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Love or War
Author's note: Guys, this is my chapter 3 and I hope you'll like it. Pls give me a title suggestion for this chapter I'm not quite sure if the title I put is related to the story.
Chapter 3:
Letter Threat and Ruka's Weird Emotions
Natsume was having his thoughts while he was headed to his dorm room.
`What is with those weird teachers? I've been always noticing that they're asking me favors which are always related to that girl. Worst part is, I always end up doing it on my own…Why does that girl have to exist anyway… And another is my mission. Before she came to the academy I do my missions without a doubt. But now, I doubt doing my missions and I don't event want to do it sometimes. What the heck…'
Just as he finished his thoughts, he saw that he was already in front of his dorm room. He didn't even notice the people he passed by because he was in deep thought.
“Whoa, that was fast…I'm already here.”
He unlocked his room and entered; he was flabbergasted when he saw Ruka in his room.
“Ruka, what are you doing here?”
“Just came to give you this.” Ruka said as he handed Natsume an envelope.
Natsume got the letter from Ruka.
“What's this?”
“I don't know. When I entered my room, I saw that on my bed and it has a note attached to it. It says that I give that letter to you.”
“Ok, well thanks anyway.”
Ruka was about to leave but then…
“Hey Natsu, I want to ask you something.”
“Well, okay. I'll just read this.”
Natsume opened the letter and read it.
Here is the content of the letter:

Hello Natsume, how are you…and your brunette-haired girlfriend?
I heard that you don't do your missions well. What is it with your girlfriend? I think she's the reason of your missions to be half-done. I told you once, I won't let anyone be on your way, and I think that that girlfriend of yours is a hindrance to your missions. So if I were you, I'm gonna watch that girlfriend of yours, or else…
And if I were you, I'd stay away from her even if it means hurting her, before it's too late.
From: Persona

After Natsume finished reading the letter, he burned the letter and turned it into ashes.
“Natsume, what is it?”
“Are you sure? It's the second time I heard you say that. And if you say that, it means that there's something up…What's up with that letter?”
“It's nothing important.”
“Then why did you…”
“Really, it's nothing. Don't worry.”
“If you say so. Then, I'll ask now…What do you…”
Natsume cut what Ruka was going to say.
“Sorry Ruka, let's talk about that later. I have to do something else.”
“I really have to do something.”
Natsume leaves Ruka. When Natsume was out of sight, Ruka went out of Natsume's room and locked the door.
“What's that guy's problem? He's acting really weird.”
But instead of going to his dorm room, Ruka run off to catch up with Natsume. When Natsume was walking, he had a feeling that someone was following him. After a few minutes of walking, he still had the same eerie feeling that someone was following him, so he decided to pretend that he was gonna go the other way but he really hid behind the bushes. When he looked at the person that was walking, he saw that it was Tsubasa. He jumped out of the bushes and surprised him in a bad way.
“Hey shadow, why are you following me?” Natsume lit a fireball.
“E-eh, I wasn't following you.” reasoned Tsubasa.
“Liar…” Natsume shot the fireball on Tsubasa's side intentionally missing the target.
“Alright I was.”
“Stop following me shadow, or else…” Natsume lit another fireball.
“Okay, okay.”
After that, Tsubasa left Natsume. Natsume made sure that no one else was following him before he continued walking. He saw that no one was following him but little did he know that Ruka was following behind him.
After a few minutes, he arrived in Mikan's room. When he entered, he saw that Mikan was still awake.
“Oi, polka dots why are you still awake?”
“N-Natsume-kun wh-what are you doing here?” asked a startled Mikan.
“Hn, you don't need to know.”
“C'mon don't be so rude!”
“Get used to it! Coz I'll never change, not even for you.”
“Besides, it's an order. Just shut your big mouth and sleep already.”
“Hnh? Why should I follow you?”
“Coz I'll be the one in charge until you recover. Now shut up, and get some sleep.”
“Alright…I mean yes of course your highness…ROYAL PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!”
“I said shut up and…”
“…SLEEP! I know, I know you don't have to repeat everything.”
After a few minutes of annoying Natsume, Mikan slept. When Natsume saw Mikan dozing off, he turned off the lights and went out of the room. He got surprised to see Ruka outside the room leaning on the wall.
“What are you doing here, Ruka?”
“I followed you of course, there's something you're not telling me. So is this it?”
“No, of course not.”
“What is it then?”
Natsume didn't answer.
“Let me guess…Persona?”
Natsume looked at Ruka seriously.
“Thought so. Another threat?”
“Seems like it.”
“So, he really isn't going to stop is he?”
“He is Persona. Ruka, what were you supposed to ask me awhile ago?”
“Never mind that. I think you should think of ways to…”
“No. That's not your problem anymore. So, what is it?”
“Ok, I'll ask now.”
“Go ahead.”
“What's the matter with you if your heart pounds so fast when you're with a girl?” questioned Ruka.
“Huh? What do you mean? It depends on the situation.” answered Natsume plainly.
“You see, this is what happened…” Ruka started his story.
Before they went out of the door, they said their goodbyes to Mikan.
Outside the room…
Kousuke, Hotaru and Ruka were walking when Kousuke went his separate way leaving Hotaru and Ruka behind. Silence filled the air as they walked. Ruka wasn't the silent type and he couldn't take the silence between him and the inventor so he decided to start a conversation.
“Imai-san, how long have you and Sakura been friends?” asked Ruka trying to hide the tension in his voice.
Hotaru looked at Ruka coldly before she answered his question. “Since we were in kindergarten.” answered Hotaru monotonously.
“Soka…” muttered Ruka.
After that, silence filled the air again. Every step that Ruka took, he felt his heartbeat beat rapidly and he was almost sweating. When Hotaru looks at him, he bows his head just to hide a tint of red that crossed his face. `Why am I acting this way? It feels so hot…' thought Ruka as he felt heat creeping up to his cheeks. After a few more minutes, Hotaru said goodbye to Ruka then she went to her lab. When the inventor left, Ruka returned to his normal state.
“Phew. Glad that's over.” said Ruka followed by a sigh of relief.
“…and that's that.” said Ruka ending his story.
“So, you're talking about Imai?”
Natsume didn't talk, he looked at Ruka with an expressionless face.
“Look, I know it's weird. And I know what I'm going to say is awkward but I think I'm starting to like her.”
Natsume looked at Ruka with laughing eyes. “Pfft…you're joking right?”
“No I'm not.”
“C'mon Ruka, she's Imai…Sakura's bestfriend, your blackmailer and most of all, the “Ice Queen”. Are you serious?”
“I'm not laughing am I?” stated Ruka.
“Yeah sure I believe you. C'mon, let's go to the dorm it's getting late.” said Natsume.
After that, the two of them went to their respective dorm rooms and slept.
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