G. I. Joe Fan Fiction ❯ A Snake with a Temper ❯ Chapter 14 Continued ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"You alright?" Duke asked Flint, though he was still in a state of shock. "Alright, c'mon, we gotta go," Duke urged, lifted the man up to his feet and pushing him to a running pace towards the trucks. "Go, go, go!" They took cover behind a vehicle not too far from the rest, but they were still to open for comfort. "You good?" Duke questioned as Flint collapsed.

Flint nodded deftly in response. "Look we gotta get you covered!" Duke looked over the hood of the car to see an oncoming helicopter shooting the ground, coming straight for them. "Incoming! Incoming! Go, go, go!" Duke yelled, shoving Flint to line of trucks.

Temper saw what Duke was seeing and realized what was happening. Duke tripped and fell, pushing Flint forward and to the ground, away from the truck he was then laying by as the rain of bullets came. Adrenaline surged through Temper's body as she ran to the two men. All Flint could do was watch as one lucky bullet went through, hit the engine, a body rushed past him, and the truck blew up sky high. Fire engulfed the scene before him. Lady Jaye and Roadblock turned their heads to the sound, only to see Flint down and a truck still rolling from the burst of momentum.

"Duke, come in!" Lady Jaye called through the comm. system. It seemed as if the full impact of the loss hit Roadblock immediately, he could not breath.

"DUKE!" Flint yelled, backing away from the fire. "Duke!" Snapping out of it, Roadblock ran to Lady Jaye's position

"Get to cover now!" Roadblock ordered Lady Jaye as she was about to step into the open. Flint gathered his sanity, or least a semblance of it, and ran to the two Joes. More bodies fell, dead or wounded. "Get to the well, go!" Roadblock instructed the two running in front of him.

"Pull back!" a man yelled, some distance away. Roadblock shot at the enemies, nothing seemed to bring the aircraft down. Realizing it was futile, Roadblock ran after Flint and Lady Jaye, following their path and jumped into the well as all hell came down in the form of missiles and fire cover the ground.
Choking they all came up for air and looked up at the night sky. Foot steps and voices approached their hiding spot. As they heard the sounds come closer they ducked under the murky water and waited. Bullets whizzed through the water, but none touched the three. Roadblock motioned up with his finger and slowly came up to see if the coast was clear. He heard the retreating sounds of the helicopters. When the sun came up they devised a plan. Going back to back they linked arms, pushed their backs against each other, put all feet on the wall and slowly but surely made their ascension to the above ground.

"Alright," Roadblock said as the neared the mouth of the well. "On three," he warned them. They prepared for it. "One two three!" At the same time they all jumped towards Roadblock's side of the well. Roadblock hoisted himself up. Lady Jaye and Flint pulled themselves up using Roadblock's body and the wall. They all coughed, their throat and lungs filling with smoke and ash as they set eyes on the devastating sight. Bodies were burned, punctured by bullets, or both. Roadblock was the first to get up. He went over to a fallen comrade and pulled the dog tags off the body. Flint and Lady Jaye looked around them, seeing nothing that gave them hope.

"We should leave," Flint told him. "There's nothing here." Roadblock shook his head, his body tensed, blood flowed, and shot up off the ground.

"There's nothing left here?!" Roadblock questioned. Lady Jaye came over to the men quickly.

"That's not what he meant," Lady Jaye defended him.

"These are our brothers!" Roadblock shouted.

"That's not what he meant," she repeated. Flint walked away, head down. Lady Jaye looked Roadblock in the eye.

"Whoever did this is gonna come back we need to move," Lady Jaye advised. "You are our leader now."

"We head due east until we're clear. We're gonna find the man who did this to Duke and our brothers and we're gonna kill 'em," Roadblock informed.

"Brothers and a sister," Flint corrected. Roadblock glanced to Flint with a questioning look. "Look around Temper isn't here, I saw her go to Duke, she was caught in the fire of the explosion. They both were," Flint explained. Roadblock stared at the ground before kneeling, grabbing a gun, and putting it in the ground, the butt of the gun going up to the sky.

"Get all the dog tags you can," Roadblock ordered, "and any supplies." Flint did as he was asked. Lady Jaye stayed where she was for a few seconds.

"Are you going to tell Snake Eyes?" she asked.

"He's going to find out eventually, might as well be from me then someone else."