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Love or War
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Chapter 4:
The next morning…in Mikan's hospital room…
When morning came, Mikan saw that Natsume wasn't there anymore, but she was surprised to see that Ruka was the one right beside her.
`Huh? What is Ruka doing here? Last night I remember that Natsume was the one here and now, it's Ruka? Eh, never mind, I like Ruka to be the one here instead of that arrogant guy.' thought Mikan.
After a few minutes, Ruka woke up.
“Ah…that was a nice nap…”said Ruka yawning.
When Ruka saw that Mikan was already awake and staring at him, he felt heat creeping up to his cheeks.
“A-ah…Sa…Sakura-san, ohayou gozaimasu.” greeted Ruka stammering.
When Mikan heard Ruka, she snapped out of her thoughts.
“R-Ruka-pyon, ohayou gozaimasu!” answered Mikan.
When Mikan saw Ruka's red face she got curious and kind of worried.
Mikan scratched her cheek, “Na Ruka-pyon, are you sick?”
Ruka raised a brow. “No…why'd you ask?”
“Uhm…anou…it's just that, your face is red.” answered Mikan still curious.
“A-ah…Oh this is nothing…It's just hot in this room…” reasoned Ruka stuttering.
`Hot? But the aircon is turned on? He's acting really weird.' thought Mikan.
“Uhm…okay you say so. By the way, where's Natsume-kun?”
Ruka's expression suddenly went dark and he bowed his head.
“He went back to the classroom, he told me… I mean Mr. Narumi told me to look after you until he goes back here.” answered Ruka.
“Soka…Ruka-pyon, is it okay for you to do this job?” asked Mikan.
“Well, it's from Narumi-sensei so of course it's okay.”
Mikan sighs and she thought for a moment. `What's with him? I think he has fever coz awhile ago, he had high spirits but now, he just turned silent all of a sudden. I think he's really sick, he just doesn't want to let me know.' thought Mikan while looking at Ruka constantly.
“Sakura-san are you okay now?”
“Yeah I guess so, but I think Natsume isn't.”
“I can't believe those two fought.”
“Well, it's all my fault. If I just followed Natsume, then this never happened. And if I just let them do their own stuff, this could've never happened and I'm just too nosy…” muttered Mikan.
“Don't blame yourself for what happened. Besides, I think its Natsume or Kousuke's fault.”
“Hmm…Ruka-pyon, do you think those two will ever agree on each other?”
“Well, of course they will. You just have to wait.” answered Ruka.
“I hope so…”
“Thanks Ruka-pyon, but I wonder what happened to Natsume.” added Mikan.
Ruka's face turned to a darker expression. He stood up which caught Mikan's attention but before Mikan could utter a word, he told her that he's leaving already.
(Outside Mikan's hospital room)
“Whoa, even though I'm starting to like another girl, that really hurt me. And with the fact that I know that I'm no match to him.” said Ruka as he walked away.
(Inside Mikan's hospital room)
“Was it something I said?”
…………………….BAKA! BAKA! BAKA!...........................
Mikan was hit by the Baka Bazooka 3 times on the head.
“Of course! It's everything you say.” said a cold voice.
Mikan patted her sorehead and she glares at the person who hit her with the Baka Bazooka.
“I-itai…H-Hotaru…d-demo….what are you doing here?” asked Mikan.
“Narumi-sensei told me that it's my turn to look after the MONKEY…” answered Hotaru at the same time teasing Mikan.
“Who are you calling a monkey???? Hotaruuuuuuu….you witch!!! WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!” shouted Mikan angrily, pertaining to Hotaru hitting her with the Baka Bazooka.
“Because you're a Baka…”answered Hotaru monotonously.
“…” Mikan just glared at her bestfriend.
(Outside Mikan's hospital room)
Ruka was walking when he remembered that he forgot to give Mikan something.
“Hnh? Why are these still with me? Man, I forgot to give it to Mikan.”
Ruka went back to Mikan's room. When he was about to turn the doorknob, he heard Hotaru and Mikan talking.
(Inside Mikan's hospital room)
“So Mikan, who do you really like in those three?” interrogated Hotaru.
“Ara…Why are you asking?” answered Mikan.
“Just answer me or else, you're going to get a taste of this…”said Hotaru raising the Baka Bazooka.
“Who's the third?” asked Mikan again, annoying Hotaru more.
“Just answer my question.” answered Hotaru annoyed.
“Well, if I'm going to pick…It's…”muttered Mikan with a diminishing voice.
“…Natsume.” answered Mikan completing her sentence.
Ruka heard what Mikan said which made him drop the flowers he was holding. After that, he ran. Hotaru and Mikan heard that something dropped to the floor. Since Mikan can't stand up because of her condition, Hotaru went out to check the thing that they heard. When she opened the door, she saw a bouquet of flowers on the ground with a not. She got the note and the bouquet. She read the note:
Get well soon!
After reading the note, Hotaru ran after Ruka.
“Darn that moron…”said Hotaru panting.
When she finally caught up with Ruka, she shot Ruka with her Baka Bazooka.
“Oww…w-what the-…”muttered Ruka patting his sore head.
Ruka turned his back and saw Hotaru catching her breath.
“I-Imai-san…”muttered Ruka.
“You moron, why the heck were you gonna leave without giving her these?” said Hotaru handing Ruka the bouquet of flowers and the note.
Ruka gets the note and the bouquet; he just looked at Hotaru blankly.
Hotaru sighed. “Baka, go and confront her now!” commanded Hotaru.
Ruka raises a brow. “What are you talking about?”
“Don't play dumb with me. I know that you've liked that dummy for a long time.” said Hotaru.
“Nani? Confront? I really don't know what you're talking about.”
“C'mon already….I'm sick of playing this dumb childish games with you. I said, go and confront her now.”
Ruka's face turned serious. “Why should I?”
“You idiot…”
“Besides, I already know that she likes Natsume more than me.”
Hotaru's eyes widened but she had a sly grin on her face. “So, you heard her didn't you? I knew it.”
“Yeah I heard he and I figured it out 4 years ago.” answered Ruka with a serious tone.
“C'mon let's go to Mikan.” said Hotaru putting a hand on Ruka's shoulder.
Ruka shakes off Hotaru's hand. “What for?”
“To confront her.” answered Hotaru monotonously.
“I'm not going to confront her coz I know that she's gonna reject me.” answered Ruka.
“You really are a moron, I know that you'll get rejected but it's better if you tell her your feelings for her, right?”
Ruka sighs. `If only I could tell you.' thought Ruka. “Well…”
“C'mon, let's just go.”
“Alright then. Let's just hope it's not a disaster.”
After that, they walked towards Mikan's room. After a few minutes, the two arrive. They went inside the room; Ruka gave Mikan the flowers and the note.
“Arigatou Ruka-pyon.” said Mikan.
“Well, I'll leave the two of you now.” said Hotaru.
“Huh?” asked Mikan confused.
Before Ruka could exit the door, Ruka grabbed her by the arm.
“What the…”muttered Ruka whispering.
“You two are gonna talk so I'll leave. Let me go and confront her now.” answered Hotaru whispering.
Ruka looked at Hotaru with an expressionless face.
“Don't let me shoot you again with this.” said Hotaru still whispering.
“O…okay.” said Ruka letting go of Hotaru.
Hotaru goes outside the room leaving Mikan and Ruka alone.
“What is it Ruka-pyon?”
“I have to tell you something.”
“Huh? What's that?”
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