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Legends: Flashbacks
Thoughts in a flashback
Just Normal
Chapter 7: It's Just That
She woke up, her head do feel hurt. She then caressed her face only to find herself wincing in pain. She tilted her head from side to side only to see her brunette best friend sleeping soundly, probably tired on what just happened. Wait, what just happened, all she knows… is nothing. That's new, she, the one of the most hailed genius in the academy, didn't know what just happened to herself. She sat down carefully not to wake up her best friend. Her eyes scanned the room only to see that someone awake, and then it hit her - why is HE there?
“Oh, so you're awake already…” he voiced almost a whisper, but much to the inventor's despair, she felt her cheeks burned into shades of red, in which she quickly hide from those long bangs of hers.
“Hn. What are you doing here?” she said in the most impassive tone she can, probably because, that blonde man, is actually trying his best to catch her violet orbs, maybe waiting for her to say something, and as far as she is concerned, she doesn't know what is it.
“Whew, so much for saving you.” He said as sarcastically as ever, but still trying his best not to wake up his girlfriend.
“Hn. Save me?” that silence do irritate the blonde, well; he didn't even know why he just did that from that evil blackmailer of his.
“Look, do you want me to tell you the whole story?” he ask her monotonously, crossing his arms right to his chest as he walks slowly beside the bed of the raven-haired lady. He raised an elegant eyebrow, signifying that he is waiting for an answer.
“Do what you want.” she said spiritlessly, what else she could say; she really didn't even know what did happened. Just tell me Nogi!
“Okay, remember an explosion?” he started, probably, he wants to take this piece by piece, and for her to understand that she did owe him her life.
“Explosion?” now she's asking confusingly. Wait, did he say explosion? Right! But why?
“Yes EXPLOSION. The laboratory exploded and everybody came rushing out the building. Anna thought that you're already out but the truth is, you were left behind and was hit by that somebody…” he said ponderously as he cup his chin and eyed that unspeakably lady who quickly switch her gaze and stared at her best friend still sleeping at the moment.
“Okay, then…” she said sarcastically, she really doesn't like it this way. Her ego is really affected being saved, especially by him, whom she blackmailed for about seven years already, and maybe because of that, she just found herself having a crush to this…this bishounen.
“I went there to the laboratory, and ha! You're knocked out! Well, with the looks of it, you fell unconscious.” He said poignantly as ever, which make the inventor started on trying to remember what really happened, the fear that this guy is just goofing around just to know her weakness, and have revenge on her, that thought makes her gulp. Then she looks at those aqua eyes, and yes, he's telling the truth. And now I owe him something! Argh!
“Knock out. I was knocked out?” she asks him, now her purple orbs met his turquoise ones. Now she believes Sumire, that his eyes are dreamy, way too dreamy to make you fall, and her heart ached again, because she must not feel something like that especially to this guy because HE IS HER BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND!
“Yes, and I saw somebody getting some stuffs from your bag, something like earrings and rings.” He said thoughtfully, not taking away his eyes from hers, searching her if ever she can remember something, and yes she did. She closes her eyes, telling that she did remember something.
“Yutaka Kitsuneme. He is Yutaka Kitsuneme, the one with dark blue hair and gray eyes, right?” she ask him, as she massage her temples to ease the head ache she's starting to feel on trying to remember on what had happened.
“Hai!” he said and smiled that that name finally registered his mind that he knows now who that guy was. “Good, you remember!”
“You said that he took some of my stuffs right?” now, she's talking like the boss again, interrogating and irritating the blonde guy at the same time, what can he do anyway? She's the boss - period.
“Hai.” He said melancholically, as he eyed the bruises that she got from the explosion. Does someone hit her? And Yutaka, why is he there?
“Hn. Well then, looks like he really knows what to do on my inventions in case of emergency.” She said flatly as she lie down again, very carefully. This made the blonde heated up again because…
“How rude, just a little thank you won't do you any harm Imai.” He said sarcastically as ever, that made the Imai prodigy to sigh, hesitating to do such a thing - especially thanking him.
“Hn. Arigatou.” She whispered, but it all enters the animal pheromone guy's mind. He smirks, and the inventor saw it, now, she knows why she hesitated on doing so, since seeing him like that would only mean that she didn't now, for now, what's going inside his head.
“Oooh… The Ms. Hotaru Imai aka Ice Queen aka Techno-prodigy is saying thanks to me!” he said but not that loud since the fact that his girlfriend is soundly asleep, and seeing him mocking her best friend will surely make his ears bleed or worse - she won't hesitate to break up with him, and that's not a very good consequence.
“Hn. Look, if you won't do any good here, go away.” Yes, she said it coldly as possible and that hit him. Why? That cold voice, it's usual for her, it's in her nature, but why is it that as if there's something inside that... that answer. Hn. Just as I thought…
“Okay fine, looks like I'm pissing you off already ha! Good thing that baka gun of yours is not here.” He said jokingly, trying to lower the tension that he's feeling.
“I want to go to sleep. Shut up.” She said coldly again, closing her eyes tightly and yes, forcing herself to sleep, even though she didn't want to, why? Why not, she love the feeling of him and her alone even her baka best friend is there, she's asleep, so there goes the same idea, right?
“(yawn) Oh, Hotaru! You're awake!” squealed the brunette, as her best friend let her be hugged. She misses that anyway.
“Oi baka! You're hurting me…” She said monotonously, since the brunette's face did brush to her bruise and it hurts. This make the brunette stop the hugging scene and sit upright. She look straightforwardly at her, looking at her purple orbs, trying to percept something, just that something but she couldn't even remember.
“Hotaru -chan, I miss you very much, and seeing you (sob) like this…” now she started to cry, Indeed, it's been two weeks that the inventor have the very best excuses just to make her best friend to go with that blonde guy named Nogi Ruka have some time together - alone, or maybe, she just don't like the feeling of being hurt.
“Miss me? Why?” she ask her innocently, letting out a small smile that she just show foe very few people, namely, Mikan Sakura and her brother Subaru Imai,
“Woo… Did she smile?” interrupted the almost out-of-place brunette's blonde boyfriend, but instead of an answer… he heard a stomach grumble.
“I'm hungry…” whined the brunette while caressing her tummy signifying that she's really that hungry.
“Okay, I'll go out and get some food in the café, wait me…” before he could finish his sentence, the brunette dashed out the room. What the????
“Oi! Honey! Wait!” he shouted, but that's enough for him to receive glares from the nurses walking across the corridor, but the good thing is, she answered him back…
“The headmaster!!! I must go to his office right away! Please take care of Hotaru-chan, HONEY!!!” the brunette yelled as if there's no tomorrow and much worse, he's left behind that… that… lady.
“That Baka.” Hotaru whispered while she hugs a pillow, she let her eyes gaze at the full moon peeking through the window, till she lost herself into her own thoughts.
Everything was all right..
Everything was fine...
And then you came in...
The look in your eyes...
The way you touch my soul...
Something that I will never...
Get myself in control...
“Imai-san! What do you want to eat?” he started to ask which startled the inventor and get out of her trance. She found herself staring at him; surely, those blue orbs had gotten into her. He walks towards her to hear whatever she's saying.
“I don't want to eat.” She said calmly. She like his presence, no, love his presence.
“You must eat, Imai.” He said worriedly, he doesn't want his precious ears bleed later on. He must take care of her.
“Get anything that you want Nogi.” She said calmly, and lost in her own thoughts again.
I never thought that I will fall...
Fall from those smiles...
Fall from those stares...
Fall from those words...
Words that makes my life whole...
“Okay then, I'll go get some crab meats. I know you like them, and maybe, I'll eat the same too.” He said adoringly. Whether he like it or not, he will stay with her until Mikan come back and save her to this prison.
“Hn.”was all she could say but deep down…Thank you
Now, I'm struggling with my feelings,
and I don't now what to do,
whether to stop this foolish act,
or just follow this stupid heart,
“Uhmmm… Imai... I think I'll better call the nurse for you.” He said as he swung the door slowly but stopped…
“Nogi. Why?” she started to asks, hoping that she could hear the words that her heart is aching for. She felt like crying but she tried to hold back those tears.
“Why what?” he ask, confusion is in his voice. What does she mean?
“Why did you… (Inhales deeply) why did you… (inhales deeply) why did you go and save me?” she stammered which causes the blonde to walk closer to her.
“Well, if we lose you, Tobita-san would no longer have somebody to ask about Jinno-sensei's lessons.” He chuckled but stopped when Hotaru shifted into fetal position. Oh I see, I think she needs something serious. This girl really doesn't know how to have fun - normally.
“Answer me.” She demanded but calmer than Ruka thought. She started to cover her head with the blanket, making sure that her face will be out of his sight, since the tears will start to fall sooner.
“Okay, life wouldn't be fun without me to chase around and without someone to ruin my day. Plus, I don't want to see my precious honey crying because she lost a …uhmm… a dear friend.” He answered, though the first statement was really said poignantly.
“I see…” she whispered but he heard it clearly. He turn's again facing the door and sighed…
“You are my girlfriend's best friend, so you are also in my responsibility. “he said coolly, that's true anyway, though the inventor do have lots of fan boys in the academy, nobody will dare to go in that building, since in any moment it might have another explosion, or worse, the building will collapse, so no matter how much the inventor deny it, he is indeed her hero.
“Okay then. Go get some food.” She ordered, trying her best to hide that weakness he's bringing on her. As soon as she heard the door lock's clicked, she hugged her pillow tighter. Now, those tears that threatened on flowing started to crawl down her cheeks, only to find herself that for the first time in her life, she could feel pain because of love, because of him.
She cried and cried, his images would just not get out of her mind. No matter how much she tried to forget those words that he reasoned out, it will not leave her head.
I'm just her girlfriend's best friend. Okay then, better to get over you sooner or else, I'll regret the consequence.
She stopped crying, smiling to herself that she did succeed, succeed that his images started to blurry. She's indeed good on controlling her emotions, but then, she heard someone from the outside, someone talking, no shouting… and it's already 8:00 in the evening, visiting hours are already done.
“Well, well, well, Looks like the famous Kuro Neko was dumped by that little girl huh…” his voice cold, something that will make you shiver down the spine. The inventor saved some of her strength that make her go to the window, and tried to eavesdrop on the conversation, she's a first-class blackmailer, so she's good on eavesdropping, especially, when the infamous Kuro Neko and his best friend are the concerns.
“Shut up.” The fire wielder grunted, crossing his arms above his chest, acting like he's not affected.
“So, the contract, what will we do about that?” the evil sensei ask as he face Natsume's. This made the raven-haired girl to twitch and makes her think. Contract? What does he mean?
“I'll do whatever I've written on it, just do what I've written on it and I'lll do mine. So if you won't give me any missions today, go.” He ordered, his voice is stern, but melancholy is evident. How could he stand the fact that the girl he loved the most, the girl he'll surely risk everything even his life, just dumped him. Yes, truth surely hurts.
The sensei started to land gracefully on the ground, while leaving that famous evil smirk pasted on the poor lad's mind. Then the flame caster sensed another presence, which he really knows very well, since the glimpse of his best friend shivering because of anger of losing his dignity would not make him forget that girl's presence. He walk closer, till he heard soft ruffling sounds, signifying that the girl already got back on the bed. Him, being him, he jumped in the half-closed window, which shocked the inventor but still remained her calm demeanor.
“Oh, so you're alone eh?” he ask, smirking at her, the fact that the girl is defenseless because of her injuries, will make his cautious nature to calm for a moment.
“What do you want?” she started to ask, but the flame caster didn't mind her, but he look at the pillow, and it's wet. He smirks again.
“You've been crying ha?” he said sarcastically, he is confused, the Ice Queen cried?
“Go away.” Now she's dictating orders, much to her dismay, he didn't even step back. Now this is what you call dilemma, meaning, every wrong move will surely make her dead meat. She's defenseless.
“I see… you're in love with my best friend huh?” the most hated subject of the inventor started to arose. Her, being the smarter one, won't allow to be outwitted by the other genius.
“Look who's talking? Well, well, well, as if you're not in love with mine too?” she said smirking, while he steps aback. She's really good in imitating Persona, no, she's like Persona - evil.
“Oh my, changing the topic huh?” he asked though he knows that every single mistake that will come out from his mouth will surely lead to his doom - blackmailed.
“What's the contract about?” she completely changed the topic, but her motive is different, something she never thought that she'll ever do.
“Huh? Why do you want to know?” he ask, trying to put down the subject, being dumped is enough, but being blackmailed, he swear it, never will he imagined nor experiencing that kind of misery.
“Well, it concerns her right?” she asks again, now hugging her knees, her eyes started to shoe somber.
“Hai.” He said flatly, as he eyed her to see if this conversation would do something good.
“So, what's with the contract?” she insisted and for the flame caster, his mouth started to open, and started talking.
“Everyone - if put in danger, would face my wrath, and of course, they would not intrude my social life.” He answered, confused why.
“Social life or love life? How was it?” she asks him, and needing for a straightforward answer.
“Both? Unfortunately, the baka youjo dumped me. She said that she…” his eyes cast down, don't know if he'll reason the same thing he said to Ruka.
“What? She said what?” her eyes twitched, hoping that her best friend didn't even say that.
She has no reasons that she didn't have to... well… to continue… because she just deserves him.” He said while he sat down on the chair beside the window, admiring the moon's beauty again though his fists are already clenched.
“Hn. Look's like the baka get it all in her head huh?” she whispered but that just makes him look at her, furiously.
“What did you say to her?” he asks her and he's raging, and from the looks of it, any moment form now, the room will go toasted.
“Look, I thought you're just a bastard, plain pervert, but I'm wrong.” her voice trembling, since the room is starting to heat up.
“You witch!” he growled, and the door swung open, revealing the blonde's silhouette and he's shock.
“Na… Natsume…”