Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ Of Lovers and Bestfriends ❯ Her Best Friend's Feelings ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 6: A Worry Heart
He stayed there for a while, watching the brunette's figure fade away. He tries to straightened up and decide what's the next thing to do. Follow her, what for? Yes, it came to his senses, he was dumped, something he never thought he'll ever experience. He sit down again, leaning his back flatly onto the tree. His eyes are blank, mainly because of mixed emotions. He look up at the sunny sky, remembers her again, that smile that will always give him the best reasons to stay in this prison a.k.a Gakuen Alice. He stared again at his hands, the hands that did everything for her, yes, for her love. It started to pound faster again, his heart that was once just that empty, that is just so numb before that baka youjo came.
Tears, he feel that his visions were blurred by these stupid tears.
“Why?” he thought as he wipes his wet face by his calloused hands
“Why? Did I do something wrong?! To lose her that way!” He just can't comprehend what is happening. All he knows is that he did everything…yes everything…
“I shouldn't have told her…” but Miyuki just told him to do so. Why? Because she thought that the brunette loves him that much that she won't be able to do something that would hurt him, but she just did.
“MIKAN SAKURA, MIKAN SAKURA, TO THE HEADMASTER'S OFFICE, NOW.” He heard the secretary talks to the microphone, her name rang into his ears gain, yes, and another and much deeper stab was felt onto his chest.
I thought you love me that much? Then why didn't you wait?” yes and why isn't she that patient?
“You run out of reasons to love me? Is making my life a bet just to make you safe as always is not enough for you to have a reason to love me…even more???” he hit the grassy floor as hard as he could, trying to feel physical pain to ease this.. this pain that slowly killing him…
“Natsume…” as a shadow covered him for a moment. He knew that voice, very well. He wipes again the tears that almost covered his face for a while. He looks up again, seeing the animal pheromone guy, his best friend looking at him, neither with jealousy nor concern, just staring at him blankly.
“What?” he snaps, trying to hide any signs of weakness by putting on his stoic mask again.
“Why?” he whispered softly, but as for Natsume, his senses are just enough for him to hear. He tries to evade from his stare, embarrassed that h just did that in his girlfriend.
“What…do …you mean?” he said slowly as possible, he knows that in any moment from now, it will be much painful than being hit by a thousand of bullets.
“Just as I thought, you're just lying to me…” he continued and breaths out a heavy sigh
“Lying? What do you mean?” his voice impassive as ever.
“I thought you are my BESTFRIEND? Then why did you…why didn't you just let me know beforehand!!! That you like her… no love her… more than I do!” he shouted, as he tries to breath normally as possible. He wants to punch him, kick his ass for letting him hurt that way. His fist clenched, his face reddening furiously.
“There's no point on talking about this crap!” he shouted back, his crimson eyes met his turquoise ones. Finally, he feels like his heart beats slower than before. He stood up and was about to walk away…
“CRAP! What do you mean CRAP?! You always do everything for her Natsume! I can get over her anyway, anytime soon…”
“I told you! There's no need to talk about this!” he growled louder, his eyes shows how desperate he is, how empty he has become.
“Why?! TELL ME WHY!” he said as he grab Natsume's collar, his other hand free. He pushes him strongly against the tree's trunk, while the Kuro Neko winced in pain.
“BECAUSE SHE CHOOSES YOU OVER ME!!! ISN'T THAT ENOUGH!!!” he shouted back again. His tears started to fall endlessly on his pale cheeks. Ruka's grips tighten even more, while he punches the Sakura tree just near Natsume's face. His hands started to bleed but he didn't mind the pain.
“And why's that?” he ask him, hoping that he'll get a reasonable answer. Natsume's eyes evade his, as he breathes slowly, trying to pull all the ideas back into his mind.
“Is there any other reason? She loves you!” he shouted albeit the pang of jealousy really hit him hard enough to shatter his heart into pieces. Ruka's grips slowly loosen until he's free again from his grip. Natsume slowly slump his body down again to the grassy floor, as those hot, salty liquids didn't seem to stop from falling.
“Is that true? Or are you lying to me again!?” he ask again, maybe because the feeling is awkward.
“I'm telling you the truth.” He said as he close his eyes and tried to breathe normally
“If that so, I'll let you pass this time, because if ever you did lie to me, you'll know what will happen… Natsume…” the blonde said warningly as he offers him a handkerchief to wipe off his tears away.
“Yeah right.” He muttered, as he accept the hanky that Ruka offered him. They both look at the sunny sky, the blonde picturing the lovely nullifiers face, while Natsume tries to calm his self.
“I shouldn't learn how to love…” he thought as he stand up and was about to walk away when…
An explosion occurred on the third floor of the Middle School Building. The blonde stand up and look on the place where the loud sound came from. His calm eyes turned into shock ones when a thought registered into his mind, the third floor, the laboratory is there.
“Imai.” He whispered, worry is obvious in his voice
“What?” the Kuro Neko ask trying to understand what the blonde means
“Imai, she's in there!” said Ruka as he felt his feet run quickly towards the building whilst the fire wielder followed him at that instant.
The other students were still shock from the sudden explosion. Slowly, they crowded the building's entrance as they tried their best to come out the building. Panic is evident from their faces, but as for the two lads, it seems that there will be no other way than the entrance to get in. Then they saw their class representative…
“Tobita-san! Where's she?” ask the blonde wearily
“She's still there, but we didn't manage to go up since the teachers said that we should not go!” as the illusionist explain almost shouting at them.
“Tch. Mikan?” he asks again, since he didn't hear the announcement a while ago.
“She's in the headmaster's office! And probably, she might not hear the explosion since the headmaster's room is made of soundproof walls.” Tobita shouted again but their talking was distracted when Anna butted in, she looks weary, much worse than during the explosion.
“Anna-san! Why?!” Ruka ask again, as he ran towards them to converse much clearer.
“Hotaru-san, she's inside the laboratory, I thought she already got out the lab but she go back again to get some of her stuffs!” said Anna as she started to cry.
“The others? Koko and Nonoko, Sumire and Mochu and Miyuki, where are they?” ask Natsume again, a thought hit him - the AAO - they might be here.
“We're alright Natsume-kun!” as a voice echoed from behind him, and saw Miyuki waving at him, though she's slightly panicking. Koko and Nonoko saw them too saw they ran hurriedly towards the group. The other students are still blocking the entrance.
“Miyuki!” exclaimed Natsume and ran towards her. He hugged her tightly.
“Natsume-kun, I'm alright. Don't worry.” Said Miyuki as she is slowly freed from Natsume's embrace, then she eyed somebody again, Sumire and Mochu.
“So you're all alright!” squealed Sumire as she hugs the other girls seeing them safe.
“Uhmmm… guys… where's Ruka?” cutted Mochu since the blonde animal pheromone was nowhere in sight.
“He's inside.” Said Koko, but confusion is in his voice.
“Are you sure?” ask Natsume “Ruka, what the hell are you doing?”
“Ha… Hai.” Koko answered as another jolt of pain hit his head which makes Natsume's focus shifted to him. It's almost two weeks that Koko is experiencing such pain. He decided to take care of them first so he asks them to go in a much safer place.
“You stay here, I'll follow Ruka…” ordered Natsume but he was stop by Koko. His grips are strong enough for him to stop on his tracks.
“You stay here.” demanded Koko while he started to shout in pain again. His head really hurts, he let go of Natsume's hand as he curl up trying to be at ease.
“Koko….” said Nonoko and Sumire in unison, since the mind reader's started to wet because of tears
“Okay then, we better bring you to the clinic before it gets much worse.” said Natsume as he demanded Mochu to lift him. Ruka, please be safe.
The place is full of smoke. He puts on the hanky on his nose as he crawls down the floor to have enough clean air to breathe. The smoke almost blinded him; fortunately, he saw the inventor's unconscious body whose face almost white because of lack of air.
He looks around to make sure that the path he's taking is safe. He took off his coat to cover his head and to clear his path from the broken shards of the inventions. He noticed that Hotaru has something behind her back, and look at it, the bag is empty. It looks like that Hotaru was beaten since the purple-eyed unspeakable lady have a slight bruise on her cheeks, and her lips are bleeding.
“Imai! Wake up!” he said as he taps her on the shoulder, but it's no use, she is totally unconscious. Being a man that he is, he covered her with his coat and lift her on the most comfortable thing that he knows, bridal style.
He stand up and scan the room again, as he heard another electric wire sparks, but he felt something weird. Apart from the bruises that Hotaru got, there are also some footprints leading to the window. He shifted his gaze to the lady she's carrying, she really looks hurt so he tried his best to run safely and quickly as possible towards the exit, but was then stopped when he heard other footsteps.
“Who's there?” he ask loudly. Maybe somebody is still here, but that's impossible, they all got out of the building already.
He placed Hotaru right under the sturdiest desk he could see, then he started to walk around the room but stop when he felt like he bump on something.
“What the?!” he exclaimed, a familiar figure appeared on him, an invisible barrier stop him. He quickly hid himself to the closet behind him as he saw the man with dark blue hair and gray eyes who's packing up something into the back. The things that he's packing up are jewel-like stuffs, mostly earrings. He shifted his gaze to the inventor's body.
Live wires started to spark again, signifying that every moment later on, a fire will surely be happening or much worse, another explosion. He quickly run to the inventor's unconscious body as quietly as possible, then as soon as he reaches her, he lift her up again, and run quickly and quietly, trying his best not to caught attention from the familiar guy he just saw. Why the hell did he just forget that guy's name???
He slowly saw the exit, and finally the sunlight crept over to his skin, he didn't stop from running till he saw his self that she's already on the infirmary. There he saw Natsume and the gang, and the brunette's thankful teary-eyed face, welcoming him.
“Ruka.” He heard that stern voice, he felt the blazing heat in the room as soon as he make contact to the crimson eyes of his flame caster best friend.
“What?!” He ask, but soon fell down unconscious, the nurses, and Subaru attended the two unconscious bodies and placed them into the hospital beds and puts on the oxygen masks.
“Will she be alright? Onii-san???” the nullifier asks wearily, her tears falls down like there's no tomorrow, and calling Subaru in such a way, makes her feel calmer.
“Of course, Imooto-san. She'll be alright, because you'll help me heal her. Right?” said Subaru monotonously, as he taps Mikan's shoulder in assurance
“Hai. How about Ruka? Huh? Will he be okay?” ask the nullifier again, seeing them on that condition really makes her really worried.
“Of course, he will.” Said Subaru as he started to attend to his sister, checking for any signs of injuries, but just like what Ruka saw, he clenched his fist when he saw Hotaru's face bruised.
“Why? Is there something wrong?” ask Mikan again as she walk towards Hotaru
“Look.” He said melancholically as Mikan stare at Hotaru's face for a moment, and being the loud mouthed girl that she is, she started to shout in anger.
“What the heck happened to her!!!” her voice full of rage as she caress her best friend's face slowly. She then shut up later when she heard that the headmaster was there walking towards the raven-haired girl.
“Where's Hotaru Imai?” asks the headmaster as he scanned the whole emergency room
“She's here. Why?” asks the medic on his boss
“Hn. Does she have it all?” ask the headmaster as he have his way clear to the inventor's body
“What?” he asks again irritatingly. He didn't even care how she's doing…
“The alice control devices, I know you know it.” He said sternly.
“Oh. I don't know, because she was brought her by Mr. Nogi.” he said impassive as usual
“Tch. Report to the office when she's already awake.” commanded the headmaster and left the room, while his bodyguards tailed along the way.
“Hn.” was all he could say as he left out a heavy sigh
“Don't mind him, onii-san. He's worried too.” Said Mikan letting out a smile assuring him
“You've read his mind?” ask Subaru amazed from what his sister's best friend's capabilities.
“Hai. I just have this alice a while ago, the moment that he called me.” Said Mikan as she continue to comb with her had her best friend's raven locks.
“Okay then, you can rest now.” said Subaru, trying to sue her away without hurting her feelings. He just wanted to have some time alone with Ruka and Hotaru, and that's it for his own reasons.
“But, I want to stay here, with them.” Squealed Mikan, but just receive a death glare from the medic, but then one of the gang talk to her.
“Koko, he's also here.” butted the flame caster, which make the nullifier shifted her gaze towards him.
“Why?” she asks monotonously and trying her best to evade his crimson eyes who's carefully staring at her.
“Headache. Severe headache.” He said flatly, which confused the brunette. Sometimes, she just saw him tucking his head with his hands whenever he felt head aches, but didn't get it why ihe seems to be like that for 14 days consecutively.
“Hmmm… Nonoko-san, did he told you something?” she ask, concern is evident on her voice. Surely, something is happening.
“No. He doesn't even want to talk to Me.” she said as tears started to run down her cheeks.
“Okay then. We better talk to him when he can manage to speak…” said Mikan as she started to walk outside the room, but then stop
Ruka… Why?
The nullifier turns around to check if her best friend talk or move, but she's still unconscious, and then…
Please tell me…
She looks again at Hotaru, but she's not awake, but she's just so sure that that voice is Hotaru's.
“Mikan-san, is everything alright?” ask Tobita, seeing her walk and then stop bothers them
I love you Ruka… but you love Mikan… what can I do? Sacrifice…
She heard her voice again, but she nods to answer Tobita assuring him that she's alright…
Ruka… thanks for saving me… I'll treasure this moment forever…. I promise.. I'll get over you sometime…
She stops on her tracks again. Now she realized that she's reading Hotaru's mind, but how? She's unconscious!