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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sources - Ghost in the Shell: both movies (GitS and GitS2:Innocence)and Stand Alone Complex
My premise is that S.A.C. follows both movies - as evidence I submit the following: Batou's hair is longer; the Major is markedly different in both appearance and some of her attitudes, and perhaps most significantly; Togusa has only 1 child (a girl) in Innocence, but has a daughter and a younger son in the series. Ergo, I believe that the time given at the start of S.A.C. is incorrect; it should be more like 2033 or later. I submit this story as a bridge between the Major's disappearance and Stand Alone Complex.
16 Apr 2006: In reading the short story over several times, I think I can improve upon and expand it. Originally written as a one-shot for the Spring Mini-fic contest…hope the rest of is turns out as well as the first effort.
31 May 31, 2006: I think I have tinkered with it enough off & on for the last month. Here then is the expansion on “Motoko Redux.” Enjoy! ~ Una