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Chapter One

The Enemies New Pulse

The bells that ring would bring me peace

The love I have would bring me joy

I see none but my own unending life


"Trowa, wake up! We're almost to Earth." Squealed Catherine. Her hand patted her brother's leg in excitement. "I can't wait… This is the first time we've been back here since the war ended. I hope the crowds are good."

"Yeah, me too." The brown hair young man replied sleepily. He had friends on Earth and he longed to see them again. The circus demanded so much time from him these days, he would be happy to take a break from it to go to Heero's wedding. That is if it weren't for the dream Trowa was experiencing.

The dreams weren't anything special. He came away remembering almost nothing, except the steady heart beat. It would pound through his senses. Starting slow and rhythmic, then growing in pace until it reached his own pulse. The pounding and his heart would then increase together until Trowa could barely breath. For it beat so hard that his lungs were suffering. When he could take no more, the synchronized pulse would slow. His own heart rate would return to normal. And the original beat would slow even further…and then into nothing.

His sisters' continued rambling brought him back. "I still can't believe that you're actually going to take some time off. I mean, who will take care of the animals while you're gone?" She ended sarcastically with a roll of her eyes. She was rewarded with a slight smirk. {I hope he has fun. At least he's not as quiet as he used to be. Maybe this will bring him out even more.}


The shuttle touched down and everything was unloaded. Trowa settled the animals, and yet still procrastinated. He needed to go to the wedding, hell he wanted to go… So what was stopping him?

"Trowa?" The ringmaster's voice rang clear. "There you are. An old buddy of yours is here. They had not heard from you yet…" The voice trailed off. "Boy, are you ok?"

"Huh? Yes, I'm fine." With a sigh Trowa picked up his bag and walked out. "I'll see you in a couple of days."

The sunlight beamed down brightly, and Trowa took a minute for his eyes to adjust as he stepped outside.

"TROWA!!!!!!" The exuberant voice could not be mistaken for any other.

"O-hio, Dou. How are you?" Trowa set his bag down and embraced the longhaired man.

"Oi, Trowa, where have you been? I expected you to call me as soon as you landed. Ah, don't tell me, you've never seen a girl naked?" Duo laughed hysterically thinking to the bachelor party ahead that night. "Well, old friend, hop in. Lets get moving." Duo motioned to his waiting car.

The two got settled in and sped off. "You changed your hair." Dou commented as they drove. The young man who once suffered from one large clump of bang now seemed to sport somewhat of a part and a slightly longer tail at the back.

"Hn. And yours has just gotten longer."

"Man Tro, you need to laugh some more." Duo stated with some seriousness. "Of course, I don't think I've ever heard you laugh. Or even seen you really smile. You need to lighten up Trowa." The longhaired man rambled on, and Trowa just listened. "You have got the GREATEST job in the whole Earth Sphere. People like me can only dream of running away to join the circus!"

"Hn," Trowa just kept looking straight ahead. Duo thought he saw what could have been a slight smile, but it had been so long since the two young saw each other, Duo couldn't tell for certain.

**************************************************************** *****

"HEERO! SIT DOWN!!!!!!" The young Chinese man was nearing the end of his rope. Heero just kept pacing…"You know for 'the perfect soldier' you sure get scared easy." Wufei finally gave up and sat down in a chair his eyes still following his friend. "You know, I was married once."

The pacing stopped momentarily as Heero regarded Wufei. Finally letting out a small snort realizing Wufei must just be pulling his leg. The circuit started again.

"Really, I was." Wufei stated almost dreamily with a hint of sadness. The pacing stopped again. The soon-to-be groom stared at his friend, waiting for Wufei to continue. "I was 14. It was an arranged marriage that neither of us wanted. Her name was Meiren. We hadn't been married but a couple of months when OZ attacked. That was the first time I got in Shen long. She had jumped in a Leo to take the fight out to them…She died. And I renamed the Gundum after what she wished to be called. Nataku." He finished with a tear in his eye.

"Hey, Wufei," Heero was at a loss for words. "I…ah…I, never knew."

"Hn. That's because I never told anyone." The Chinese man looked out the window. "We hated each other. Arguing all the time." Wufei sighed and stood up to place a hand on Heero shoulder. "Just be happy, this marriage is something both you and Relena agreed upon."

The door suddenly burst open. "HEY GUYS!!!!" Duo's excited voice called out as he entered. Following him came Quatra and then Trowa.

"You're late." Heero stated in a cold hard voice that stopped Duo in his tracks. A quick second pasted as they stared at each other. Duo noticed a slight twitch from the corner of Heeros' mouth. Then Duo began to laugh, going up and giving his friend a hug. Heero smiled.

"Man, I hate it when you do that… It just freaks me out!" Duo gasped trying to regain his breath. "Reminds me of old times…shit!"

Four, of the five, men in the room either chuckled or groaned at the antics. The one who did not, the tallest of them, Trowa, just quietly closed the door and was now leaning against it, stoic and sullen.

Quatra looked up and noticed the unemotional man. "Trowa, is everything alright?" He asked suddenly sobering. With his empathy, Quatra reached out to Trowa. He was almost physically knocked back by the loneliness and quiet emptiness that filled the tall man. "Trowa?" He asked again. This time the tone of his voice caught the attention of the others and they all looked toward the tall man.

"Hn?" Trowa forced a small chuckle and reinforced his mental barriers. "Sorry, I guess I'm just jealous." He stated, trying to sound convincing. He looked to Heero and offered his hand. "I wish you all the best in this my friend."

{I don't buy it.} Quatra thought to himself. {I'll have to talk to him later, and see what's going on in his mind.}

The music began and they all knew it was time. Heero sucked in his breath and held it. Puffing out his chest in order to try and gain more courage. "Oh, there you go" Duo taunted. "Try and make yourself even more of a bad ass then you already are." A slap on the back brought all the air out and nearly caused Heero to collapse. Wufei groaned, and covered his eyes. Quatra snorted in attempt not to laugh. They were all caught off guard when even Trowa snickered. The rest looked up at Trowa with their mouths agape.

"Come on Heero, you've got a wedding." Wufei said finally. Regaining their composure, the five former pilots made haste to the alter…Well four of them did, keeping their arms locked on the fifth, whose special day this truly belonged to and who was ready to bolt the first chance he got.


The wedding turned out beautifully, since it was for Relena the media was there, as was everyone who was someone. Duo and Wufei stood behind Heero the whole time to stop him if he bolted or catch him if he fainted. Which all there thought he was going to do once the minister reached the part of the 'I do's'. Nothing happened though, and after the ceremony everyone got into their vehicles and followed the newly weds to the Peacecraft mansion for the reception.

When the guests had seated, after procuring their food, Duo Maxwell stood and tapped his crystal goblet. "Wow, eight years since we first met and now your married." He said raising his glass to the couple. " You know, most people bet that Heero would either fail to show up or run in the middle of it. He didn't, so that just goes to prove that this man will follow through on the mission as always…now on the other hand I had my money on the idea that Relena would finally wake up and realize what a scum bag she was with." The crowd laughed and Relena pointed her finger at Duo accusingly. "But here they are, finally married. Relena," he looked at the bride, "Just make sure to keep his hand off the self-destruct button. Now seriously, the two of you are among my best friends. And in the last eight years, I've tried to save you girly, from him, and help save him from you numerous times. May the both of you be happy in this venture and NOT get me dragged into it…the two of you are on your own now." Duo finally sat back down. The speeches went on and the day dwindled into late afternoon.

The couple at last gathered with the guests to cut the wedding cake. Miriad, Relena's older brother stood on one side of her, and her new husband stood on the other. Relena gave her big brother a hug and whispered in his ear. "Thank you for being here today, you have become the best brother any gal could ask for."

"My pleasure, Relena." He said as he returned the embrace.

"Relena, time to cut the cake." Heero mentioned with a smirk and took his new wife's hand. Together they stood in front of the 3-tiered cake and took a hold of the knife. Smiling at each other and the crowd they began to slice. Time seemed to stop for Heero when he heard a slight *click*. Everything began again when he recognized the sound. All that he managed was a quiet 'Damn'. He grabbed his wife's waist, throwing her to the floor and shielding her with his own body. The cake exploded causing the table to all but disintegrate. Wedding guests threw their hands up in hopes of fending off the shrapnel, many to no avail. Heero felt the shockwave from the explosive hit his backside. Then it was over.