Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ Time waits for no one ❯ Gone in the ashes? ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
not make a Gakuen alice Fic.? I deleted all my other Gakuen alice fics. I need to stat with a clean slate. Ok here we go.

Summary: Mikan doesn’t even seem to know Natsume anymore, he’s fading farther away from her, and is Ruka getting closer? And Hotaru, will she ever show an type of feelings. It’s been three years, can she really become the light in his dark world?

Mikan skip along the hallway, she was late! She ran around the corner and stopped. She didn’t run into anyone. No one had insulted her and peek at her panties, making her later for class. No one had made her fall down in a long time, not that she cared…much.

“Oi Stripes ! I knew you were a Baka but who’s stupid enough just to stand in the hallway?” she smiled, he was back. Then something seemed to dawn on her, she whip around.

“STRIPES? You Hentai pervert!” she yelled. Even while she yelled at him she smiled.

“Yo Baka, why are you still smiling?” she tilted her head.

“Will you’ve been gone for a long time, I’m glad your back. By the way, where were you?” he kept his face the same amused but cold look. She was glad he was back…

“I didn’t feel like coming to class,” he said simply shrugging. Mikan face twisted and he thought she was going to yell at him.

“Natsume were really late!” she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards class. She knew he was lying, when he skips class so does Ruka. Why wasn’t he telling her?

********************************************** ***************************************

Ruka sat in class, Mikan was later then usual. Since Natsume had been barley seen by anyone the last couple of months he and Mikan had become really close. Maybe something happened. Should he go look for her?

“3000 rabbits!” Hotaru ice cold voice rang out, sending shiver down his back. He just knew whatever she was selling was something about him.

“We need to put our rabbits together Sumire, a whole scrapbook of Ruka!” Ruka growled, a whole…*gulp* scrapbook!

“Imai, you can’t sell that--” Baka Baka Baka Hotaru blew a few puffs of smoke left over from her Baka gun.

“Don’t tell me what I can do,” she said coldly. Class had started a full thirty minutes ago, but as usual they had a sub. He was currently hiding under his desk. After entering middle school they split up class 2b, saying they were too much to handle all together. They were quickly reunited though, apparently them being separated just made more trouble, they tainted the other students. So the class, by order, has and will same the same.

“Imai--” the door open and Mikan appeared fresh out of breath. Ruka smiled, finally. Behind her Natsume walk in, Ruka smile faded, but quickly reappeared. Natsume was back….Yay. Not that Ruka didn’t love Natsume as a brother, not that he wasn’t happy it was just…its not the same. When Natsume and Mikan are together its like nothing can get between them. They claim to dislike each other but there always alone together and they give chemistry a whole new meaning. Not to mention the way there conversations and the fun they have is effortless, nothing like what Ruka has with her. But these last few months, have been different. Its like Mikan had never met Natsume, and her and Ruka are the one with that kind of power between them. Lately, Ruka and Mikan have been it, the rumors the jealous stares…not Natsume. Hopefully things wouldn’t change.

“Hi everyone!” Mikan greeted loudly, although she didn’t need to, the class was silent.

“Natsume!” Ruka greeted. Natsume simply nodded and gave a small hi.

“Ruka!” Mikan greeted brightly. Her expression changed and her eyes brighten.

“HOTARU!!!!!” She jump up arms open. baka baka baka! Mikan flew backwards, right into Natsume. The sub. pop his head above the desk, wondering why it was silent.

“N-Natsume Hyuuga? They said you didn’t show up…” the sub fainted, but who could blame him? Natsume didn’t have the best track record.

“Oi, stripes get off me. As much as you enjoy it, you can’t stay.” Mikan growled.
“I enjoy this about as much as you do.” He smirked.

“Really? I enjoy this a lot, I’m glad you feel the same.” Mikan turned deep red, then did what she did best.

“Hotaru! Natsume teasing me!” *everyone falls to floor* Natsume forcefully shoved her off and went to the back of the classroom, Ruka Surprise! didn’t follow. Instead he offered his hand to Mikan who sniffled and thank him. Natsume raised his eyebrow, ah, so it finally happened.

Natsume: Not bad, I won’t burn you. But if you start all that “ Natsume face heated up, he loved Poka dots so much” crap you’ll join them. *points behind him*

Mimi: *stares at authors burned to crisp* *gulps* you don’t scare me…

Natsume: So your not scared *lights flame*

Mikan: Hey guys, sorry I’m late. I lost my…Natsume! I didn’t know you were here

Mimi: No I’m not

Natsume: *glares* she can’t stay here forever

Mikan: *clueless* her? Is someone else here? HELLO?!

Natsume and Mimi: *drops 2 ground*

Mimi: Ttfn review 4 more!