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Disclaimer: This is a tribute to Emile from God Child. A songfic to the song THE FINAL by Dir en grey from the Wither To Death album. I do not own any of the characters of God Child, I do not own the song THE FINAL.
Anger boiled up inside of him. That woman - his mother - Abigail killed Tohko. Ever since he heard of that he hated his mother with a powerful rage. A rage that felt like fire inside of his soul. He knew he had to do something to protect his sister.
The intention is clear, I stare…With this left hand, unable to be worded.
When the Aconite soaked into his mother's skin all he had to do was wait for the séance to be finished. The poison could be used in two ways; enter through the mouth or absorbed through the skin. Just before the séance had begun he placed the poison onto his left glove & forcefully grabbed his mother's hand. After that he'd place the glove into the roaring fire.
It felt like hours has passed since his mother died. Lukia, his step-sister, was back to normal self, which was good. A strange happiness over came him as sat dormant in his room. Lukia followed him, speaking to him.
“…Do you still hate?” she asked. “We need to support each other.”
“I don't care…Mother was always at parties and stuff. I'm not sad she's gone. Her wings have been pulled off and now she has to stay here for good” he said and pulled a curtain.
He revealed a glass case. A case filled with pinned creatures. Creatures like spiders, there was even a frog, a skeleton of a lizard , but mainly there were butterflies inside of it.
“Just like these guys”
It creped out Lukia. As Emile went on saying how his mother killed Tohko she tried to cover her ears. She couldn't take it. What mainly disturbed her was when he asked her if she was happy that she was dead. As soon as Lukia left the room he reached for a nearby knife that laid on the ground.
Every time I bleed, there is a reason to live… And I discover words being so vivid & bright.
He suddenly felt somebody grab onto his right arm. The man yelled for Emile to stop. He turned a bit. It was Cain.
“Those scars on your hand, do you do that to yourself?”
He didn't answer. It was self-mutilation. Cain remembered that unloved kids did it unconsciously. Emile reminded him of himself when he was young. They were both prisoners of something.
“Let go & leave me alone!” Emile yelled at Cain.
“There is someone who can save you. Open your eyes and your heart, like I did. You must figure out who is dearest you.” Cain said simply and left.
Even loved ones scatter like petals from flowers in my hand.
So even if I carve the meaning that I lived in my hand, it'll be known as flowers of vanity
They all sat at the dinner table, eating quietly. Or at least until Cain had said that wanted to marry Lukia. Emile wouldn't stand for it and neither would his father. He quietly ate his meal and listened to Cain speak.
“I shall come to your room for your answer. Consider my proposal.” He said and retired to his room.
Hours passed and finally he arrived. Cain slowly walked into Lukia's room carrying her some flowers and calling her his rare gem. And as he walked Lord Cromwell snuck out to attack Cain. Cain had moved quickly and Lord Cromwell was facing his daughter. Lukia sat up.
The final
Lukia had stabbed her own father. But truth be told it was actually Emile dressed up Lukia. He had a kimono and a wig; it fooled his father pretty good. Emile ran off quickly. How?
How did Cain know of what he did? How did he know that is was he who poisoned Lukia and set her aside? As he pondered this, a butler called for a doctor and Emile hadn't noticed that he dropped something. A comb shaped like a butterfly at the handle, it belonged to his sister.
One by one it multiples…
Why be a sad bait?
Tohko committed suicide by jumping from her hospital window. Years later Abigail was poisoned to death. And hours after that incident her husband was stabbed with a pointed comb. The question was; who was next?
Deep within the hell of my heart, I can't go back
A self-tortured loser, not being able to see tomorrow
Cain had already called for Riff to come. He had an idea to clear everything up. But how long would it take for Riff to arrive? He sighed and decide to find Emile. He found him on the rooftop of the mansion.
Suicide is the proof of life
Emile had ran to a window and climbed out to crawl on the roof. Cain's sister, Mary Weather, saw him and rubbed her blue eyes gently. She walked closer a bit.
“Stay back! It's not safe for little girls!” he said to her
Mary Weather felt offended by this. She pulled up her sleeves and set the candle, which she was holding, down. She followed him onto the roof. “I use to play on rooftops all of the time!” Cain ran to the window with Lukia behind him a bit.
“Emile! You two come down!”
Emile grabbed Mary Weather by the shoulders. What did he want this time? Emile and Mary Weather stood up slowly.
“If you come any closer she might just fall… You knew didn't you?” he paused. “How?”
Cain climbed out of the window and stood carefully on the rooftop. Lukia walked to the window closer, she knew if she was on the roof she might fall. Cain was in the perfect distance, right in between the window & Emile.
Even loved ones scatter like petals from flowers in my hand.
So even if I carve the meaning that I lived in my hand, it'll be known as flowers of vanity
Cain explained everything. What the poison was. How the poison got into Abigail's body. The remain of his glove that didn't burn in the fireplace. And he explained why he did it.
Emile did it to protect his sister. He loved her so much that he wanted nothing bad to ever happen to her again. He wanted to punish his parents for not paying any attention to him at all, especially when he really needed it. But as a man had said to Emile, bad things happen to very bad children.
So I can't live
What's lost can't be born again
Emile's eyes looked like they dulled a bit. Cain was right. But what was going to happen to him next? He watched Cain reach his arm out to him.
“Your sister will forgive you. There is a way out. Come here. I want to save you Emile!” he said
“Because he reminds you of how you once were? Cain…” he paused.
A song that's not even seeking the proof of living.
“I told you before Emile. Once a soul becomes soiled it sucks in everything around it.”
Emile stared at his hands. “These hands are covered in blood!” he said and gently pushed Mary Weather aside.
His eyes soften gently. He looked like he was about to cry. Emile turned to face Cain and Lukia slowly. His hands held about chest level.
“I don't want to soil you, Lukia. I want your wings to stay clean and beautiful so that you can fly…” he said sadly.
He turned around, his back facing the gutters. One step backwards and fell. As he was falling he pictured Lukia's face from when they first met.
Let's put an end…the final
“Now you know. You can't save anyone. It's apparent from your golden eyes…that your blood is cursed.”
Cain watched Emile fall and hit the ground. Why? He knew that he could have been saved. Cain covered his ears as the man continued to speak.
Lets bloom flowers of attempted suicide
Cain covered his face. Lord Cromwell was okay; he wound was wrapped up tightly. The family was broken. All that was left was Lukia and her father. She ran over to her brother.
“I wanted to save him…” Cain said to Riff
Mary Weather looked around. “The butterflies!”
The butterflies weren't staying like they usually did. They were all flying away. Cain wanted to desperately save Emile from the castle. Lukia stared at her brother's body, melancholy filled her body. Lukia bent down slowly. She grabbed him gently and embraced him. Tears fell from her eyes.
Unable to ask for help, he protected the one he loved all alone.
And then there was a blindingly butterfly funeral processions of butterflies.
Author's Note: I believe he needed a tribute for what he did. He murdered a person to save somebody he truly loved. His life barely truly began. I chose the song THE FINAL because of how it fitted him and his life. How death multiplied and it ended with him jumping off a roof.
“In time everything gets better. Just stick around”
-Joel Madden