Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ Mitsuki loves him! ❯ Mitsuki meets her! ( Chapter 2 )

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Mitsuki: What is her alice?

Yuu: Nullification

Mitsukis eyes opened wide.

Yuu: Whats the matter?

Mitsuki: Oh, um...nothing. Just shocked a little. Its rare to have the nullification alice.

Yuu: Yea, I guess so.

Mitsuki: So, cant wait to see her.

Yuu: Yea me either!

Mitsuki gave a fake smile.

Mitsuki: "I cant believe someone here has the nullification alice! This is bad. Well, Ill meet her soon enough."

-Later that day-

Everyone lined up at the front gait awaiting the entrance of Mikan. Mitsuki just sat and waited.

Mitsuki: "Hmm, what if she is a weirdo. Or maybe a clown. I hate clowns..."

When she saw everyone gasping she knew Mikan must be here. So, she ran up and pushed through everyone to see her.

It wasnt a clown. It was a girl with long brown hair in pigtails, who looked sorta dumb-founded.

Mikan: Umm...hi everyone? What are you all doing here?

Yuu: Well we couldnt miss the chance to see you Mikan! We are so happy your back!

Mikan: Oooh Hotaru are you happy too!?

Mikan runs to Hotaru and Hotaru hits her with her invention the Horse Shoe Glove.

Mikan: Ow Ow Ow. Hotaru thats so mean-

Mikan stopped as she saw a girl she has never seen before. This came to Mitsukis attention.

Mitsuki: Oh. Im Mitsuki Koyama. Nice to meet you.

Mikan: Oh nice to meet you too. Im Mikan Sakura. Its a pleasure! Hmm I cant wait to see Mr. Narumi and-

All of a sudden Mikan thought of Natsumi and became silent. Of course this came to attention to Mitsuki also.

Mitsuki thought back to when she heard people talking about why Mikan left and remembered they said she left

because she confessed to Natsumi and he told her he only liked her as a sister. Mitsuki walked next to her and sat down.

Mitsuki: Mikan if its a boy then dont get sad. Remember the happy times you had with him and not the sad. Remember

why you loved him and not how he didnt love you the same way. And be happy he thinks of you as a sister and not an enemy.

This brought a smile to Mikans face.

Mikan: Wait how did you know about that!?

Mitsuki: woops?

They both laughed and everyone stared at them amazed. They just remembered that everyone was around them. Including Natsume.

When Mikan saw Natsume she gt sad but then remembered what Mitsuki said.

Mikan: Hello Natsumi. Nice to see you again.

She had that big goofy grin she used to have on her face.

Mitsuki: "Hmm so this is the girl with the nulification alice. Maybe we will become friends."