Ghost In The Shell Fan Fiction ❯ What's Next? ❯ New Faces ( Chapter 3 )

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What's Next?
Author: Ilze
Rating: PG13
Category: Drama
Summary: When the huge Megatech conglomerate closes due to a bad public reputation, the value to cybernetic Megatech-made bodies raises in the black market and people begin hunting for these cyborgs. If that isnt enough for Section 9 to handle, the number of recent ghost hackings is beginning to rise.
Note: This story is based after the GitS first movie. It doesnt really have much to do with Stand Alone Complex or Innocence.
Disclaimer: I own no part of Ghost in the Shell, characters, or trademarks.
Chapter 3: New Faces
The call came in while Togusa was on his way home after the successful mission. He was driving home to see his wife and kids when the Chief had come over his network and told him that something had come up and he had to be at the Le Francais restaurant as soon as possible. Unhappily, Togusa turned his car around and headed towards the fancy french dine in place. He'd arrived in a matter of minutes.
The place seemed to be under police investiagation. A crowd was gathered outside the restaurant around the bright police ring and various officers were wandering about the place. As Togusa entered the restaurant, he noticed Chief Aramaki's car parked outside. Togusa walked through the dinner area of the restaurant and was greeted by a old friend from the police force. Koichi had been his pal in his old days as a cop.
His friend smiled to him under his thick mustache and motioned for him to follow, "It's been awhile, Togusa." Koichi chuckled deeply, "How's the big league treating you?"
Togusa put his hands in his pants pockets as they walked, "It's tough but I'm surviving, I guess. What's going on?"
"I really dont know too much. I was told to wait for you here then take you back to Aramaki of Section 9 when you arrived." He pushed open a door to the men's room, "They're keeping it real hush-hush."
The chief was in the men's room with a couple of other men. They all were all speaking quietly among themselves but Aramaki turned to address Togusa when he entered. Koichi waved his hand, "I've done my job. I'll call you sometime Togusa. Tell you're wife I said hi." and Koichi left.
Aramaki led Togusa over to the group. Togusa crosed his arms, "What's going on, chief?"
"A lot." The old man said, "Aboout 45 minutes ago, the police department recieved a call that there had a scuffel in the bathroom of this place. The police arrived to break it up but it was already over. The man they're investigating now was unconcious at first but woke up and his telling quite a story."
"What'd he say?"
Aramaki sighed and looked to Togusa, "I'll tell you everything he said. This guy, his name's Black, entered the bathroom about an hour ago. He found a ghost hacked cyborg in one of the stalls and had read the guy's ID. Just when he was about to go get help, another guy entered. He'd asked the guy to call the cops but the stranger just punched Black. They fought for a few minutes but the guy ended up winning. Right before Black passed out, he'd seen the guy carry the cyborg out."
"So, we're dealing with another hacker already?" Togusa watched as the witness explained everything to a police officer, "Why'd you call me in? Couldnt you just fill me in tomorrow?"
"This case is special, Togusa." The chief also watched Black speak, "This involves us at Section 9 especially."
"Why's that, chief?"
"The cyborg that got hacked. He was one of our agents." Togusa turned to regard the chief in suprise, "It was Saito."
"Saito? How the hell did he get hacked?"
"We arent sure yet." The chief scratched his gray facial hair, "The investigation is underway but we really cant do a whole lot until we find Saito and to find Saito..."
"...we gotta find his kidnapper." Togusa finished in deep thought. This was definatly new. Never before had a Section 9 operative been hacked. Whoever had been able to hack someone like Saito had to be top knotch. Togusa sighed, "Where's Bateau and Ishikawa?"
"They've been informed and briefed. I'm giving you guys the night off. Come by early tomorrow and we'll all talk together. By then, maybe we'll know a little more. Rest, Togusa." He crossed his arms and looked at the man being investigated once more, "This isnt going to be a walk in the park."
Togusa nodded. Deep down, his cop instinct told him to stay and help in the investigation but his human side told him how tired he was. He needed sleep plus, his wife would be worried. After deciding, Togusa nodded a farewell to Chief Aramaki and headed out the door. He said bye to Koichi then went back out to his car and drove back home.
The next morning, all of the Section 9 agents arrived on time. Chief Aramaki called his officers into his office and waited behind his desk for them. The last night, Aramaki had spent most of the night at the crime scene. Never in his wildest nightmares at the Chief thought that he would see a agent under him get hacked.
The other men entered the room. Togusa, Ishikawa, and Bateau sat in the three chairs opposite Aramaki's desk and stared foreward at their chief. With a sigh, Aramaki leaned foreward and laid his elbows on the desk, "Good morning." He said in a disheveled voice. His operatives didnt reply, only nodded gloomly. Aramaki continued, "You all have a brief idea of what happened last night, right? About Saito?" Another nod, "Well, the investigation has dug up little detail. Section 9 will officially begin their investigation today. Section 4 and 5 has also been added into the investigation."
Bateau gave a grunt of displeasure as he heard that, "I guess the news is pretty shocking?"
"Very." The Chief sighed and cracked his knuckles, "I'll tell you everything in a moment. Now, we have some other news. Our new agent has arrived. He's been undergoing all briefings and mental check-ups this morning and he's all ready to join the team." He nodded and pressed the button on his intercom. He spoke into the box, "Send him in."
It took only a moment for the door behind them to slide open. Into the room came a tall, well-built man. He stood a good 6;1, his hair was a golden yellow that hung just a little past his ears, the bangs hung a bit past his eyebrows. He fashioned military-issued goverment attire, much like the other agents. His skin was dark and he had a bit of facial hair which gave him a rugged look, something most cyborgs rarely have. His eyes were of an intelligent blue.
The agent walked into the room and stood near to the door. He seemed to be waiting for orders. Obviously, he wasnt used to the high ranks and wasnt sure of how to act. The Chief noddd to him, "Have a seat." The officer took the seat next to Ishikawa and stared foreward at Aramaki, "You have undergone all the physical and mental procedures, correct?"
The blonde man nodded solemnly, "Yes, sir."
"Good." The chief turned to the other operatives, "This is Chigako Yoko. He is the newest member of Section 9. I'll let you guys meet later. Now, I'm going to begin the briefing." He removed a data disc and began reading to the agents, "Last night around 9 o'clock pm, the police department recieved a distress call from Le Francais restaruant downtown. The call stated that a fight had broken out in the restroom and a man was unconcious. The police investigated. The unconcious man's name was Garret Black, 29-year old business director. The man had been on a casual date with a work friend."
"Black explained what had happened to the police and that was when I got the call from the police chief. I went down myself. Here's all we know that happened that night. Black had excused himself from his date and gone to the bathroom. In one of the stalls, he found a ghost-hacked cyborg. Black had checked the man for identification and found him to be Saito, our agent. Black had prepared to leave the bathroom and call the police when another man had come in. He'd told the stranger to call the police. The stranger took one look at Saito then began assaulting Black. He'd tried fighting back but ended up being knocked in the head with something and going unconcious. Black said the last thing he saw was the man throwing Saito over his shoulder and rushing out."
The chief set the disc down, "That's what we learned last night."
Ishikawa frowned under his beard, "Any information on who the guy is who took Saito?"
"We have the witness' description and a name from the resteraunt. It's probably a fake but it's Hajime Kitamura. Ishikawa, why dont you take the description and name and look for something on the net."
Ishikawa nodded and stood. He took the disc from the Chief and scratched his beard, "I'll check it out." He turned around and nodded to Chigako, "Nice to meet ya." He said casually before he left the room.
Aramaki spoke, "Togusa, Bateau. There isnt much we can do until we find something on the napper. So, just hang around until we get a lead. Chigako, same to you." He sighed, "You're excused."
The three agents stood and silently left the room. They entered the lobby of their HQ and went about their business. Togusa went to make his morning coffee. In his rush to get to the meeting, he didnt get it at home. Bateau sighed and sat down in one of the many large recliners and began reading over the morning paper that Togusa had absently brought. Chigako, feeling akward, sat in a chair opposite Bateau and looked around the room unconfortably.
Bateau looked down from his paper and watch Chigako. With a hidden smirk, he spoke to the new agent, "Chigako, right?"
The blonde man looked up, "Yeah." He said with a brief smile.
"I'm Bateau. That's Togusa." He gestured his head towards Togusa, who was now leaning on the wall and watching them. Bateau put the paper down, "What's it feel like?"
The new guy seemed a bit confused. He crossed his arms while he sat, "What's what feel like?"
"Everything." Bateau leaned foreward. He placed his elbows on his knees and watched Chigako with his cybernetic eyes, "Being promoted, having a new body, working with new people."
He nodded briefly, "Diffrent." He said simply, "The new body is wierd. When I was asked to do this, I didnt really even think about the whole cyborg body thing. It didnt bother me." He shrugged, "When i heard promotion, all I thought about was the raise in money. My parents are pretty old and cant take care of themselves so they live with me. I need the extra cash for that." He leaned back, "and working with new people aint too bad. I've been transferred a couple times so I've gotten used to it."
Togusa came back in with a cup of java. Bateau noticed the mug and stood to get one himself, "It's been awhile since we've had a new guy. Togusa just came here about four or five months back."
Togusa chuckled, "I guess I'm not the rook anymore, eh?"
Chigako laughed heartilly, "I guess not." He thought a moment as he watched Togusa, "You're not a cyborg, are you?"
The ex-cop shook his head, "Nope. All I got is the network implants."
"I thought everyone in Section 9 were cybernetic."
"I thought so too but awhile back, I got transferred here by an old agent. She's the one who you got moved up to replace."
"What happened to her?"
Togusa glanced up to see Bateau grimly filling hs cup. His face was turned away from them as they spoke, "It's a long story. She was lost while working on the Puppet Master case two months ago."
Chigako nodded and lowered his head in respect. Bateau returned with his coffee and sat in his old place.
Hours went by with the three of them just sitting around and talking. Bateau and Togusa got to know Chigako. He joined the military after he graduated from high school and a few years later was sent to military school. He moved up the ranks in the military quickled and was on his way to a more commanding position when he was transferred to Section 9. He lived with his two elderly parents and took care of them. Niether of them wanted cyborg bodys so they werent in great health and Chigako needed the goverment pay to take care of them.
However, the entire time they talked. Togusa and Bateau were bothered by the idea of a ghost hacked Saito. Saito had always been a very careful and intelligent cyborg. He was probably the one they least expected to get hacked. The idea was very grim. Whoever had managed to hack into Saito ghost was a definite threat to all Section 9 agents.
After a few hours of just talking, they were called back into Aramaki's office. The three agents entered the room and resumed their former seats. Ishikawa alreayd sat there across from the Chief. They appeared to be waiting for them.
Aramaki nodded to each of them as they entered, "Ishikawa?" He said to the older agent.
Ishikawa nodded and leaned back in the chair, "I found some interesting stuff on our ghost hacker. First off, the guy's a dumbass. Hajime Kitamura is his real name. He didnt even bother to use a surname. He doesnt have any history of hacking but he has been into some dirty stuff. He's a big trader on the black market and has a rape or two on his record." He pulled out a disc and tossed it to Bateau, "I got his last known address and a up to date picture on there."
Chief Aramaki cleared his raspy throat, "Bateau, Togusa. I need you two to check out Hajime's home. Chigako, Ishikawa has a list of names of black market traders who have had dealings with Hajime in the past. You take Ishikawa and check them out. All right?"
Bateau stood and nodded. He thrusted the data disc into his pockets, "Yes, Chief. Togusa, we'll take my car." Togusa nodded and followed him.
Chigako and Ishikwa followed shortly, heading out to Chigako's own car.
Bateau and Togusa drove to the apartment building that Hajime was supposably living in. The two agents got out of Bateau's car and headed up the stairs of the complex. Bateau double-checked the data and found the room that Hajime was living in. The two agents removed their pistols, Togusa using his coveted Matever, and knocked on the door.
There was some ruckas from inside and a muffled voice seemed to curse to itself. Bateau knocked again and waited for the answer. Some more noise was heard from inside then it was dead silent. Togusa frowned, "It's quiet. Think we should just bust in?"
"Read my mind." Bateau grunted and picked the door of it's hinges. The two agents entered the room with guns loaded but no one was inside. The apartment was a dump and they could tell why there was so much noise. He was probably tripping over everything when he walked.
Togusa and Bateau made their way through the apartment but no one was in sight. Suddenly, Bateau cursed loudly. He pointed to an open window. It led to a fire escape. When Bateau looked out, he could see a man hurridly making his way down the stairs. Cursing once more, Bateau followed with Togusa coming after him.
Bateau climbed over the railing of the fire escape and took a deep breath, the suspect was near the bottom of the ladder. Bateau hung onto the rail as his feet hung over the edge. Then he let go and fell towards the ground. At each level of the fire escape, he grabbed onto the railing and quickly made his way to the bottom. The man got to the bottom shortly before Bateau and he was forced to give chase.
The man was small and quicker than Bateau. He cursed and shouted as he ran after him. Bateau shouted back, "Stop, police!" He cursed as the man didnt listen and point his pistol. He fired a shot and missed purposly, he wanted the guy alive. The bullet didnt faze the man and he just continued running.
Bateau chased the man through a narrow alleyway. Hajime stopped every few steps and knocked over some trash cans or boxes to impede Bateau's path but the large cyborg either jumped over the obstacles or simply ran them through. Hajime still was able to keep a good distance between the two of them. They came upon the end of the alley way and a smirk came across Bateau's lips.
Bateau's red car pulled up to block the exit to the alley just as Hajime was about to escape. The suspect stopped and hit the car with a curse. Togusa jumped out from the driver's seat and smacked Hajime with the butt of his Matever. He reeled and fell against the wall. Togusa smirked as Bateau ran up to the, "You got your exercise for today, eh, Bateau?"
"A little too much for my liking." Bateau said after regaining his composure. He frowned at Hajime. The man had a clean shaved head but a dark black goatee. He had a dark tan and wore heavy dark clothing. He was bleeding from a split lip that Togusa gave him when he hit him.
Hajime cursed and wiped the blood, "What the hell do you cops want?"
"Just a couple questions." Togusa said as he roughly turned him around, "Hands against the wall."
Hajime did so obedietly and breathed heavily as Togusa inspected him, "I didnt do a thing!"
"We'll see." Togusa said as he took the man's arms and cuffed them. He led Hajime to Bateau's car, "We'll just ask you a couple questions back at HQ."
Hajime was forced into the back seat of the car, yelling and shouting at the agents as they did so. Bateau took a seat in the Driver's seat and started the car. Togus sat next to him and sighed. He shouted at Hajime to shut up and cracked his knuckles, "Well, that was fun."
Bateau chuckled as he started down the street but became serious, "This bastard had better know something about Saito, for his own sake."
To Be Continued...