Ghost In The Shell Fan Fiction / Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Fan Fiction ❯ Every Cloud has a Mechanical Lining ❯ Chapter One, S2 ( Chapter 2 )

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I said to myself never to speak of my past again or allow it to cross my mind again. Those days were dead and gone. Nothing can change what's happened. Just the way I want them to stay. But recently everything has come flooding back to me. It's as if the Major's death has been the trigger to the remembrance of my forgotten past.
A sudden chill ran down my spine as the piercing sound of my door bell rang out. I inquisitively made my way over to the door. It let out a cold creaking noise as it opened. It was only Togusa. He stood tall in front of me, but his head still didn't reach my shoulder. He leant back and shook his head from side to side. His shaggy mullet like hair swayed followed by the eruption of water from its ends, like a dog shaking water off after a bath. Apparently it must have been raining outside. I hadn't realised. I'd just been sat around all day dwelling upon the past events in my life. All I ever did on my days off. I moved aside and Togusa stepped inside carrying two large, paper grocery bags. His eyes scanned his surrounding.
”I got you this, thought you may need some, looks like you haven't been out for a few days.”
He passed one of the bags over to me and I happily accepted the gift after viewing what was inside. It was full of dog food for Gabriel, and the right food at that. She's very picky about her food. She'll only eat the fresh stuff. If it's not she'll sit around and sniff it as if to show interest but after a few minutes she'll push it aside.
But thankfully, Togusa knew me and her well, and bought the right kind. At this point Gabriel had already traipsed into the kitchen and sat by her bowl, her tail violently wagging, waiting for me to provide the goods. I slowly turned and did as she wished, at which point she planted her face straight into the wet, brown mush.