Ginga Densetsu Weed Fan Fiction ❯ Smoke/James lemon ❯ I get to top this time! ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Smoke x James lemon

Chapter 36 GOJL

It was official, Smoke was sexually frustrated. It had been months since James and him had sex. Ever since Mheetu and Uru were born, the couple had no time for sex due to the recent chaos.
The Kishu mix looked around in the field he was in. His half-siblings were talking about the recent events of the day. Even Morakin had come to visit and Kyo was off somewhere else with Yukina. James-however was with Gin.
He could hear their conversation clearly
Gin: “Smoke seems to be frustrated lately. Have you…had any sex lately?” he said, way too calm for words.
James grew flustered, “H-how do you know that?!” he yelled, blushing madly. He looked around and was thankful that Smoke’s half-siblings were out of earshot.
Smoke grinned, an idea forming in his head. Out of the times the couple have had sex, he had never been on top before. He got up and walked back to his den to set it in motion. He kept walking until he bumped into Bill.
“Hey Smoke.” he said. Smoke smiled, “Can I ask a favor of you? Do you know where that ribbon of yours is? I need it for tonight.” he said grinning. Bill understood what he meant and fetched it out from behind the log in his room.
“Here.” he said. “Good luck with tonight.” he winked. Smoke thanked him and left.

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

James frowned as his mate had avoided him all day and he wanted to know why. He asked several of his friends as to why Smoke had dodged him, but they gave him no real answer as to why.
“Hey James…” said a voice. He turned his head to see Smoke smiling suspiciously. He motioned for him to follow to their room and as he walked behind his mate, the more he felt that something was up.
“Smoke, what are you-!” he began to say, but he was cut off as Smoke pinned him to the floor.
He leaned into his ear and whispered, “It’s time that I was on top, babe…” he said nipping his neck.
James gasped, surprised that Smoke was taking charge. He tried to gain control, but Smoke had him pinned.
“Might has well enjoy this, after all…I’ve always wondered what it’s like on the bottom.” he thought sighing in bliss. Smoke moved down to his member and gave it a lick. He bucked upwards as Smoke pinned him down again.
“No, doing that, James.” he said grinning. He moved James so he was on his stomach and mounted him and thrusted inside him. “Sm-smoke!” yelled James.
Smoke gasped on how tight James was, even though the pair had sex before. He moved so his stomach was touching James’s back. He began moving in a slow pace. James moaned in bliss at the feeling as Smoke moved in and out of him.
Eventually, Smoke began moving faster. It didn’t take long for James to pant. “Ah…so good…more…more!” he yelled. His cries didn’t go unheard as Gin and John were doing their own lovemaking as well.
“Seems…like they…switched roles…this time…” moaned Gin as John thrusted into him again.
John grunted, “I told Smoke…ah…to…unh… ;top…for…once.” he moaned as he came

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

James moaned loudly as he came onto the floor, Smoke biting into his neck. They fell to the floor and panted in bliss. James smirked, “We need to do that again…” he sighed, holding Smoke close to him. Smoke cuddled up to him, “Of course…”