Gargoyles Fan Fiction ❯ Dutiful Fae ❯ Boredom ( One-Shot )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Disclaimer: I don't own Gargoyles or any related characters from it. Gargoyles belong to Greg Weissman(sp?) and Disney. All I own is the OC, Rae/Rachel and the mentioning of another OC, Wren, and the ideas behind this collection of one shots. This one shot takes place between the episodes, Vows and the four-part episodes, City of Stone. And yes, I've written Rae as if she were a canon character, but this was only a test piece. If anyone finds this story interesting and want me to write further Gargoyles one-shots or stories about Rae/Rachel and, maybe, her mother, Wren, and how they would fit into the Gargoyles universe, let me know. And as a small warning, Owen will be a little OOC (Out of Character) because this is the first time I've written a Gargoyles fanfic in a very long time.



"Whatever you're going to ask, the answer is 'No!'" His voice was stern as he said this. His blue eyes stared hard at the open newspaper he held in his hands. He could imagine what his master's niece was going to say, he knew what she was going to ask just from how she said his name in that fake sweet voice of hers.

Sure, Rae was sweet and thoughtful, but she was very much like her uncle, David Xanatos, clever. She was also charming... In her own way

He could imagine the look of surprise in her chocolate brown eyes at hearing his response. Actually, he could see it in the rearview mirror when he glanced up to gauge her reaction.

"You're so boring, Owen." The sixteen-year-old girl mumbled, crossing her arms in her usually pouty manner. Normally Rae would be quiet and not so... Annoying, but here lately she's been...

What was the word? Rebellious? No, bold? Maybe...

As Owen pondered this, he glanced at the rearview mirror and saw his master's niece sitting in the back of the limousine, just sitting there.

Her long sandy brown hair hung about her face, her eyes narrowed in concentration. So she's given up on asking him for ice cream and decided on reading a book, huh? Wait, a book?

He looked back at the mirror again and blinked. Better yet, there was a book in the girl's hands. It was a thick leather bound book from the looks of it. Something about the book was curious. How did she come across it and where?

"Miss Rae, where did you get that book and what book is it?" Owen asked, keeping his voice even and calm so as not to alarm her, let alone upset her.

He heard the girl moving in the back seat as she leaned closer to the front, holding the book of interest in one hand as she did so. The girl just rested her upper body on the back of the front seat.

"It's just an old fairytale book." She replied, "See?"

She even held up the book, showing the faded gold letters on the front.

Hans Christensen's Fairy Tales.


His eyes narrowed a bit but otherwise, the blonde man gave a small nod.

"I didn't think you were still interested in fairy tales." He added, turning his gaze back to the newspaper in his hand. There was a sense of amusement in his voice as he said this, a very soft smile on his lips.

Rae just shrugged, leaning back against the seat and opening the book back to her saved spot. "It's not that I'm interested, I'm reading this because Mama used to read this when I was little."

His eyebrow shot up at the girl's divulgence to him. Owen remembered meeting his master's younger sister many times.

Long dirty-blonde hair with brown eyes and the lightly tanned skin tone as his master. But the woman was younger, a great deal shorter than Xanatos, and definitely quieter in tone, but she was still as stubborn as Mr. Xanatos, if not more so. But that aside, Wren Xanatos was just a soft-spoken and gentle woman and it was safe to say, her daughter is the same way, sort of.

The last time he had seen Wren was when she was close to death and David Xanatos went to visit her, bringing Owen with him. It was then that his boss had ordered him to cure her cancer, but according to the Laws of the Fae, the rules that King Oberon and Queen Titania had set, the Children of Oberon could live among the mortal humans, even form relationships with them, but they couldn't meddle in the lives of mortals where life and death are concerned. They couldn't heal wounds and sicknesses, let alone bring people back from the dead.

Even though Owen had been forced or rather persuaded to serve David Xanatos, many of the Fae Laws applied to him and he had to obey (as much as he disliked these laws sometimes). But since these laws prevented him from curing cancer that took Wren's life, and from bringing her back, Owen did make a silent vow to serve the daughter of Wren and protect and care for her as he does for David Xanatos. And even though he won't admit it out loud, he had grown fond of the quiet girl and her cheekiness.

It was David Xanatos own cheekiness rubbing off on her. His master did raise the girl since her mother died when she was four after all.

As they waited there in the car, the sun getting higher in the sky and people occasionally looking over, Rae finally closed her book and groaned. Owen had no doubt the girl was bored, bored of waiting around for her uncle and his new wife to come back from their honeymoon. Their plane was supposed to be touching down any moment now.

It was just a few weeks ago that Mr. David Xanatos and his new wife, Janine "Fox" Renard had gotten married, and of course, Rachel had attended and along with the two gargoyles, Goliath and Demona, and Mr. Xanatos's father, Rachell's grandfather. As a result of Goliath bringing the Phoenix Gate, the party was sent back to the middle ages, to the time when Goliath's clan was fuller and him and Demona were still "mates." Of course to Owen, they were gone for a few seconds, three minutes at the most. But when they came back, Rachel was beyond excited. She just wouldn't stop chattering about the whole trip. But now, the whole spirit of adventure had worn off and Rachel was looking even more bored than usual.

"Bored?" Owen asked with a small smirk.

Rae poked her tongue out at him as he gazed at her in the rearview mirror. "Of course, I'm at the peak of teenage rebellion in my teenage years." But the girl pulled her tongue back in as she leaned forward again. This time she wrapped her arms around Owen's neck loosely and brought her head to rest her chin on his shoulder.

Owen, used to her mild cheekiness and her hugging him like this, smirked in mild amusement at her actions and words. "I never take you to be rebellious." He said softly, flipping to the next section of the newspaper.

"Ah, but my favorite fairy friend taught me to be more mischievous and to stand up for myself." Again she poked her tongue out at him.

Owen found himself reaching up and pinching her nose lightly. "And who is your fairy friend?" He already knew who she was talking about, but he wanted to amuse her if only for his own amusement.

Rae stopped for a second to think, but her eyes lit up with a playful streak as she pinched his nose in return. "He always seems to speak in riddles and rhymes, full of magic and tricks when showing his true form, playful, but harmless to friends, but deadly to foes. But he chose to serve an interesting man and his niece. I just hope the Trickster considers me a friend as I consider him as such."

Owen couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his lips as he heard his words. "The Trickster considers the young lamb his friend, he likes her cheeky and gentle spirit."

This earned him a smile from her and the girl becomes silent, her gaze on the newspaper in her caretaker's hands but not really taking in the words on the page, her hand releasing his nose and dropping to back to his shoulder.

Feeling a slight hunger pain in her stomach, Rae gave another groan, "Now the hungry lion roars, and the wolf behowls the moon," She mumbled.

Familiar with what she had said (silly humans using his quotes for their silly plays) Owen grabbed her nose again, pinching it playfully. "You read too much Shakespeare." His tone wasn't angry or annoyed, it was calm but he was good at hiding the amusement in his voice.

"I was just telling you I'm hungry," Rae said through her nose being pinched. "Since you won't get me some ice cream."

"Mr. Xanatos's plane will be here in a few seconds," Owen replied curtly, an amused smile still on his lips. Before either of them could say more or do anything else, they heard an airplane, David Xanatos's private jet, landing nearby. Owen released the girl's nose with a pleased smile. "See? I told you."

"Bleeeehh." Rae stuck her tongue out again, "You only knew because of your magic." But she froze in shock as she saw her uncle and new aunt descending from the plane.

"No, I saw their plane coming while you were talking." Owen teased playfully before folding up his newspaper, placing it into the inside of his coat before looking back at his charge. "Why don't we get out and greet them?"

Rae nodded, excitement shooting through her as he got out. Once he opened the car door for her, Rae immediately got out and ran over to the newlyweds, throwing her arms around her uncle.

"Perhaps this will be an interesting year yet," Owen whispered quietly to himself, a small smile gracing his lips.