you two must have something going on."

"Jealous?" Temper taunted.

"At one time I would have been," he admitted, "but I had to remind myself of our sibling relationship."

"No," she answered.

"There isn't something?" he asked. All she did was nod and tried to sit up, but ended up falling back down onto the mattress she was placed on. She cried out in agony from the pain radiating from her shoulder. "You were shot," Storm Shadow informed her. Tommy rose to a standing position and gathered his weapons. "I'll be back soon, I wouldn't try to escape," Tommy warned. He walked over to the door, then turned and said, "But if you do, there is a katana under the bed. One that you've been waiting for." With that he left her alone.

She bent over the side of the bed and reached for the sword. The hilt was wrapped with black leather, the sheath was black as well with the red Arashikage symbol at the top. She pulled the blade out of its sheath to see it fully sharpened, the blade also carrying the clan symbol. It was an exact twin to the one she had under her bed. She got out of the bed and inspected her clothing; a black bandeau wrapped her chest and black spandex shorts covered all the important parts, but still left almost nothing to the imagination as the rest of her body was exposed. She looked around and saw her black cargo pants, which she immediately put on and searched until she found one of Tommy's white shirts that was way too big on her, but it had to do. She looked out the small porthole window in the door and saw two Vipers standing in the way of her freedom. Quickly she opened the door, but before they could turn around, they met her blade and dropped to the floor.

Temper made through the halls, strapping the sheath to her back. She cut down any Cobra workers she came across. As she stepped around the corner she raised her sword and put it up to a man's throat as he did to her. She gasped in surprise.

"Snake Eyes," she breathed out in relief.

We need to move, Ripcord was sent out to bring down the two remaining warheads that were launched and the base is going into a self destruct sequence.

She nodded and ran along side him, the two of them worked together to fight a group of Vipers when Scarlett passed them and shouted, "Snake Eyes we need to go!" She looked behind him, "Temper?" The two ninjas ran to her and the three of them raced out of the base.

"Long story," Temper summed up. They piled into the elevator and lifted off to the surface. "How's Duke and Ripcord?"

"Duke's fine and Ripcord is in Washington D.C. getting arrested," Scarlett said, "again." Temper raised an eyebrow at that. "Long story," Scarlett repeated Temper's line.

Temper smirked. They ran out to the snow vehicles when the doors opened and Temper hopped on behind Snake Eyes. They all went under the ice once again to the G.I. Joe submarine.

Duke arrested the Cobra Commander, James McCullen, now going by Destro, and Mind Bender who had tried to inject Duke with nanomites. Temper watched as Ana finally forgave Duke for the death of her younger brother, who, as Temper knew, was really Ana's adopted brother. Ana was put in a remote research facility on the water where she would get help from doctors to remove the nanomites that she had been injected with.
Hawk had told Duke and Ripcord that they had both been recommended to stay permanently, which they gave Hawk grief about, saying that they had to be asked. Temper chuckled at their antics.

"So," Scarlett started, getting the attention of a now fully healed General Hawk, "can Temper be in her rightful place?"

"With us," Heavy Duty clarified. Hawk looked at Temper and smiled, an act that she returned.

"Well in that case, the Alpha Team has three new members," Hawk said. They all boarded the plane and got ready for take off. The seven of them. The Alpha Team.