Ghost In The Shell Fan Fiction / Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Fan Fiction ❯ Every Cloud has a Mechanical Lining ❯ Chapter One, S3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Togusa instantly knew something was wrong with me because of the way I trudged around the kitchen. He'd known for the last year what was wrong with me for the past year now, but it was a taboo subject between us Section Niners. He knew that I was most affected by it. He knew exactly what was wrong, but still innocently asked.
“What's wrong Boss man, you've been down for months now” he asked me.
I shrugged at this remark and strolled into the living room once again before slouching back into my hardened armchair. Togusa followed and placed himself on the armchair opposite me. He looked up at me and stared into my grey circular eyes with sympathy.
“You still miss the Major don't you? Look Batou, I know how you feel, we all feel the same, however I do know how much more you were attached to her than the rest of us. Section Nine's fallen apart since her death, but we do all need to be strong and move on. It hurts me to see you how you are at this present time Batou. You're the backbone behind Section Nine. I understand no one will ever be able to replace her but we need to try and move on in our lives. One day she may return to us however, none of us are sure of that. For now, all we can do is hope.”
He reached out and placed his own hand on top of mine. The warm touch upon my cold metal shell made me tense up. I retreated backwards pressing my head back against the chair so I could no longer feel its smooth velvety texture, but now the harder uncomfortable casing that held the structure together. I sighed heavily before replying.
“I loved her Togusa...” I admitted quietly.
“...Work just...” I sighed again
“...Isn't the same without her presence. I have no motivation anymore. Everyday I return home and simply throw myself down in this chair and hope her Ghost whispers to me. I feel it does, but how can I be sure? I may just be imagining it, but I like to think it real.”
In saying this, my arm started to tremble. Togusa held it steadily for a moment, before removing it completely. He offered making me a coffee, in which I declined before picking up his keys from the coffee table. He walked into the kitchen and removed two beers form the fridge and threw one in my direction.
“Right, I must dash as I'm still on call with the Chief. A new case has cropped up. Nothing too serious but since you're out of work I said I'd cover for you. The chief worries about you too Batou. I'll hopefully see you Monday Boss man, unless something more serious crops up between now and then. Take care of yourself Batou.”
And with that comment he made his way over to the front door and saw himself out.
“Thanks Togusa” I cried out as he left.