Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ Of Lovers and Bestfriends ❯ Mixed Feelings ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8: Mixed Feelings
They blinked. Natsume inhaled deeply, calming himself but still glaring at Hotaru. He slumped himself on the chair beside the window while Hotaru still hugs her knees and back to her stoic face. Ruka hurried himself inside the room, as he placed the can of crab meats onto the table besides Hotaru's bed. The blonde inhaled deeply, staring at Hotaru pitifully, her cold face doesn't seem to show her fright, but her eyes do. He saw almost dried tears on her cheeks. This time, he is really in shock, how could Natsume do such a thing to a girl, who, somehow can be considered as one of her friend.
“Natsume, what's that about? She's still weak!” groaned Ruka, this shocked the Ice Queen, she just said to herself that she got over him, then she just felt bright red color creeping up on her cheeks.
“Hn. None of your business Ruka!” snapped Natsume, this time clenching his fist again as he stared at the full moon shining brightly.
“How could you say that Natsume?!” snapped Ruka back, this time, walking to him red in anger. He's a natural gentleman, and that means, no matter how that Ice Queen menaced his life, she's still a girl.
“Look! It doesn't concern you! We will deal with this PROBLEM sooner IMAI!” shouted Natsume as he hurried to exit the room and banged the door. This makes Ruka confused even more. I'll be getting you IMAI HOTARU!!!
“I...Imai… wha… what happened?” he hesitated to ask while his eyes closed. He didn't hear anything, just plain silence, the same deafening silence they always share whenever they're alone. He inhaled deeply, he reach over the paper bag where the crab meats were placed. He silently opened the first can and hand it over to Hotaru, who grabs it without even looking at him. It started to irritate him; he's really not use to such silence. He whistled a happy tune but then stopped when Hotaru gave him an empty can. He inhaled again; talking is really not a good idea for him. So he looked on his watch as he makes his self comfortable on the chair near the window. He closed her eyes as he played with his blonde tresses. He heard a ruffling sound, implicating Hotaru's movement. His eyes half-opened, as he peeks on the corner of his eye on what his so-called patient is doing, and there she is, back to her fetal position but eyes were gazing on the door, as if waiting for her brunette best friend to come in.
And there it is, a loud knock disturbed the silence, the lock started to click and revealed three dark silhouettes, all familiar for the two of them. Ruka stands up as he welcomes the three inside the room. Hotaru sit up as a small smile curved her lips seeing that her beloved onii-san comes and visit her, but later on, annoyed as a guy started to hand her a bag while kneeling - Yutaka Kitsuneme.
“Stand up.” Ordered the Ice Queen, annoyed but please on the respect that this guy giving her.
“But Hotaru Hime…” complained the lad with dark blue hair and gray eyes, this caught the eyes of the three, trying to hold their laughter from seeing that the Ice Queen was called by such respect.
“You didn't do anything wrong Kitsuneme…” said Hotaru ever-so-calmly, this caught the blonde's eyes confusion back again.
“But…” complained Yutaka again, this time, bowing his head lower than before, “but, Ayako-nee-san hit you, and I'll never forgive myself because of that!!! She even stopped me from helping you! Oh Hotaru Hime, please punish me for my carelessness!!!” groaned Yutaka as he started to weep, just when Hotaru held out her hand and cup his chin, this made the lad blush thousand shades of red, while the others looked at Hotaru in shock.
“Hotaru Hime…” Yutaka mumbled as he looked at Hotaru nearing her face into his, he closes his eyes, waiting for their lips lock but…
“OUCH!!!” squealed Yutaka as he rubs his cheek reddened from Hotaru's sweet slap.
“Stand up, my faithful servant and that deserves your punishment.” Said Hotaru sternly, as she took a peek on the bag that the lad gave her, she then put out one by one all the things as she silently count all of it. She inhaled deeply as she returns all of the jewel-like stuffs back into the bag.
“Ayako Kitsuneme? Who's she?” asked Subaru, as he sat down beside his sister as he heals her bruise.
“She's my sister, a dangerous ability class, Imai-sama.” answered Yutaka politely, as he bowed his head again paying too much respect that Subaru needed.
“Her alice?” ask the medic again, curious on why would a student do such a thing to his precious little sister irrationally.
“Telepathy, limitless type, very dangerous to deal with, even Persona-sensei didn't dare to attack her.” Stated Yutaka as he inhaled deeply and shrugged his shoulders, signifying his fear for his elder sister.
“Is she the one who did this to her?” ask Mikan seriously, as she looks at Hotaru who's rubbing her cheeks after Subaru healed it.
“Hai. And I'm really sorry Sakura-sama, Imai-sama, Hotaru Hime.” apologized Yutaka as he kneeled gain, bowing to the three of them even lower, almost kissing the ground.
“Stand up and tell me why.” ordered Mikan again, this time, having her piercing glare to the standing up Yutaka.
“She's mad at Hotaru-Hime, it's because she wants the same recognition that she got. I already explained to her that they both have different alices and may have the Academy's recognition in another way but she threatened me that she'll break my bones one by one if I keep on lecturing her, and of course, I don't want that to happen. Again, please forgive me for letting her do that.” said Yutaka, as he feels sorry for himself being a weakling.
“You, what's your alice?” ask Mikan again, hoping that his alice would be a good defense for his sister.
“Telekinesis, also dangerous ability type, and I are on the diffuse category, meaning, I can only use my alice in a low level, something that won't defend myself to my sister.” Said Yutaka as e demonstrated his alice by crumpling the paper bag lightly.
“Hn. I'll tell this to the headmaster tomorrow.” Said Subaru as he stand up, handing Mikan the release paper of Hotaru.
“You can go now imooto, please be careful next time. Goodnight!” said Subaru as he gives Hotaru a peck on the forehead and caresses her face before he exits the room.
“Here's your clothes Hotaru, I got them after my meeting with the headmaster. He said that you get well soon, or else, the Academy would lose a very potential fund raiser.” Said Mikan jokingly as she handed Hotaru a brown walking shorts with white stripes and knee length, paired with a pink half-sleeved shirt with a winged heart designed on the back. Hotaru get her clothes as she stand up with the aid of Yutaka and Mikan and goes to the bathroom to change. Ruka on the other hand was happy that his honey started to bring back her brilliant smile.
After a few minutes, Hotaru go out the bathroom as she handed Mikan her hospital gown. She let out a small smile, happy that her best friend doesn't seem to be tired on doing such things for her. She then remembered what Natsume said a while ago, thinking of it deeply, as she planned on what to do next on their confrontation.
Ruka eyed Hotaru, staring at her and checking every movement she'll make, making sure that she's not harmed by Natsume's alice. He dared not to say anything that he saw to his girlfriend, noting that that will severe their friendship. He switched his gaze to Yutaka, who quickly bowed down after receiving the stare. He just can't get it, why on earth would a dangerous ability student harm a technology type one with such petty reasons. Another thing is why Natsume acts do ferociously to the inventor. Those thoughts make him fell into deep trance, knowing that many things had happened in just one day.
Mikan also think the same way Ruka did. As she carefully folds the hospital gown and fixes Hotaru's bed, she can't help but to think why does Hotaru receive such treatment in a very unreasonable way. For her, it would be best if Ayako would just shout on Hotaru's face rather than harming her and the others to death. She started to worry even more, knowing that that attack would not be the last one, and the succeeding ones may be deadlier than before. She started to have the sense of responsibility of watching and taking care of Hotaru, though it's clear to her mind that she won't accept it. She sighed as she held out a hand for Hotaru. They all walked out the room as she and Ruka started to wave good byes to the nurses who attended Hotaru very carefully.
After exiting the hospital building, Yutaka excused himself on not going with them to bring Hotaru back to her room, saying that he'll be fried up if he doesn't appear on her sister's room in less than an hour. Hotaru accepted the excuse and started to walk ahead, saying that she's fine and can manage to go to her room all by herself. Mikan protested but she only received a piercing glare from her best friend that makes her back off. Mikan hug Hotaru for a minute or so while Hotaru just stood there, letting out another small smile, but her eyes are evading Ruka's who also smiled on seeing such a sweet display of affection between the two best friends. Ruka and Mikan bid good bye to the retreating inventor and found out that they were alone again.
Mikan smiled at him ever so brightly, as she flung her arms into his neck. Ruka blush for a second as he embraces Mikan back. Little did he know that Mikan's sad eyes started to show, the pang of guilt hits her as she remembered the way she treated Natsume on that morning. It makes her feel happy somehow, knowing that Natsume really do love her, but for her boyfriend's sake, and the thought that she really did deserve a man like him, kept her from saying that she do still feels the same way. Plus the conversation she heard between him and Miyuki makes her stay put, promising herself that whatever happens, she wouldn't be on the way for Natsume's happiness, nor did she even make herself the same baka that he use to call her. It really stabs her inside, how she cheated Ruka indirectly; she just wanted her self happy, with someone like Ruka, yes like Ruka.
“Honey, you better sleep now, it's a long day.” whispered Ruka as he loosened his embrace to her. She quickly brings her sunny smile back to mask all the loneliness that she felt inside. She neared her face, this time, locking her lips to his, he answered, nipping her lower lips gently. They've been doing this for the past week, every morning, every time they think they need to do it. His tongue slid into her mouth, slowly exploring it, savoring her sweetness and she did the same. Ruka stopped as well as Mikan; they smiled at each other and started walking. Both are thinking deeply, thoughts different from the other.
In the southern forest, a very strong barrier making a small portion of the Southern forest looks like that it's all still. Inside the barrier are small tents, a bonfire was lit in the middle as a group circled it.
“When will we attack?” ask the man with violet eyes, one of the leaders of the group.
“Tomorrow, exactly at 1200 hours, teachers would be on their faculty rooms, students would be most likely on the cafeteria, eating of course, others would be on their rooms, dozing off.” answered a brunette, Yuka Azumi, the group's head.
“Are all the alice-control devices attached already onto your body?” asked the man with violet eyes again, as he look at them, probably a fifty of them started to stand up as they showed their hands and ears on the leader having an alice controller device placed on their ears and wrists.
“Remember, those devices can be switched into amplified ones.” Shouted Yuka as she roam around the camp and eyed a lad with ropes all tied up onto his body. Another kind of an alice-controller device restrained him form using his alice against them. She removed the cloth that was preventing the lad from speaking.
“You'll never get away with this!!!” said the lad bravely, though fear is in his eyes, then he started to wriggle his body, trying to free himself but stopped when a deadly glare struck him. It was his sister Ayako, smiling slyly at him too.
“Well, well, ototo, don't you think it would be best if you would just listen to me…” said the lass with a dark blue hair and onyx eyes.
“Ayako-nee-san, why do you have to do this?” ask the lad as he started to weep, just when he remembered that all the jewel-like stuffs he gave to his beloved alice are the true ones.
“I know what you're thinking ototo, but, sorry, you (slaps Yutaka on the face) will never (stand up and kick him on his stomach) outwit me!” she said finally, as she spits out saliva to the poor lad, hitting him on the face.
“I don't think that would be a right way to treat you little brother Ayako…” said Yuka sheepishly as she wear a very good sinister smile at him.
“You… (inhales deeply)... mean, you switched the just jewelries on my bag, (coughs out some blood).” Mumbled Yutaka, but Ayako, being a telepath can hear it all, and she smiled at him, nodding her head in agreement.
“Well, that's better Ayako.” Complimented Yuka but quickly send a jolt of lightning to the poor lad, good thing, he still can handle it.
“Thank you ototo for the gifts!!!” said Ayako as she turn her back and go away, lining up with the man with violet eyes and wears the same sinister smile like him.
“Bye bye then, sweetie…” said Yuka as she turn her back and started to detailed the plans the group will do on the next day's invasion.
He put his hands on his nape, flattening his back on his king size bed, staring at the ceiling ferociously. He started to calm himself down, hoping that he will not burn his room sooner or later. He remembered again what happened to his bubbly friend Koko.
“What happened?” whispered Koko as he examine the room and saw Nonoko's face all wet with tears.
“Your head started to ache Koko-san, and you fell unconscious, Oh Kami, what's happening to you!” squealed Nonoko, as Anna started to lay her hands on her shoulder, trying to calm her best friend in any way she think she could.
“I…I don't know, Nonoko-san… I… I don't know…” the mind reader replied, Tobita and Mochu eyed him pitifully as they already know what really makes Koko suffering like that.
“(sighed) Can we have some time to talk?” excused Natsume, he's not used on seeing others suffering than himself, the thought that Persona did used him from the past for missions did not escape his mind. Probably that's the reason why his head started to ache like that.
Everybody look at Natsume, and started to walk out, knowing that a very private conversation is needed between them. This is probably the changes that a certain brunette did to him. Nonoko was the last one who exits the room, good thing Anna drags her carefully to the outside, leaving Natsume and Koko alone.
“Natsume…” Koko started to talk, while the fire wielder look at him, his crimson eyes showed pure concern for his friend, but it didn't came into his mind that this kind of conversation would leave him thinking and realizing something again.
“Do you know how I love Nonoko right?” ask Koko, and this surprises Natsume, in the history of his life inside the Academy, never did he experience to be ask such questions since almost everybody knows that he didn't seem to care at anyone at all except for his gang, of course.
“Hai.” The flame caster answered, trying to speed up the revelations of his friend in order for him to ask what he wanted to ask to him.
“Do you know why I always step back whenever she calls out for a date?” the mind reader asks again, this time, tears started to find its way into the corner of his eyes.
“Nope.” There's nothing he could do but to listen to him, well, it also intrigue him why did the jolly mind reader do such a thing to his beloved one.
“Do you want to know why?” as he faced the flame caster, trying to decipher what would be his answer through mind reading
“Sure.” He said flatly, as the mind reader ask for his assistance to sit up
“Know what Natsume, I know you love Mikan very much, that you even signed a contract that she'll not be used by the Academy to go on missions, since she really do have a very powerful and unique alice. I also learned from the past weeks that you almost exceed the limits of your alice, just to let us all safe, but mainly, just to let HER safe from Persona's hands. Sadly, she dumped you, but I can't tell why because she has the nullifying alice…”
“What's got to do with your story Koko?” the fire wielder asks him irritatingly, the word `dump' already got onto his nerves.
“Let me finish please, I may not be able to say this to you anymore…” said Koko which froze Natsume, hearing him saying things that is not that joyful makes him more irritated.
“Okay, continue.”
“I also feel the same way as you do, being hold back by such circumstances to tell our love ones how we really feel. It's really a burden for me on not saying to Nonoko how mush I really care for her, how much I really miss her when not seeing her even in an hour, and how much do I love her with all my heart. The thought that I might be leaving this academy sooner than I thought gives me the creeps of losing her. The thought that she may find another one, whom she'll love the way I do really rattles my skull, and I know Natsume that's how you feel right now.”
“What do you mean by that Koko?”
“I mean, I might be expelled into this Academy…”
“And why's that?”
“I'm no alice… what else?”
This started to grow the silence between them….
“How do you know that you'll be losing your alice?”
“Serina-sensei told me that if ever I'll be experiencing head aches like this for three weeks or lesser, it's a symptom that I'll be losing my alice sooner, or I might be evolving to a telepath, but that's so impossible, since for the past two weeks, I can only hear your thoughts thrice a day, and it really bothers me…”
Silence. Deafening Silence.
“At least Natsume you've already told her how you really feel, compared to me….”
A knock disturb his trance, another knock rings onto his head, then he stand up. He walks towards the door lazily as he started to think whoever that would be.