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Authors Note:
My second entry for the 100_Men community.

Theme/Prompt: No.18.:Father.
Character: Konzen Douji.

Disclaimer: Kazuya Minekura owns Saiyuki. Not I said the writer.;b.

Warning for possible out of character-ness. I haven't written that much for Konzen.
Also for a spoiler from a scene in the manga where Goku and Kenren are in a tree and the joking aftermath of Tenpou and Kenren.

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Konzen glanced over at Goku who had taken little time to fall asleep since they got in from their late night outing with Kenren and Tenpou.

Part of the aforementioned outing was why he hadn't been able to sleep yet.
Earlier thanks to Kenren. The general and the monkey had a race to the top of a couple of the sakura tree's and not long after said monkey had fallen and landed on top of him, which hadn't felt too good either considering Goku's weight with the shackles.

The two idiots had the nerve to tell him "Nice catch dad." and then blame it on him. It was Kenren's idea to even challenge Goku in the first place.

He wasn't the kid's parent anyway, more like owner. He shifted slightly in his bed. ȑat do those idiotsanyway?' sighed with minor annoyance. ǡis is the old hag's fault. She dumped him on me.'

Still, he had gotten used to having the kid around, somewhat anyway. Where before it was quiet, the kid made noise. Before he was busy with the seemingly endless paperwork, now he would take a little glance away to look at the flowers that Goku would bring in.

And when he had no one to watch but himself, now if the kid was gone too long he would look for him to make sure he hadn't gotten into trouble or anything.

Before when he ate alone, it would be with a part of the newspaper and silence. Now there was almost constant chatter and telling him of almost every single thing he had done whatever he had seen and when he himself muttered off something, Goku would listen.

He turned over to try and go to sleep. Just because he had named the kid,
kept something of an eye on him, made sure he didn't go around actually smelling like a wild animal, among a couple of other things...

That didn't make him the kid's father. No, he was more like his owner.
Konzen closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Authors Notes:
When I was writing down the ǡoughts'well during the one about the ƕd hag'I got an idea for a little one-shot/drabble series for Konzen and Goku.

Technically between the two....
I think Konzen could be the dad and Sanzo the older brother or something.

I know this fic may come off with some form of out of character-ness, but I kinda like how it came out in the end.:p.

Later people!==^-^==.
10/06/2007, 06:21am.

10/06/2007, 07:37am.
Changed one Idiot to Kenren since I possibly used the word too much around that part. And no I don't Kenren or Tenpou are idiots. Just trying to keep Konzen in character as much as possible.:p.
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