Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Fan Fiction ❯ Incredible Math ❯ Electrical Reaction ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

He had found her on that warm spring night walking aimlessly through one of the more isolated parks, the kind of park with the densest of forests surrounding it, the kind where it's nearly impossible to find someone. He had approached her with great ease and kindness, his usually angry looking prosthetic eyes somewhat softer and calm. She had folded in on herself again, her thoughts overwhelming her. The silver watch she held so dear brining back the memories she'd rather have kept hidden in a rush. The watch itself had been her constant reminder most of her life that things just don't stay the same.
Of course he was there for her, offering support through his silence. They walked for awhile, giving her time to let her thoughts out, pulling the invisible weight off of her shoulders that she even forgets to notice. He listened quietly, allowed her to spill today's burden to the only one she could really trust to tell.
They eventually found themselves at her front door, standing almost awkwardly on the front walkway. She offered her invitation to him to come in through a sincere look. It became a habit of the two just recently, to find each other on accident, like fate jumped in and grabbed the wheel. They'd end up at one or the others house watching TV or talking or just plain sitting in silence. Sooner or later one would fall asleep or call it a night, and they've never gone any farther than that. Tonight, they would eventually decide, would be different.
“Thank you,” She spoke subtly as she pulled to beer bottles from the fridge and brought them over to the island centered in the middle of her `too big for one person' kitchen.
“What the hell for?” He watched her settle on the bar stool ext to him.
“For listening to me,”
He laughed out loud.
“Why wouldn't I listen to you? You're the only damn person that hasn't lost their sanity yet,”
“I wouldn't go that far,” She answered bitterly, taking a sip of her beer.
“What do you mean?” His brows moved upward, as if to soften his gaze if it were possible.
“I think that tonight, I'm finally losing the last shred of my sanity, but for some reason, I'm enjoying it, and I think I can deal with the truth. It might even be something I want,” She answered airily as she cast a glance over at him. She was right though, she did lose it. She lost it as her beer bottle slipped form her fingertips and rolled across the counter. She lost it as she pulled her bar stool closer to his, scraping it across the marble floor. Her foot found its way across to his , entwining her leg with is ever so gently. She lost it as he fingers found his hair, and as she allowed their breaths to mingle together. She finally lost it all when she led him back to her bedroom.
They took it to the next level without much thought, making one last electrifying confession to one another when she pulled him down on top of her on the queen sized bed, leg wrapping around his waist, a sigh of satisfaction escaping her lips and into his mouth.
Their exchange was one of the more memorable ones. The sensations they gave each other far more arousing then any other the two had felt. If felt almost familiar, like she'd felt this before, but she knew it couldn't be true, and reminded herself constantly that this hadn't happened before. The way she felt with her body matching his pace, the two moving in complete sync, was far more incredibly fulfilling than she could have ever contemplated. He made her, for the first time in a very long time, feel complete.
When it cam to and end, after an exhilarating finish they lay next to each other, staring through the darkness at the ceiling, not touching with their bodies anymore, but the tingling sensation that their skin felt was enough to leave their senses screaming. The only thing heard in the dark room was their heavy breathing, and his voice.
“Do you regret it?” There was a silence before she spoke.
“…No…do you?”
“No,” He answered quickly.
And that was that, no more words needed, what was already said more than enough. They fell asleep like that, not caring about the consequences of them being together like that. At that very moment, they didn't have to care about anyone but themselves, so they didn't. The chemistry they shared together would remain their little secret. They would wait until the next night to feel this electrical reaction again, to feel complete again. Until then she remained his superior, he her subordinate. Only when they were alone in the quiet of the night, under the sanctified gaze of the other, could they be Motoko and Batou again.