G. I. Joe Fan Fiction ❯ A Snake with a Temper ❯ Chapter 13: Leaving Home ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 13: Leaving Home

"So, the question game again?" Temper asked. She and Snake Eyes sat in the back of the restaurant, shielded from the view of everybody else.

Sure, who goes first? he questioned.

"You can if you want."

This place that you grew up in, who did you interact with?

"Only the masters, one came for days at a time, trained me, left, and another one took their place. Other than them, I didn't know anyone else. They sometimes took me out into the city, but those field trips were few and far between. What did you do after Tommy?"

I stayed at the temple and finished my training. When I turned seventeen I joined the military. What are you going to eat? Temper looked over menu then closed it.

"Whatever you're getting, do you like seafood?"


Their waiter came over to the table and pulled out a pad and a pen. "Can I get you guys drinks?" he asked.

Just water, Snake Eyes signed. Temper translated and ordered for herself.

"I would like water as well," she informed the waiter.

"And are you ready to order?" the man asked. Once again Snake Eyes signed and Temper translated. The waiter nodded and said, "I'll have that out as soon as it's ready." Temper turned back to Snake Eyes.

"Your turn," she told him.

Most hated food? Temper scrunched her nose.

"Tofu, an overload of mayonnaise, and pickles. What about you?"

I have to agree with you on the pickles. Tofu isn't that bad is it?

"Yes," she said seriously and nodded.

Snake Eyes told Temper about his time in the military, the good and the bad. She stayed content with just learning about him. Any time he asked a question about her past she gave a short answer and avoided details. He understood that it would take time for her to talk about it and left the subject alone. The waiter brought the food, as promised. Temper asked more questions and they stayed for another hour before Snake Eyes looked at the time. 11:03, probably time to start heading back, he thought.

You ready to leave?

Temper nodded and got up as he did. They walked out the back entrance and made their way to the temple. As they neared the walls Snake Eyes kept walking to the back of the temple.

"Where are we going?" Temper asked.

Back entrance, he stated. He lead her to the back of the temple wall and jumped to the top. He then reached down and hoisted her up to the top with him and, holding her bridal style, jumped down to the ground. Temper watched in amazement as he did everything with ease.

The two went inside and snuck through the rooms until they went through the dining hall.

How much sleep have you been getting recently?

"Well you know, you're with me all night," she replied, looking toward the ground.

I mean before that, how much sleep have you been getting? Her throat became dry as she watched his hands.

"Not a lot," she admitted, "it just helps with someone near."


"PTSD," she corrected.

It's not uncommon for soldiers.

"I wasn't a soldier when I killed them Snake Eyes." Tears swelled in her eyes and her throat seemed to be tightening. Her entire body tense as memories plagued her mind. Snake Eyes grabbed her by the arms and guided her into his room.

What do you mean?

"When I was with Tommy, I was working with him. At the time I was working with him he was working with Cobra, I didn't know at first until I met the Cobra Commander. It was the first and last time I met the Commander. Tommy knew how much he unnerved me." Temper shivered at the thought of seeing the man again. "The things we were asked to do," she breathed out.

How old were you?

"The first time? Thirteen, it was in the first year I was with him." Snake Eyes tensed and clenched his fist, he wanted to hit Tommy for being so stupid as to let her kill someone at such a young age. He should know the repercussions, Snake Eyes thought bitterly.

That was Tommy's fault, he shouldn't have dragged you into that.

"But I did it, I could've run or" she could not find the words to say.

Temperance, he signed, he grabbed her chin lightly and turned it, making her look directly at him. It's over. What you did for the Joes is your atonement. Just don't make everything in vain. Temper nodded.

"Can I sleep here tonight?" she asked.

Of course you can.

"You wouldn't mind if I just stayed here and shed some clothing?"

He shook his head and she turned and walked to her side of the bed while taking her top off. She left the bandeau on and took off her shoes and jeans. Snake Eyes gulped and watch as she undressed. He shook his head and turned away as she took off her pants. When he looked back he saw her already slipping under the covers and getting comfortable. She laid on her right side, watching him. "Your turn." He smirked at her and started to undress, leaving only his boxers on, and got into bed next to her. "Any more questions?" she asked.

Good first date?

"Amazing first date."

Despite the fact that I resurfaced bad memories?

"I don't blame you for asking, I know why you did. So yes, still amazing, but there is one problem," she told him with a mischievous glint in her eyes and a smirk on her face.

And what would that be?

"While it was amazing, I have no basis of comparison. I mean, how can we really know right?" He smiled at her, realizing what she was getting at.

Another date? She nodded vigorously. Soon, not now, but soon, he promised. She smiled and closed her eyes, falling asleep.