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Love or War
Author's note: This is my Chapter 2. Guys, i added some things to chapter 1. so you might want to read chapter 1 again before you read this chapter so that there will be no confusions. And pls. help me come up of a better title for this chapter pls. And enjoy reading.Guys, this is the revised chapter of my original chapter 2. I cut it short so my reader's won't sleep when they read this. Anyway, I already have my chapters 3,4,5 and 6. I'm done writing them, all I need to do is to type it in the computer and upload it here. I thank these people…special thanks to: lyka2019, bluegirl330817, sea's dawn, jon96_forgotrain, Xxdarkness-angelxX…guys thank you for reading my original chapters 1 & 2 before I got it revised thanks so much….^_^
Chapter 2:
Get Well Soon
“C'mon you two, stop it!”
“Mikan, get out of there.”
“Yeah strawberry, you're gonna get killed and you're in our way.”
“I can't believe it. You two stop it right now! C-…”
BOOM! Mikan was hit by both alices. She wasn't aware of it that's why she didn't get the chance to nullify it. Everyone was shocked of what happened, even the two who were fighting. They both hurried to Mikan.
End of Recap
Mikan was hit by both alices. She wasn't aware of it that's why she didn't get the chance to nullify it. Everyone was shocked of what happened, even the two who were fighting. They both hurried to Mikan.
“Strawberry, wake up!!!” exclaimed Natsume holding Mikan.
“Oh no, this is your entire fault…” blamed Kousuke to Natsume.
“My fault? How can it be my fault, when you were the reason why I got pissed in the first place!”
Then Hotaru both shot them with her Baka Bazooka.
“Don't blame anyone but yourselves because it's the fault of the both of you…Natsume, carry Mikan and bring her to the hospital. Hurry up!” exclaimed Hotaru with a worried voice.
“C'mon make it fast…”side comment Kousuke.
Natsume carried Mikan (bridal style). Then Mikan suddenly opened her eyes (half-open)…
“Wh-what's going on? Where am I?” muttered Mikan softly.
“Everything's gonna be okay now…”whispered Natsume then he smiled.
“N-Natsume…you…you…smiled…”mu ttered Mikan once more and then she passed out completely.
“C'mon just make it fast, the hospital's near…” side comment Kousuke again.
After awhile, they finally arrived in the hospital. Natsume went to the front desk and asked for assistance. After Mikan was examined, Natsume talked to the doctor.
“What is the diagnosis?”
“It seems that she was badly injured.”
“What can be done?”
“She needs to stay here in the hospital for three days to rest without disturbances, that's all I can advise.”
Then the doctor tended his other patients. Natsume went to Mikan's hospital room.
At Mikan's Hospital Room…
Mikan just woke up. She saw Natsume by her side and he was sleeping. Mikan stared at Natsume and she began her thoughts again.
`Wow! He is cute, even though he's a pain in the neck sometimes. Wait a minute, who brought me here again…hmm…I remember now, it was Natsume. He was the one who carried me and I remember that he just smiled at me awhile ago. Ohhh…he's so cute. Natsume…you really are kind-hearted and I know that. You just don't let people notice that. But thank you so much Natsume.'
Just as she ended her thoughts Natsume woke up and saw Mikan already awake.
“Hmm…Polka you're already awake and you didn't even woke me up.”
“Well, I didn't want to disturb you.”
“Tch…I better get going.”
“W-wait, where are you going?”
“It's none of your business.”
“Natsume pls stay, don't go yet.”
But Natsume didn't bother looking at Mikan. Mikan sat down and grabbed Natsume's wrist before he could get away. Mikan hugged Natsume…
“Arigatou, Natsume-kun.” said Mikan as she hugged Natsume.
Natsume poked Mikan's forehead moving her away from him.
“Baka…You really are annoying. Why do you always do stupid things and apologize for it? Don't do anything stupid…'Coz there won't be a next time.”
“Hmpf…Don't worry, I won't.”
“Hmm? Let's just see.”
And then, they hear a knock on the door. Suddenly, the door opened and revealed Narumi and some of Mikan's friends.
“Mikan, daijobu?” asked Narumi.
“It's good to know that. Mr. Hyuuga, thank you for taking care of my little Sakura.”
“Hmpf! What are you thanking me for?”
Hotaru, Ruka, and Kousuke approached Mikan.
“You dummy, why do you always do things that make me worry. Why don't you get anything from the past troubles you've been into?”
“Hotaru, I'm so glad that you came and I'm sorry for worrying you.”
“A-ah, Mikan-chan it's nice to see that you're okay.”
“Arigatou Ruka-pyon, thank you for coming as well.”
Then suddenly, the atmosphere changed when Kousuke hugged Mikan. Mikan also got shocked of Kousuke's sudden action.
“Mikan, thank goodness you're okay. I'm really sorry, this thing happened to you because it was my fault, I shouldn't have interrupted. Gomen.”
“Kousuke-kun, It's alright besides it's really Natsume's fault, partly yours. Ne Natsume?”
“Hmpf…” shrugged Natsume…`Stop hugging Mikan or I'll burn you!' Natsume thought as he looked at Kousuke coldly.
Then Kousuke let's go of Mikan.
“I'm really sorry. I don't know why I did that, maybe I got carried away.”
“Well, I bet everyone's tired. Let's call it a day shall we?” said Narumi breaking the silence.
“Okay.” Everyone said in unison.
Before they went out of the door, they said their goodbyes to Mikan. When Narumi saw Natsume heading to the door, he caught up with him and asked him a favor.
“Natsume, do me a favor will you? Come back here later and watch over Mikan. Do that until she gets better. Don't let anyone know that you're watching over Mikan. Not even her other partner. Okay? Ja-ne!” asked Narumi before disappearing.
After that, Natsume also went out of the room.
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