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Love or War
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Chapter 1:
A New Student and the Big Fight
6:20 am…
Mikan was running going to the classroom when she ran into someone.
“Sorry Miss. Are you okay?” said the guy.
The guy helped her up. Mikan cleans her skirt and looks at her watch.
“Oh no, I'm late! Hotaru…I'm gonna kill you for this…” muttered Mikan.
Mikan started to run but the guy catches her hand.
“A-ah…S-sorry...” muttered the guy blushing then lets go of Mikan's hand.
“…M-may I know your name?” asked the guy to Mikan who was running in place.
“SorryI'mbusySeeyalaterBye!!!!” answered Mikan w/o breathing.
After that, Mikan runs quickly leaving the guy in question.
`Hnm…what a strange little creature, awfully cute yet……… KYA!!!! Bad thoughts go away!!!!' thought the guy, named Kousuke.
Meanwhile, Mikan arrived their classroom panting. She burst the door open not knowing what to say to her teacher.
“NARUMI-SENSEI! I'M SO SORRY I'M LATE I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN! GOMENASAI!” exclaimed Mikan bowing and was almost losing her breath.
“Mikan-chan daijobu ka?” asked a confused Anna who was staring at the brunette-haired girl.
As soon as Mikan heard what Anna said, she immediately lifted up her head and looked around the classroom. To her surprise no teacher was to be found and there were only a few of her classmates.
“A-ah…I think this thing's broken” said Mikan looking at her Piyo watch.
After awhile, the room was already full of students but still no teacher.
“Ohayou, Hotaruuuuu…” the 14 year old Mikan shouted as she ran and plunged onto her best friend's shoulder, Imai Hotaru.
But before she could do so...
………………………&# 8230;… WHACK!!!BAKA!!BAKA!!............................................
…….. The Baka bazooka, an upgrade of the Baka gun pounded her…………
“Don't touch me you creep…” uttered Hotaru.
“Why you…Hotaruuu…your so meannn…!” exclaimed Mikan, steam coming out from her ears.
Suddenly, her hair went on fire. Mikan let out a loud scream….
“IYAHHHHH…put it off, put it off,…Put it offff…!” exclaimed Mikan running back and forth.
Then, she was shot by Hotaru's invention….. the elephant hose…(I just made that name)…. She was soaking wet and the room was full of laughter. She faced the person who had the ability to do that, her partner the raven-haired guy with the scary-looking crimson eyes. Yes, the cold and arrogant Hyuuga Natsume who always call her names and who's always bossing her around (besides Hotaru). Mikan who was raging with anger went near Natsume and started attacking him with her words.
“Natsume!!!! You…. You… you jerk…… what was that for?????” said Mikan raging in anger while staring at the crimson eyed guy who was reading a manga.
“Baka, you're so annoying. You're mouth is too loud…….” answered the raven-haired guy without even looking at the exasperated girl in front of him.
“Why you… you're so rude…. I'm talking to you and you're not even looking at me!!! You insolent freak…you jerk…perverted freak…would you shut it w/ all your lame excuses!!! I've had it with you!!!” exclaimed Mikan clenching her fists and glaring at Natsume.
“Tch. Put a sock in it.” answered Natsume calmly, without even taking a single glance at the loud girl who was screaming at her.
“Jerk! Inconsiderate person! You're the most hateful person I've ever met. You're the rudest person in the whole world.” bellowed Mikan.
“At least I'm not some kind of idiot who drops her skirt and lets everyone see her polka-dotted underpants…”said Natsume glaring back at Mikan and letting everybody in the room hear it.
“Why you…” muttered Mikan growling at Natsume.
“…TWIC E!” continued Natsume emphasizing every letter.
Mikan was raging in anger, her face getting all red and steam was coming out from her ears. She clenched her fists getting ready to give Natsume a taste of his own medicine, a very hard punch.
Mikan was about to punch Natsume but suddenly, the door flew open and revealed Narumi, the adviser and teacher of Class-B.
“Everyone pls. settle down and go back to your seats, I have an announcement to make.” said Narumi smiling widely.
Everyone hurried to their respective seats including Mikan who sits beside Natsume…
“…pervert…”said Mikan.
“…idiot…” answered Natsume.
“Ohaiyo Gozaimasu minna! Today, you have a new classmate. Please come in and introduce yourself.” announced Narumi to his class.
Then, a red-haired guy entered. His eyes were blue sparkling sapphires, his complexion was as fair as that of the Americans, his lips can be compared to red rubies and he was sparklingly beautiful. He was a complete bishi. He got everybody's attention especially the girls. Just as he entered, he wrote his name on the board and introduced himself.
“Ohaiyo minna! Fujiwara Kousuke desu, urushkun minna!” introduced the guy.
A brunette-haired girl stood up and greeted him without hesitation.
“Yokozo Gakuen Alice, Kousuke-kun! Sakura Mikan desu. Urushkun ne.”
When Kousuke saw Mikan, he remembered the thing that happened early that morning and the person whom he shared that moment with.
`She's that cute girl awhile ago. So, she's my classmate? This is gonna be interesting.' thought Kousuke.
When Mikan saw Kousuke, she remembered the thing that happened to her early that morning.
“You're that guy awhile ago…”retorted Mikan while pointing at Kousuke.
“…and you're that beautiful girl…”
Mikan raises a brow at the same time blushing.
`What's with him and his words? ' thought Mikan.
Narumi continued.
“Oh, so you two know each other?” asked Narumi interrupting the two.
“Nope, not really…” answered Kousuke and Mikan in unison.
“Well, since you two get along together, I've decided to pair Kousuke with you, Mikan. Is it okay?” asked Narumi.
Narumi turned to Natsume and teased him.
“Ne Natsume? Is that okay with you?” teased Narumi using his gay voice.
“I don't care a bit you weird teacher. Do whatever you want.” replied Natsume still reading a manga.
“Hmm? You don't care? Really?” asked Narumi teasing Natsume once more.
“Tch! I already told you even if you pair her with other guys or every guy in this academy, I won't care!” answered Natsume coldly.
“Okay then it's settled. From today onwards, Mikan's partner will be Natsume and Kousuke.” declared Narumi to the whole class.
Kousuke was very happy about this but Mikan wasn't. Well, she is okay with Narumi's decision but what she wasn't okay about are the words that Natsume told Narumi. She felt like her heart was shattered.
On the other hand, Kousuke had his thoughts again.
`She's gonna be my partner now? This is easier and better than I thought.' thought Kousuke.
“Kousuke will you pls tell the class about your alice.”
“My alice is the lightning alice. A rare one you can say.”
Everyone was shocked of what they heard. Just as he told the class about his alice, they all thought of the possibility that he would be in the dangerous ability class, which means he's gonna be having a rivalry with Natsume and that will lead to chaos.
Mikan was worried as well.
`Oh no! If Kousuke would be in the D.A class, that means that….Gosh, putting those two together in the same class would be like putting two unexplodable bombs together which will only result to chaos.' thought Mikan.
Narumi heard whispers and murmurs inside the classroom. He knew that his students were all worried. He tried to calm them down by saying that Kousuke's alice is nothing but he just made it worse, he heard more whispers.
Kousuke who got a very negative reaction on his first day got really pissed.
A big sweatdrop appeared on each of the students' forehead when they saw Narumi using his alice just to calm down Kousuke who was starting to get angry.
“N…Narumi sensei…”muttered Mikan who had the biggest sweatdrop of all.
“There, now it's taken care of. Mikan…” said Narumi calling out to Mikan after succeeding in calming down Kousuke.
“H-hai…Nani?” answered Mikan to her teacher's query.
“As his partner take care of Kousuke, `kay?” requested Narumi.
“Hai!” answered Mikan, still thinking about Narumi's face when he used his alice on Kousuke.
“Now that everything's fine, I'll leave you now to Fukutan.” said Narumi as he left his classroom.
A/N: Fukutan means substitute teacher.
Just as Narumi left, the students started throwing tomatoes and stuff to the substitute teacher. The substitute teacher got scared and announced to the class to have self study then he left.
Mikan on the other hand was still waiting for Kousuke to wake up while Sumire and the other girls were glaring at her getting very jealous.
`Wow! He is kinda cute. Well of course If you compare him and Natsume in looks, that arrogant guy still wins but in personality, I could say that…What am I thinking, I don't even know Natsume and Kousuke that well.'
Just as Mikan finished her thoughts, she saw Kousuke awake already.
“A-ah, Mikan sorry.” said Kousuke sitting down and bowing.
“You're being silly. Besides I'm you're partner right?” answered Mikan nicely.
“Taking care of me is a heavy work so I'm asking you not to.”
“Puh-leez, don't be silly. I've already taken care of the worst person here in the academy so it's nothing to me and I've taken care of a much more pain in the neck…” answered Mikan.
“…but I'm not saying you're a pain in the neck.” continued Mikan finishing her sentence.
`Man, this girl is really cute, I just can't do it. Ah!!! What the heck am I thinking, of course I can't do it, It's my duty so I can do it. But she really is cute. Man, I can't believe I just had second thoughts on my duty.' Kousuke thought as he looked at Mikan.
“Okay then.” said Kousuke.
Just as always, Sumire barged in their conversation.
“Ohaiyo Kousuke-kun.” greeted Sumire.
“Eh? Dare ga?” retorted Kousuke.
“Kousuke-kun let me introduce you to Shouda Sumire a.ka. Permy” whispered Mikan to Kousuke.
Since Permy…I mean… Sumire has the cat and dog predisposition alice, she heard what Mikan said and eventually got angry.
“Shut up you no star!” exclaimed Sumire.
“Eh? Who are you calling no star? Excuse me, I'm a double star like you…you know…” uttered Mikan in a high voice.
“So what, I don't care!” replied Sumire.
And then Sumire turned towards Kousuke and continued her plan.
“So…Kousuke-kun would you mind touring the school with me?”
“I…I wouldn't…b-but…what about Mikan?”
“Never mind her…C'mon let's go…”
Before Kousuke could continue what he was about to say, Sumire pulled him out of their classroom door.
“Ooh…I really hate that Sumire, she's so…despicable…it's…it's like every evil force in the world compacted together forming a very negative energy which is named…SUMIRE!!!” shouted Mikan raging in anger.
Natsume enters the scene.
“Shut up, polka dots!”
“I'm gonna tell you again, my name is Mikan not polka-dots! And would you just stop calling me names!”
“Just shut up!”
“AAARGHH!!! No one can really compare to you when it comes to being evil.”
Suddenly, Kousuke appeared.
“Uh…um…sorry am I disturbing you?” apologized Kousuke to Mikan and Natsume.
“N-no! Not at all, c'mon Kousuke let's go talk somewhere else.”
Mikan and Kousuke went to Kousuke's place and talked.
“So, what's up?” asked Kousuke.
“Nothing.” answered Mikan chuckling.
“What's funny?” Kousuke asked raising a brow.
“H-how did you get here? I thought you were with Sumire?” asked Mikan laughing.
“Well, I kinda ditched her.”
“I knew it. But how?” retorted Mikan giggling.
“You see, this is what happened….”said Kousuke as he started to tell the story.
Kousuke and Sumire were walking when…
Sumire: Hey, my brother's here!
Kousuke: Huh?
Sumire: *waving at her big bro* Ohaiyo, onii-chan!
When Sumire's Aniki heard Sumire, he went near them.
Sumire's nii-chan: Hi Sumire! So, who's this guy, is he your boyfriend?
Kousuke: What?!
Sumire's nii-chan: Wow, you never told me that you have a boyfriend already…
Sumire: No! He's just my classmate. But do you think we're perfect for each other?
Sumire's nii-chan: Of course! You two really look perfect!
Sumire: *weird laugh* Of course we are, right Kousuke?
But no one answered. When Sumire looked to where Kousuke was, he wasn't there.
Sumire: This is unforgivable, someone took MY Kousuke.
“…when she was talking to her brother, I took the chance and ran.” said Kousuke ending his story.
“I'm not surprised you did that. Sumire is really a Baka.” Mikan who was laughing and rolling on the floor.
“Anyways, what was with you and Natsume?”
“Nothing. Don't take interest in it, besides its nonsense. He was just being a TOTAL JERK WAD….AGAIN.”
Natsume overheard their conversation. When he heard this, he lifted the manga he was reading and looked at them coldly, most especially Kousuke.
Natsume was getting annoyed of hearing Mikan giggling with that guy so he tried to separate them.
Natsume approached the two…
“Hey strawberry, let's go!”
“Natsume, can't you see that I'm talking with Kousuke?”
“You're not listening are you, let's just go.” said Natsume pulling Mikan.
“Natsume, for once would you pls stop nagging me, pls?” pleaded Mikan.
“Ehh…? Let me think…ye…NO! C'mon!” exclaimed Natsume *jerking Mikan.
A/N: *jerking-pulling
“Ugh! You really give me reasons to hate you more!” answered Mikan as she went with Natsume.
Kousuke got mad and he went to Mikan then he removed Natsume's hand from Mikan's wrist which made Natsume get more irritated.
“Mikan, stay here with me.” said Kousuke as he put his arm around Mikan's shoulder.
“What the hell are you doing?” asked Natsume coldly.
“You can't just take Mikan like that.” answered Kousuke to the arrogant guy in front of him.
“Why not?” replied Natsume lighting a ball of fire.
“Because she's not a pet that you can take whenever/wherever you want and you're not her only partner anymore. She's also my partner so I have the right to spend my time with her.” answered Kousuke angrily.
“Heh…I don't care. Listen you newcomer, I do what I want to do and no one can stop me. Not the teachers, not the representatives, not the principals, and most especially not you!” exclaimed Natsume who was getting ready to attack Kousuke.
“Hnh…What's with you? You think you're all high and mighty. It's useless talking to you.”
Kousuke faces Mikan then he held her hand…
“C'mon Mikan let's go. There's no point for me to be talking with an immature like that guy there.”
“What did you just say?” said Natsume lighting a bigger ball of fire.
“Ya heard me right?...Immature!”
Natsume attacks Kousuke with his alice but Kousuke dodges his attack.
“Prepare for your defeat…”stated Kousuke as he attacks Natsume with his alice.
“Shut up you talk too much!” said Natsume still attacking Kousuke.
Before they knew it, the two were already fighting. The worst part is their fighting with their alices which is prohibited.
Yuu tried stopping the two but none of them were listening so Mikan volunteered. She went to the center of the fight and started rebuking the two. She was confident that she wouldn't get hit because of her alice. But still the two weren't listening.
“C'mon you two stop it!” exclaimed Mikan.
“Mikan get out of there.” responded Kousuke.
“Yeah strawberry, you're gonna get killed and you're in our way.” said Natsume.
“I can't believe it. You two stop it right now! C-…”
BOOM! Mikan was hit by both alices. She wasn't aware of it that's why she didn't get the chance to nullify it. Everyone was shocked of what happened, even the two who were fighting. They both hurried to Mikan.
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